This is my actual birthday issue.
I am taking the time to send this issue along to all of our current and past subscribers in both this Mid-month musings ezine and our Secret Selling Tips series. I wanted to say thank you for the richness you have invested in my life, my career and what we do.  I love what I do and I appreciate that you allow or have allowed me in the past to come into your lives via your email boxes. Thanks for being a part of my life. All the best for your next year.

Point to Ponder
I dare you!

By Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Remember growing up and being dared to do something? Remember how often you actually accomplished it, in spite of your own self doubts and fears? Well, I want to share a big DARE with you. But first, let me tell you the quick story of a young man named Bill, who responded to a personal DARE and changed his world and perhaps ours as well.

Bill was not a healthy boy; in fact you might even have called him 'sickly'. His family moved from the country to the city where he encountered a teacher who was serious about health. As he wrote later, 'It was like he had singled me out." His teacher, George Krall challenged him one day. He looked straight at Bill and said, "I dare you to be the healthiest boy in class!"

Young Bill responded and soon built a body that equaled and outlasted the strongest boys in his class. In fact, he never lost a day at work because of illness and lived a healthy and productive life. He served honorably during the 1st World War and returned to lead his fledgling company to greater success and profit during the great depression.

He passed away in 1955, at 85, when the average life expectancy was a good 20 years lower, in part because he responded to that dare.

Bill launched a company which grew to be one of North America's largest corporations, providing employment for thousands of people.
People were challenged or dared by their president and later Chairman of the Board to push themselves to be strong, to be creative, to take risks, to build character, and to share with others. For nearly 40 years, Bill wrote a weekly inspirational "Monday Morning Message" for his employees, colleagues and associates.

In a 1955 Monday Morning Message, when he was 84, he pointed out the personal significance of some of these unchanging fundamentals. "Some folks are continually making changes," he said. "I flatter myself that I like new ventures and new experiences. But when it comes to fundamentals, I believe in finding the right foundations and building on them. I'm a poor changer. For instance, here are some of the fundamentals I have never changed: I have been a church member for over 60 years; married to one wife for over 60 years; a lodge member for over 60 years; and a Purina man for over 60 years."

Young Bill in this story is, of course, William H. Danforth, founder of the Ralston Purina Company, founder of the American Youth Foundation Camps, and author of 14 books including, "I Dare You!"

The copy I bought in 1976 was in its 26th printing. Bill Danforth's life and his writings have challenged hundreds of thousands (including me) to live life as an adventure and to stretch and grow in our careers and in our service to others.

I want to leave you with the following personal challenge: I Dare You:

  • To believe in yourself, your experience, and your skills
  • To push yourself to learn and hone your skills for greater success
  • To take at least one course every quarter to enhance your skills
  • To take increased responsibility and personal leadership in your role
  • To tap into your creativity and allow innovation to flow
  • To support and encourage your fellow team members to grow
  • To never allow anyone or anything to stop you from succeeding in your role and in life.

And I dare you to be the example for others in living life as an adventure and pushing past your comfort zone into the winner's zone.

2011 Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, All rights reserved. Used with permission of the author. Visit: Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey is a creative, productivity and leadership strategist who regularly writes for North American Consumer and Trade Journals, on-line magazines and company intranets. He works with Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies. He is the author of 10 business and leadership books and the 48th person in the history of Toastmasters International to earn their coveted professional level Accredited Speaker designation.

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"I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost more than 300 games. Twenty-six times I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." Michael Jordan
Life can be a challenge at times. I have learned that people who respond positively and confidently to the challenges they encounter tend to be more successful in riding them out or in overcoming them. We don't always hit the basket, sometimes we miss our shots. But we can refocus our energies and shoot again.
Today (April 18th) is my 62nd birthday (yes, I am really that old). I treat my birthday as my 'official' New Year and a time to both reflect on the lessons and successes from the year gone bye and a chance to dream and refocus my energies for the next. I challenge you to do the same. Principles made personal become powerful.
  • Like you, I have made some mistakes and faced some challenges and disappointments this past year.
  • Like you, I have even wondered if I am still on the right track at times.
  • Like you, I have dreams and desires, still un-attained.
  • Like you, I have some amazing stories and experiences to share from the past year as well.
  • Like you, I have the love of people in my life who encourage me to continue pushing past my comfort zone into the winners' zone. If you don't have anyone else - you have me!
I have a wife who loves me. I have a profession that allows me to tap into my passion. I have my health, inspite of the recent scare.  Everything else is a bonus.
How will you tackle the challenges facing you this year?
Face them confidently and move on to attain success you've never imagined.

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Here's another dress for success tip for you. Co-ordinate your wardrobe to add variety on the job or on the platform, without breaking your budget.  I travel quite a bit in my speaking... So, that is what I have done to allow me to create several outfits without having to carry too much. 

Please notice what I am wearing today... your budget might not be able to handle an Italian tailored worsted wool jacket and slacks like these...

For our male can easily go to Men's Warehouse or Moore's and put together a similar look at a fraction of the cost.  Select a well made, basic black or navy blazer or suit...and have it tailored to fit.

 Add a co-ordinated pair of dress slacks, a couple of dress shirts, and a few different colored ties and you have several complimentary outfits for work. Invest in a good pair of shoes and keep them well shined.

Helps keep you fresh and builds your credibility as a professional at the same time. Then, from time to time, add another jacket, a pair of slacks, shirts and ties...

For our female professionals... you can take a similar approach in selecting a tailored wardrobe of co-ordinated jackets, skirts, slacks, and blouses...


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We are continuing to market and to refocus what we are doing to give us a better shot at landing new clients. The market is changing and so shall we to serve it better.

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 April 18, 2011

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Bob has another birthday - today!

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