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Thought I would share a tidbit from the 2nd edition of 'Legacy of Leadership,' Strive for significance - lead on purpose!

My view is that we each have personal leadership and responsibility for our lives, our actions, and our decisions. That personal leadership may extend to volunteer or paid leadership. Our success or significance as a leader is based on taking 100% responsibility for what happens in our lives and as a result of our choices.
A leadership review or check-up
Reflect on these probing questions around your leadership role, responsibility, and skills. Briefly record your thoughts. Being honest in recognizing your strengths and focused areas of growth is one of the characteristics of the top level leaders. Asking for help or getting coaching is another success characteristic.
  • What is your personal vision for your leadership role?
  • What are your specific areas of responsibility?
  • What strengths and skills do you bring to the role?
  • What leadership areas do you need help in developing?
  • Where do you need to draw on the skills of your fellow leaders or employees?
  • Perhaps engage a leadership or team development coach.
I also shared this piece about Teamwork. As leaders, what we are looking for is team effectiveness. Sure we want our teams to work together and hopefully they will get along, too. But the bottom line is we need for them to be effective in their individual efforts (as a part of the team) and move ahead in the desired direction. That is where we, as leaders, play such an important role. 
Team work doesn't work!
Teamwork usually FAILS because most organizations use committees, not teams, and don't realize the difference. Lead on purpose - strive for significance vs. simply seeking success. What can you do, as the leader, to help your teams grow together and hone their individual skills? Each team member has different drives, dreams, and challenges. Your role is to help them win!

Until next month
Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey
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Here is the new book cover... designed by our amazingly creative friend, Kat Doell... www.phat-kat.com  I got the galley proof today; looks good so will be ordering tomorrow. (Not an April fools... it looks great!)
The website for the book is live now. We still have to set up so folks can order copies, but it is live as today (Monday April 1st)  http://www.legacyofleadership.ca 

March madness continues
Got to stay home this month other than a trip to visit CAPS Calgary where my friends Jim and Naomi Rhode were speaking. This was good.  We got lots of winter (snow) to make up for our 'lack' in earlier months.
Finally made the move to start the revamp and update for 'Legacy of Leadership' last month. Lots of work in rethinking and rewriting this publication. Great to see it today!
I'll be in Burlington, ON April 19-21st spending the weekend with my Toastmasters family from D86.
They're working me hard though - 2 presentations on the Friday, one breakout general session on Saturday and the closing keynote on Sunday. And, I love it. Being able to give back to my Toastmasters friends and family is my privilege. This is where I got my start and built my foundation for the speaking journey I have now been on (as of April) for 22 years.
Pictured here (Monday night) with 3 galley proofs. Tomorrow we send in the order.
I'm also doing a program on leading for multiple generations for the Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce on April 24th. I will be at their job fair following my presentation.
Next month with our May 2013 issue we move into our 9th year of Ideas @ Work! What an amazing journey we've had; and so many of you have been there with us. Thanks for your encouragement and support.

Last Minute News
Legacy of Leadership, Strive for significance - Lead on purpose! is ready for publication. Hopefully it will at the printers about the time your read this. I originally wrote it as an e-book in 2006 and decided to update, re-edit, and convert it to a print book this year. The galley proof looks great with a vibrant cover new design.
We are doing two more Speaking for Success Boot Camps this spring.
  • Also doing a special one here in Edmonton on Sat. June 1st to support Kiva, a micro lending program our friend Dianna Bowes supports. 

Thanks for reading

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Spring is coming, really!  This was taken a week ago. I can almost see the pond with 2 feet of snow. Today, still lots of snow, but lots of wet grass too.
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April 2013

                 What's New!
This is our last issue of Volume 8. Our May issue will mark the beginning of our 9th year of publication.
Legacy of Leadership - 2nd Edition is off to the printer and will be launched in Burlington while speaking to D86 about leadership.
Celebrating another birthday on the 18th. One year closer to the big gov't paycheck. :)

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