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August 2, 2005

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Point to Ponder
Welcome to our HOT August issue
Confident Decision Making
Thinkin' outside the barn!
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Point to Ponder

What makes a champion?

  • Is it winning against all odds?
  • Is it continuing when others have told you to quit?
  • Is it doing your best and giving it your all? 
  • Is it pushing past your comfort zone into the darkness to learn your limits?

Ask 20 year old, legally blind, Iditarod musher Rachael Scdoris from Bend Oregon who competed in the 2005 race. For those who may not know, this is an 1,100 mile journey through darkness from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. Only the hardy or the fool hearty attempt it. Only the toughest competitors make any headway, some finish and only one wins.

Rachael and her sled team made 700 grueling miles on this trek before concern for her dogs forced her to withdraw. (They had contracted some kind of viral infection and weren't eating.)  Rachael is already planning her 2006 race. That is determination and that is being a champion.

When asked why she did this, she was characteristically open. In Rachaels own words, "I refuse to sit back and let life quietly slip past me." She continued in her autobiography, "I want to live and experience everything I possibly can. I know there are dangers out there. I accept them. No, I embrace them. Dangers present us with fear... and fear is my fuel. If I did not meet the dangers of this world head on and come to grips with my fear, I would be cheating myself."

That is the heart of a champion!

  • What dangers and fears do you face in your life, your career or in building your business?
  • What plans have you made to confront them and to tackle them head on?

As always, I would love to hear your comments and stories. Drop me a note at:

PS: If you'd like to learn more about Rachael visit:


bob on the beach Welcome to our HOT August issue

"The innovator is someone who has the capacity not just of envisioning the future in an abstract, day-dreaming, fantasizing kind of way; but has the interest and the capability and the drive to actually do something about that vision." William Thompson

Caution when doing this in the sun... remember to use sunscreen! I learned this painful lesson, again, on a recent weekend creative retreat in Jasper, AB. As I pen this, I am a radiant pink, about the color of a medium rare steak. But I did get some rest and some great ideas to expand my business group and better serve my clients!

Welcome to our HOT August issue of Ideas@Work ! - Strategies for Success

Welcome to our Ideas@Work! - Strategies for Success e-zine. If you are new to our Ideas At Work! family, welcome aboard. If you've been with us a while, welcome back. You can jump ahead to the articles if you have already read this introduction note.

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Confident Decision Making

by Brian Tracy

Just imagine that someone gave you a simple

but powerful computer that had the capacity

to answer any question or solve any problem

you would ever face.

All you would have to do is properly program the problem into the computer. Then, at exactly the right time, it would bring you exactly the answer that you need; the answer would always be perfectly correct for you.

The fact is that you already have such a computer, and it's installed right between your ears. The only real difference between extremely effective men and women and men and women who are not happy with their results is the degree to which they use this amazing computer. The wonderful thing is that you can easily learn to use this computer, and when you do, you will immediately start to benefit by making better decisions and getting better results.

An intuitive decision integrates all of your knowledge about a subject simultaneously and gives you an answer that is a superior synthesis to anything that you could have worked out in a step-by-step fashion. This is why the men and women who are at the top of virtually all organizations tend to be extremely intuitive in the way they solve problems and make decisions for themselves and others.

Ralph Waldo Emerson called intuition the "still, small voice within." This inner voice is like an unfailing guide or mechanism that always tells you the correct thing to do or say. The more you trust it and believe in it, the better and more accurately it works for you. And your ability to use your intuitive decision-making powers precedes and predicts your success and effectiveness in virtually everything you do.

Read Brian Tracy's complete article ...

>> For the complete article


Thinkin' outside the barn!

And Steppin' into Fresh B.S.

by Dan Ohler

One of the pleasures of being in the speaking and training business is the opportunity to see my friends 'birth' new books and tapes/CDs. One of the priviledges is being able to support them by purchasing a personal copy.  I am pleased to let you know I have the first purchased and signed copy of this wonderful book fresh off the presses from my creative and talented friend Dan Ohler.  And it is a very good read!

Dan's book is full of B.S. (Belief System) and he makes you think.  I found his stories entertaining and thought provocative... and at times I actually had to put the book down and think!

I loved Chapter 9 - 'Keep Your Eyes On The Prize' where a much younger, single Dan was in town one day getting his truck repaired at the local garage and saw two EPD rich young women and proceeded to.... (Well, I guess I'll let you get your own copy and find out what happened.)

Dan will encourage you to revisit your pre-programed beliefs which influence and control your life and success. In some cases you may be grateful and in others, motivated to make some changes in the B.S. you allow into your life, career and organization.

If you'd like your own copy of this wonderful book....

Contact Dan Ohler at:

Tell him, Bob sent ya!   

or  (Dan is on this site!)


Last minute notes and comments...

Tom Antion's new book is out and is already topping the charts... and the five I ordered pre-publication have been shipped... but they are not here yet... so I guess we'll all have to wait until next month.

You can go to Amazon and order your own copy now, if you don't want to wait. If you are serious about making your presence noticed more effectively and connecting via the web, I'd suggest getting this book. I am!

I am very much looking forward to getting it and studying it. My friend Tom shared a few ideas with me when we were in Scottsdale, AZ this January that have played out very well. We are now showing up top 5 or 10 for our keywords on our website and our ratings have moved up dramatically to 333,829 - which is a long way from the 2,700,000 plus traffic rating we had just a short 6 weeks ago.

The Edmonton Master Mind Club is off and running. This 'new' concept inspired by Napoleon Hill was launched mid June. They've had some very good guest speakers, sharing ideas on how they built their successful careers or business ventures. They meet each Wednesday evening to hear a guest speaker and then break into small groups to brainstorm or mastermind challenges faced by each in attendance. Visit: for more information. Tell them I invited you as my VIP Guest and save $15 at the door.

Toastmasters from around the world are decending on Toronto later this month. One of the highlights of this yearly gathering is the World Championship of Public Speaking, with the top 10 speakers in the world talking it out. This year we have 3 Canadian's in competition. Wow! Two of them I know personally - and one I am acting as her 'budda buddy cheer leader and coach.' This is a great event and perhaps this year we will see an All Canadian top three. All the best to each of our champions.

Edmonton has been busy of late... with the overwhelmingly successful Indy Car Race, successfully hosting the World's Masters Games, K-Days, and so much more. People are beginning to realize that Edmonton is more than just the Capital of Alberta - it is a hot bed of business and community success and involvements.

I hope your summer has been a good one. I hope also you've taken some time aside to work on your business and career and not just in the business or career. Wishing you all the success as you ramp up for the fall!


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