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Volume 4: Issue 3

 Point to Ponder

 Plan your work and work your plan

No doubt you've heard this statement in the past and perhaps it sounds like a bit of a cliche from over use?

It has within it a kernel of wisdom and truth that we can use to productively and successfully grow our businesses, our careers, our sales volumes, and even our relationships.

I have lived in the country northeast of Edmonton, AB for almost 8 years and each year I plan to improve something here. Might be painting the garage, creating a writing room, rebuilding my fences, creating a walking path to my neighbors, adding to one of the decks, or adding a new flower bed.

This year I decided to take a raised area along my driveway, currently grass with a small flower bed, and convert it to a rock garden. Plans include planting 4 flowering fruit trees, additional bushes, perennials, and spots for attractive annuals to add color to this area. There will be a double trellis, bench seating, and a foot path to the middle of this area with the insights and expert help of my gardening diva, Irene.

That is the plan. The implementation of that plan has taken a bit longer than I had thought due to rain and an extremely dense, packed area to be dug up. It is coming along nicely and we will have the trees and some of the perennials in this year for sure, but the finished product might take until next year.  Will it be worth it? Of course, but it takes work. Doesn't everything good?

Being successful in your leadership role, your career, building your company, or enhancing your sales takes similar effort. A good plan (vision), built-in flexibility (adapting to change), a commitment to turning over the sod (or fill in the _______), cultivating the area and soil (relationships), planting and of course watering (marketing and other investments) until you see the growth or completion you originally envisioned. 

I wish for each of you a great summer. Take some time to reflect and refresh yourselves and plant seeds of success in your lives and involvements. I'll let you know how the project turns out and include a picture in a future issue.

Update July 1st: This raised area is starting to look like we envisioned it. Next weekend we will plant the trees and start some of the other phases of this creative project.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey


Communication is really a part of the 'sales' process

By Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

People buy or say 'yes' to something, for emotional reasons in relation to benefits perceived and sometimes received. They use facts to back up or justify their purchase or decision to get involved.

In your communication with people, it would be wise to keep in mind that people will react 'emotionally' to what you say or write. You are 'selling' your ideas, your position, your services, your products, and most importantly yourself when you communicate.

Perhaps it would be beneficial to take a moment and discuss the basic reasons we've found that people buy or say 'yes' to something. These emotional needs underlie the reason they buy into your programs, buy your products, or buy you as a person to work with or deal with; why they can be persuaded to say 'yes' to something.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow did exhaustive research and concluded that all people had a hierarchy of needs. He ranked them from the most basic to the loftiest: physiological (sheer survival), security, social, self-esteem, and self-actualization. There is one more: transcendence which is all about helping people grow and become better. (works for me..)

In our 'Secrets of EFFECTIVE Customer Service' Business Enhancing Sales Success program, I cover the top ten as they relate to giving people more reasons to engage you, trust you, or buy from your company. I have included all 25 here for your consideration (and there are undoubtedly more not catalogued here).  In my book - 'Thinking Beyond the FIRST Sale' (being updated for later in 2008) we actually explore 51 reasons...

These can be helpful in your interpersonal skills and dealings with family, friends, employees, managers, co-workers, clients, and suppliers as well. Remember when you communicate effectively, people want to be involved in your life and in helping you succeed. If you want to be successful in leadership, sales, your career, or in your community it would be wise to learn and apply these lessons.

Emotional needs:

  1. To make money
  2. To save money
  3. To save time
  4. To avoid effort
  5. To gain comfort
  6. To improve health
  7. To escape pain
  8. To be popular
  9. To attract a partner
  10. To gain praise
  11. To conserve our possessions
  12. To increase our enjoyment
  13. To satisfy curiosity
  14. To protect our family
  15. To be in style
  16. To satisfy an appetite
  17. To emulate others
  18. To have beautiful things
  19. To avoid criticism
  20. To avoid trouble
  21. To take advantage of opportunities
  22. To be individual and unique
  23. To protect our reputation
  24. To gain control over aspects of our lives
  25. To be safe

Whether you are talking one-on-one, presenting to a group of people, or communicating in writing, your audience or readers will be evaluating and reacting to your words and 'filtering' them through one or more of the above emotional needs.

Tough sell isn't it?  But if you have done your homework and know a little bit about the needs, background, and thought processes of those you want to reach, it will be much easier. You can enhance your chances of success by carefully crafting your communication to touch or draw on the emotional needs of your audience or readership.  But be cautious in its use.

Some would ask, isn't this manipulation?  My gut reaction would be to say no!  On the surface it might appear that way, but only you know your 'true' motives. 

If your 'true' motive is to communicate more clearly and more effectively and your desire is to serve them by giving them all the information they need in a way that makes it easier for them to relate to it - then I say go for it! Having an honest desire to help people is what builds a foundation for success in your leadership, sales, career, or business and helps ensure both longevity and success.

Works for kids too!  We want our kids to grow up healthy, and make decisions that will be good for their future. We need to find ways to appeal to them at their level. This even applies to working with family and friends, as well as clients, co-workers, management, and staff. Wow!

So, remember that communication, especially effective communication, is really a process of selling - selling your ideas, your desires, your dreams, and your future.  How effective will you be in persuading people to buy in? How successful will you be in inspiring them to help you?

Copyright 2002-2008 Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey All Rights Reserved. Used with permission of the author.

Bob's innovative, profitable Ideas At Work! have been successfully applied by thousands of professionals across North America.  He is the author of 10 leadership, sales, and business success books and his articles appear in North American consumer, on-line, and trade journals.

How rich are you?

"Happiness is not based on position, power, or prestige but on the relationship with other people that you love and respect." Not sure who penned this, but it has a seed of truth in it for sure.

I remember visiting with a client, who has become an encouraging friend, and being told he was the wealthiest man in his organization. He considered himself wealthy because of his vast circle of friends. I have been privileged to become one of them over the past 4 years.

I consider myself rich as well for the same reason, in part, from each of you who followed our move to this new delivery system to keep in touch and to allow me the privilege of sharing my thoughts, ideas, and on occasion a rant or I am rich for the clients who trust me with their leaders and teams, who invite me to challenge them to grow. I am rich for the people in my life who believe in me and push me way beyond what I think possible to greater success in touching people I have yet to meet.

This could have been a point to ponder, but I believe that 'gratitude delayed is greatness denied'. It is critical that we acknowledge the greatness and brilliance within those who touch our lives.

Thank you so much for yours...

Here is a little movie (The Richest Man) from my friend Mac Anderson at Simple Truths that just came out. Enjoy it, buy the book, and get your own copy and share it with your team and those who enrich your life. Tell them today how much they mean to you and how they have enriched yours. That simple truth will enrich theirs beyond measure.

PS: Picture is myself and Jana Barnhill when we were inducted into the Toastmasters International Hall of Fame as Accredited Speakers in 1998. This year Jana is our incoming International President and I have been given the honor to present at their annual Leadership Luncheon in Calgary. It will be great to reconnect and catch up from the last 10 years.

   Last Minute News


A very productive month: with new articles being written and published; 1st sponsor recruited for The Power of One!; 2nd annual gathering of CAPS Edmonton and Calgary members in Red Deer; 2 studio sessions to film additional sales clips for Secret Selling Tips series and new leadership clips for new Secret Leadership Tips series; updated Pocket Wisdom for Selling Professionals and sent off to print; finished volume two (26 issues) of SST in both English and French; finished volume two for email delivery series; renewals from our US companies continue to flow in for Secret Selling Tips; lots of writing and working on various websites to support our projects.

Pic: Taking time to relax and read.

Joined with my friends Steve, Kelly, and Christine for their annual Canada Day celebration. Always a good time and great to relax with fun people.


July 1st:
Happy Canada Day to our fellow Canadians.
July 4th:
Happy Independence day to our US friends

  • Finish 'The Power of One! - Pocket Wisdom for Leaders' and send to printers.
  • Finish 'In the Company of Leaders' and send to be proofed, layouts fine tuned before creating a downloadable pdf of this amazing collection of wisdom from these generous guest authors and leadership experts.
  • Expand website and create a special Toastmasters' only vault and resource pages for launch on August 15th in Calgary.
  • July 15th and 16th, Bob will be in Kananaskis, AB working with 14 Western Regional Sales Directors and leaders from a multi-national financial services company.
July 20-August 4th:
  • Bob will be on the road through North-western Montana, Oregon, Washington and then up into BC and back to Alberta
  • Sailing and relaxing in Seattle and area (oh yah!)
  • Visiting friends and family in BC
  • Working on Secret Leadership Tips series and website to support it. Working on other websites, articles, promotional pieces, and outward bound marketing.

What motivates a motivator?

Taking a day off to go sailing off Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and spending some uninterrupted time sitting on a secluded beach. This is what I did on impulse last August (2007). 

Check out these two little videos... just a

Just a couple of minutes... can you imagine spending a couple of hours?

Here is a short clip taken aboard the Gypsy Princess (Spirt) en-route to our private beach where we had a guided snorkel session, and the crew made lunch for us just off the beach. What an awesome day...

I was viewing these two videos and pondering including them in this month's issue. I decided it was so much fun I should do it again. So tickets are booked... off to PV on August 30th for a week of relaxing and sailing.

If you'd like to join me... perhaps we could create something which would allow us to both write off a portion of the trip. I am available for coaching one-on-one or in small groups.  Drop me a note if this might appeal to you...

Thanks for reading

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July 2008

                 What's New!

  1. In the Company of Leaders is coming together for the  Toastmasters convention in Calgary where Bob is keynoting their Leadership Lunch.
  2. Pocket Wisdom for Selling Professionals has been updated for 2008
  3. Pocket Wisdom for Leaders - The Power of One! is being sponsored by The Brick. Bob will personally give copies to those  who attend his keynote in Calgary
  4. Bob quoted on sales in Toronto Globe and Mails'   June Report on Business. 

September 8th is my next adventure in Edmonton's Drop Zone. Last year I was able to raise over $3200 in support of Easter Seals by rappelling down the outside of a 27 story hotel building. This year, with your help I would like to raise $5000 or more.

For more information visit my Drop Zone Bob website or go directly here to donate safely online. 

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