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November 30, 2006

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Point to Ponder

On Tuesday, November 14th I had an 'intimate' conversation over lunch with former NYC Mayor and potential Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. (Ok, so it was me and over 2000 Albertan's including our outgoing Premier Ralph Klein.)

Even though I have no doubt he has shared the essence of this talk to numerous audiences around the world; it was a casual conversation, not a polished performance

Rudy shared six principles of leadership, that he's learned to apply:

"The principles of leadership are the same in business, government, or within an agency," Giuliani shared. "They are the same ones you use to run your life. You know what you want to do and how to accomplish it."

  • Set direction and have long-range goals
  • Optimistic and solution oriented
  • Courage (take risks, change, and make the tough decisions)
  • Relentless preparation
  • Teamwork
  • Communication (Ideas both verbally and in writing)

And finally, his thought that 'effective' leadership was founded on demonstrated "Caring for People." 

Nothing special or new about these principles really. Undoubtedly, you've read them in books, articles, and heard them from leadership speakers and authors (myself included). So, what made this lunch different? What made his words resonate with so many of us?

His personal stories and experience.  Rudy used his own life as a filter to test and prove the value of these principles and to then share them from a real life, 'been there - done that' perspective. He shared some of his challenges and experiences throughout his career, life, and specifically during and following the 9-11 attack in 2001. And we listened...

I was there to hear him speak as a guest of Junior Achievement. I got to know and respect him, as did countless thousands, for his actions in taking firm, decisive leadership during 9-11. I added to that respect seeing him in person. Whether you like, hate or even care... he took leadership when the world needed it and was the voice of hope and encouragement.

Following his 'formal' presentation, he was interviewed Edmonton Chamber Chairman, Jackson von der Ohe for a one-on-one conversation. We got to watch and learn as he responded.

You and I can do that, can't we? 

Each of us has the ability, the skills, and the experiences to filter real life principles into our lives. We can share what works, as proven, with those we work with or love. Leadership is generally missing in politics, business, and many organizations. Personal leadership is sadly lacking in so many areas too. Part of my passion is igniting this personal leadership focus within my readers and audiences... to encourage them to take back control of their lives and careers, to hold themselves accountable, and to take personal leadership and ownership of their various roles.

I love it when I see people respond, realizing that they have the power to make a difference in THEIR lives and in providing leadership in their communities. What a privilege.

2006 Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, Creative Catalyst and Idea Farmer

"I'm an 'idea farmer' living in the country just North East of Edmonton, Alberta. My role as a creative catalyst allows me to help North American individuals and companies grow and succeed. Just like working the land, I invest time planting ideas and helping cultivate growth. The harvest is different, but no less satisfying." Looking forward to an amazing harvest in 2007.


Thanks for the gift

Wishing you, your teams and your families the very best for the Christmas season and a very prosperous, productive, and satisfying 2007.

Christmas has become a time for exchanging gifts. Gifts are good, but there is much more to this season than that...

The greatest 'gift' is that of friendship and trust... I wanted to thank you, my friends and readers, for giving me yours. I value your input and am glad so many of you enjoy these monthly e-zines. I have to admit, at times, they are a stretch to produce. It is, however a good way to share my ideas and what I am learning and where my work is taking me... Many of you tell me you enjoy finding out what I've been up to. I consider it a blessing to see new subscribers join our Ideas At Work family each month.

I have been blessed with so many supportive friends in my life... I am a very rich man. Wishing each of you the very best for this time of giving and sharing time with people who are important in your life. See you in January.


PS: Picture was taken in New Westminster, BC with my long-time friend who appears once a year for this special photo opp... smile. I started getting these taken as a gift for my mom. Since she passed away in 1999, I have continued doing so... I do them just for fun and ocasionally for my rare Christmas cards.


Success Library

Each month I have the privilege of recommending publications for your success library... strategic selections for your reading over the Christmas season.

Give the gift of Quantum Success. If you haven't downloaded your 'complimentary' copy of this amazing collection of wisdom from 85 top North American authors, leaders, and business experts, please do so. We've had hundreds of downloads to date and would love to see 10,000 people take advantage of this 3 volume success series. Please share this gift with your friends, co-workers, customers, suppliers and community contacts.


Last minute notes and thoughts

November was a novel experience...

  • Nov. 4-6: Had the chance to 'play' on stage as the Emcee for the District 42 Toastmasters conference in Lethbridge. The conference team did a great job in creating a memorable weekend. Tried a few new ideas including going into the audience for on-the-spot interviews while people were going through the food line. Theme was "Pioneering Excellence" (western) and I 'actually' sang "Happy Trails" (Roy Rogers' theme song) as I walked off into the sunset for the last time. That was a memorable first for me.
  • Nov. 9: Celebrated my neighbor Steve's 94th birthday before driving into Edmonton that evening to pay a visit to Junior Achievement and my friend Melanie Rousseau who is their Sr. Program Manager. She invited me to share a few ideas with the JA students who were meeting that evening. What a receptive audience and a great chance to say thanks to JA for giving me a solid foundation and understanding of business (I was in JA's the second year they came to Edmonton; have also been an advisor in BC, and done some speaking and training for them here in Edmonton over the years.)
  • Nov 14: Had lunch with Rudy Giuliani and 2000 fellow Edmontonians. What was amazing, other than enjoying his conversation with us, was seeing so many younger people including 100 JA members in the audience. Good for their future growth and success.
  • Nov 18: Attended the Bethesda Business Consortium led by my friend Jim Ewing with some amazing business people from the Edmonton area. That evening I joined a friend and her co-workers for a journey to the little town of Bruce, Alberta where the local hotel has gained fame for their steak nites. On Friday's and Saturday's the poplulation triples as people drive in... these two entrepreneurs have traded their suits and ties for steaks and pies... and it was delicious. (Maybe, I'll start my diet... next year.)
  • Nov. 28th - Drove to Calgary for a dinner with a client and two dozen top US executives in the furniture industry. I worked on a book with his amazing leadership and creative teams earlier this year and he wanted me to meet these folks. He also hopes some of them will engage me to do a book for their teams. Wow! I am humbled by his praise and willingness to promote me.

Starting something new which might be of interest to you: Took a leaf from a fellow speaker who creates time for his audiences and readers to share a meal. Have added in some facilitated Masterminding and brainstorming to create: Brunch with Bob. Will explore this option for small group work as I travel. Hope to see you at one of them, or in a town near you. Follow the link (above) to check it out.

December will be delightful...

December will be a time to relax, recharge, rethink, and revision.

  • Dec 7-9: CAPS National annual convention is being held in Vancouver at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Hundreds of speakers from across Canada and from around the world will arrive ready to learn, exchange ideas, make and renew friendships. I'm only there for the hugs... (smile) I know I will learn something that will help me be more effective in serving my clients. I have the privilege of being on stage both mornings from 7AM-8AM (sooooo early... smile) to kick start the conference by introducing 9 amazing speakers from our chapters across Canada. Each year we have a Chapter Showcase where we put the spotlight on our emerging speakers. This year we are raising the bar and making sure they receive even greater exposure on the world stage. Take a look at our stellar line up on the CAPS convention site. (see links)
  • Am driving out so I can stop in and visit a friend or two along the way (like Wayne and Brenda Cotton) and reconnect with a few while in Vancouver. Friends are important and I like to make the time to keep in touch.
  • Dec 10: Will visit the Advanced Speakers Klub (ASK), where I was a member for many years when I lived on the coast. I am a much better speaker because of some of my ASK friends. Timing works to attend their annual Christmas party and renew acquaintances and friendships.
  • Dec 11th: Hope to visit Tillicum Toastmasters in New Westminster, which was my home club for many years. I had the privilege of helping rebuild it in 1991-1992 and served as its president when we went to number 13 in the world.
  • Dec 12th: Going to take a detour on the way home and fly over to Honolulu for 10 days... don't think it will be all fun and beaches... smile. I will be meeting with people from Corporate Meeting Planners of Hawaii, World Trade Center staff, and some other potential clients. Exploring the idea of doing a "Speaking for Success - Powerful Presentation Skills" program (Alberta Insurance Council accredited) over there in February 2007... great training for independent professionals, and other sales pros who want to earn more, and be confident in various types of presentations...want to come? Will also be taking along a manuscript to update and edit. Making some changes and want to have that available for you in 2007. Maybe some Christmas shopping... hmmmm
  • Dec 24-25th: Christmas is time for friends and family back in Alberta. You know it is funny, I moved to Alberta to be closer to my sister (only family left) and recently it seems we are so busy we hardly see each other. Isn't life funny?

PS: Picture was taken by my wildly creative friend Dan Hardie, shortly before I sang my way off into the sunset in Lethbridge.


Thanks for reading this issue...

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey would be pleased to be a part of your success team and to work with you for your next conference, meeting, or training event. For more information about customized keynotes, professional/personal leadership training and coaching, seminars/retreats, please visit or call our Creative Office at: (780) 736-0009

Ask about a customized conference, coaching or training package to suit your specific career, company or organizational needs.

PS: Picture was taken at a Harvey's Casino and Resort in Omaha while speaking a few years back.


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