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February 6, 2007

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Point to Ponder
Team Effectiveness - moving past teamwork
Give the gift of Quantum Success
Last minute notes and thoughts
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Point to Ponder

On the cover it read simply: "Follow your destiny, Wherever it leads you." The real wisdom was revealed when it was opened. The Blue Mountain Arts card by Vicki Silvers began with:

"There comes a time in your life when you realize that if you stand still, you will remain at this point forever. You realize that if you fall and stay down, life will pass you by..."

Vicki Silver's card went on to state:

"Rather than wondering about or questioning the direction your life has taken, accept the fact that there is a path before you now. Shake off the "why's" and "what if's," and rid yourself of confusion. Whatever was - is in the past. Whatever is - is what's important. The past is a brief reflection. The future is yet to be realized. Today is here." 

By now, (Feb) many have made and, sadly, broken resolutions for 2007. That is a process we all encounter.  Many will fail to pick themselves up, to dust themselves off, or stiffen their resolve to continue in their quest for self improvement, skills development, and enhanced contribution and value at home, at work, and in their communities... that is sad. Many of you (our readers) will pick yourselves up and are already engaged in moving forward in your life and careers, this year. I applaud you!

Suggestion: I use my birthday as my personal 'new' year and a time to stop, reflect on the year just past and refocus my energies and intentions for the one to come. I use those intentions as a guide as I dive into each day. Remember, today is a great day to start anew.

Recently, I spent the day working with CN Rail's Western Region leadership. One of the points we discussed was leaving the 'past' as history and moving on. I reminded them of the old but true adage, "Even if you are on the right track, you will be run down if you don't keep moving.It was a very engaging and productive day. Made me think. The Blue Mountain wisdom from Vicki Silver is very applicable to companies and their leaders as well as each of us as individuals.

Each year, each month, each day, we each have choices to make in both our direction and our pace. Our choices create our future and our future captures our choices... interesting cycle of success. When we take personal leadership and responsibility for our lives, we begin the steady process of continual momentum and growth which leads us to succeed. We begin the process of leading by example and converting our lives into 'walking billboards' of how one person can make a 'leveraged' difference and make significant progress. We become search lights shining on the dark, unsubstantiated 'excuses' others may attempt to hide behind in their own failure to try or grow. We become the encouragers and coaches for growth and long-term success, so sadly needed in our world.

This is our choice. This is our destiny. This is the path we follow. This is an exciting time to live!

I am thankful for so many of you who have also chosen to follow this path. Makes for some pleasant conversations along the way and it is nice at times to have someone there to assist if one of us falls or stumbles. We can bring virtual or in-person support and encouragement for each other this year. This too is our choice to support.

Follow your destiny... better yet, forge your own unique destiny!

© 2007 Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

PS: Photo was taken off Waikiki Dec. 21st, 2006. Movement is important on the ocean too. Plus any day I can get out sailing on the ocean is a great day... puts it all in perspective.


Team Effectiveness - moving past teamwork


"Team work is a great start with everyone working together for a common purpose. Team effectiveness is the higher goal with the team working for a common goal, as well as a defined commitment to excellence and performance!" Bob "Idea Man" Hooey

January 2007 found me working with a number of diverse clients across Alberta. Interestingly enough, each had asked for some help in bringing their team together and in helping get them on the same page or at least traveling in the same direction.

Too often, we find companies and organizations focusing on forcing creation of teams and trying to get them to work together. Team effectiveness is the higher goal of having clearly defined goals which engage qualified team members to take personal leadership and responsibility in making those goals a reality. Don't make the mistake of seeing compromise as consensus or activity as positive action.

"Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.'' Alfred A. Montapert

If you want to grow and succeed, don't sacrifice teamwork for team effectiveness . Tap into the creative power of your individual team members and challenge them to  channel it for productive, effective progress towards a realistic and worthy goal.

"A team based environment demands that you make responsible decisions; it requires you to take charge of your career. It requires you to develop excellent interpersonal skills because you have to interact at a much different level with your team members. No longer is it just you and your job!" Catherine Pulsifer

Our success in life is frequently linked to our ability to work with and lead diverse groups of people. Consider the following traits as 'leadership' foundations for effective teams:

Good communications skills

· Use clear and concise language to instruct, direct, and coach

· Make sure people not only hear, but clearly understand what is said (double check and ask for feedback)

· Use active listening skills to draw out and fully understand others (treat your team like your best clients)

· Maintain eye contact (smile once in a while too)

Interest in being a team builder and team player

· Genuinely enjoy helping people succeed

· Seeing people grow and learn makes them feel good

· Seeing people grow and succeed gives a sense of shared pride and satisfaction

· Leaders (real leaders) gain their greatest satisfaction from seeing their team grow and win in their changing roles

Genuine respect for other people

· People view them as being knowledgeable (model it)

· People view them as being trustful and trustworthy (follow through)

Well developed sense of humor

· See the humor in the situation (express it)

· Don't take yourself or life too seriously (lighten it)

· Humour will help with the rough spots and bumps that happen. (live it)

Personal leadership is the key to team effectiveness!

Remember, "You win when your team wins!" Bob "Idea Man" Hooey

© 2007 Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey


Give the gift of Quantum Success

Many of you know we published our 3 volume e-book Quantum Success Series last November and quite a few of you have visited the site and downloaded your personal copy. Thanks, hope you have found it a valuable assist to your success!

I'm challenging my fellow authors, speakers, and you (my readers) to make February a month in which we 'each' give the 'complimentary' Gift of Quantum Success to everyone we know.

As you know the purpose behind this 9 month project was to raise awareness and funding for Huntington's disease research. At our recent CAPS national conference in Vancouver (Dec. 2006) we heard they have found a 'cure'. Now they need to do two years of clinical studies before they can use this new drug to actually help the ten's of thousands who are afflicted with Huntington's disease.

You can help by simply directing your friends, colleagues, suppliers, customers, and community contacts to visit the Quantum Success website:

I thank you and the thousands of families dealing with this devastating disease will thank you.

Our Success Library will return next month. In the meantime, visit our Executive Summaries page to access some great reading. I find them invaluable each month.


Soundview Executive Book Summaries® is giving busy executives worldwide an easy way to familiarize themselves with the key points of today's top business books. A Carnegie-Mellon Study showed that readers retain more of the content when they read a well-written summary than when they read the book. You will too. Whether you subscribe or purchase individual online summaries, Soundview will provide you with your own Online Library from which you can access your summaries in variety of online formats. So whether you want to read your book summaries on your notebook screen or your PDA, or listen to your summary on your MP3 player, you'll enjoy complete flexibility to use as many of the electronic formats as you wish, at no additional charge.   


Last minute notes and thoughts

Late breaking news from Ottawa: William (Bill) Comrie, O.C. to be invested into the Order of Canada on Friday, Feb. 9th, 2007.

"The Order of Canada recognizes people who have made a difference to our
country. From local citizens to national and international personalities, all
Canadians are eligible for the Order of Canada, our country's highest honour
for lifetime achievement."

Great news! I've had the privilege of getting to know Bill, and learning from him, over the past 4 years while assisting on several projects. Way to go Bill!

Whew, was January wild!

What a great month.  In addition to working with great clients to assist them, their leaders, and their teams focus on creating more effective teams, growth and success, I visited my CAPS Calgary family (20th). Shared the morning conducting training at a Toastmasters Leadership Institute in Edmonton on the 27th.

I am definitely more confident about my future and the leadership and care of those who will take us there. Invested time recently conducting training sessions for Canadian Blood Services and their Youth Committee. Approximately 25 energetic students from various high schools and the U of A invested Thursday evening and all day Saturday to learn about CBS and to prepare to return to their classrooms to bring the message and challenge for additional donors. Have you donated? Call 1-888-2 Donate today!

Back in 2002, Evelyn Holden (who has since passed away) and I were invited to assist the Edmonton Branch in developing a pilot speakers bureau and training their first team. I was amazed to learn that some of the materials I developed back in 2002 are being used across Canada at other branches.

Last week, I received a copy of the Canadian Manager magazine which is published quarterly by the Canadian Institute of Management. I had gotten a congrats email from my friend Brenda Cotton, (C.I.M.), who gets it, telling me I had two articles in the latest issue, but had yet to see it. Funny how things 'happen' isn't it?  I assisted a CAPS Edmonton friend, Lisa Litwinski and her boss with a project for CIM in Edmonton and then assisted her with a second one in Vancouver last fall. Very talented and hard working lady. At the Vancouver event, Canadian Manager editor, David Duncan approached me to contribute a few articles for the 2007 issues. I was pleased to share a few ideas to help their members enhance their leadership and management skills.

If you would like to see the articles, I have created a Bob in Print page with these two as well as a few of my other articles. Over the years, I've had hundreds of articles published in print and on-line. I will now go back to see how many I can find. I will now include them on this page, so it might be a good idea to bookmark it.

Dropped in to see my friends Colin and Sandra who founded the Edmonton Mastermind Clubs (24th) to visit and listen to a friend from BC. Robin J. Elliot has developed a real following and is sharing his experience and expertise in profitable Joint Venture business connections. Robin challenged us to look for ways to expand our business by the selective use of Joint ventures. He told me (publicly) that applied to me too!

For example: He asked me, "Should any of my readers recommend me, to someone who then became a client and engaged my services, would I be pleased to pay them a commission or referral fee?" My answer, of course, was "YES!" Hadn't thought of that. Interesting, this could mean $500 to $1000 in the example of a client who engages me to train or speak for their group. (In essence our own personalized affiliate program to augment our books for referrals program.) Makes sense, as I pay commissions for speakers bureaus. Contact me, if you would be interested.

Another example: I'd invite you to visit the Soundview Executive Summaries® webpage to sign up for their invaluable monthly service in providing 2-3 summaries per month of the best in business and leadership books. I have found their service to be invaluable in my own quest to keep updated with what my clients are reading. Often, after reading the summary, I will order the book so I can delve deeper. I've been passing along their website for years and now discover they have an affiliate program, so check them out. Smile! They pay a small referral fee which we will use to offset the cost of this ezine. Plus, if you decide this is a good investment for you, (and I think you might) they've arranged for you to get 5 of their most popular summaries as a complimentary bonus.

February will be a little less hectic and closer to home, although it looks just as productive long-term. I have a couple of writing (book) projects on the go, working to revamp and expand our Business Success articles website, working to add relevant articles and resouces to some of our smaller websites, working ahead on some of our ezines, as well as expanding our reach with additional articles submitted to other sites and publicatons. Amazing, I have people actually asking for articles. Smile. 

I'm able to attend my Edmonton Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Often, work takes me away. Some great friends and I always learn something I can use in making what I offer more valuable. This Saturday afternoon, we are viewing The Secret following our meeting and discussing how it fits for us. If you haven't seen it visit their website to view on-line or get your own copy. It does make you think. A client and friend gave me one for Christmas.

Lots on the go: I'm creating and leading a joint venture marketing program with 10 other Alberta based speakers; researching a new online business adventure (not related to speaking or training); roughing out a pilot project for a client to assist his 1500 national sales team members to ehance their skills and sales; and some speaking of course... smile. And as usual, lots of new tweaks and trials with our websites, looking into podcasts, and perhaps video and audio additions to our sites. I am certainly keeping my friend Irene, who helps design and maintain our websites, hopping. Thanks, Irene!

Have been invited to share a few ideas at the New Entreprenuer's Toastmaster Club on Thurs. (8th) for their 8th anniversary. They meet in Edmonton's Business Link at 6PM if you are in the area.

My intention is to ensure my time is focused and wisely invested for long term growth and benefit to my readers, audiences, friends, family, and clients... with some time invested personally as well. We are all busy... but are we productive? That is a choice we make each day!

PS: Thanks to those who wrote or called about my back surgery. It went well, the growth was removed without any complications, and the results were benign.


Thanks for reading...

"You control your destiny and having faith in yourself controls how far you can go.Look into your heart, search your dreams, and be honest with what you really want; then do what ever it takes to get it. Live like you mean it! Believe you can... and you will!" Barbara Cage

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey would be pleased to be a creative part of your success team and to work with you for your conference, meeting, or training event. For more information about customized keynotes, professional/personal leadership training and coaching, or seminars and retreats, please visit or call our Creative Office at: (780) 736-0009

Ask about a customized conference, coaching or training package to suit your specific career, company or organizational needs.

PS: Last month I had some fun heading out on the snow covered fields east of Edmonton... what fun in what would otherwise be a cold snowy day. Often life is what we make of it.. bundling up helps too. As you can see, I have learned to savor the season as well as seize the day!


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