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"Great minds have purpose, others have wishes."
Washington Irving
I know I am probably "writing to the choir" here, but perhaps we need to be reminded that our 'purpose' is the driving force in our life, our career, and in our leadership within our community. I run into too many people who, as you listen to their language, prove the truth of Washington Irving's sage observation. They are living their lives on wishes, not living on purpose.
Living on purpose is like having a good compass to guide you and help you make the course corrections needed to keep you focused, motivated, and confidently moving forward. It helps you stay true to your values and enhances your character in spite of any challenges and detours you encounter.
  • What is the purpose by which you guide your life, your relationships, as well as your organization or career?
  • How do you ensure your purpose remains foremost in your mind and evident in your decisions and actions?
  • Has it changed in the last year? If so, how will it drive your actions this year?
Robert K. Greenleaf, founder of the modern Servant leadership movement wrote, "Purpose and laughter are the twins that must not separate. Each is empty without the other."
Part of my life purpose is to laugh, to love, and to lead by example. In fact, on our Ideaman site I have my own personalized 'Robert's Rules' of which the first is "The Rule of Fun!" I find that having fun and allowing myself to see the humor in each situation makes it easier for me to stay true to my life purpose. Having fun allows me to better serve my audiences, readers and clients.
It has been my purpose to serve you each month during the past 5 years and I aim to get better at that purpose over our next year together.
I also look forward to some beach time as reflection, recharging, and recreation this year.
May 2011 be your most amazing and successful year ever!
Let us know how we can help. And please share this e-zine with your friends, colleagues, and clients. 
Here is a little movie from my friends at Simple Truths... wishing you The Best of Success. for 2011
Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

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The most important aspect of leadership success is personal...
If you cannot effectively take the active lead in your own life and responsibilities, you cannot effectively lead a team with any degree of lasting success.
As a leader, personally or positionally, you will encounter challenges which will provide the options of making course corrections. When you make wise choices and corrections as well as when you confidently move ahead, you dramatically enhance your leadership potential and your eventual success.
Read my friend and fellow leader, Brian Tracy's article and see where you can apply his ideas and experience personally to enhance your own performance. If you are in formal leadership, look at his ideas as a fulcrum to help pivot your team on the path to their growth and success.

Make Continual Course Corrections

By Brian Tracy

Problems, difficulties, and setbacks are a normal, natural, and unavoidable part of life and business. When you set a new goal or launch toward a new destination, you will experience challenges and difficulties that you never expected or anticipated. By the true test of character is the inevitable and unavoidable crisis. Your ability to solve problems is important, but your ability to deal with a crisis largely determines your success or failure in life.

Leadership Abilities
In a multi-year study conducted at Stanford University, researchers examined the annual performance appraisals of hundreds of presidents and chief executive officers of Fortune 1000 companies, some of the most successful executives in every business or industry. This study revealed that top executives had two dominant qualities in common. The first was the ability to function well as a member of a team. When they were starting out, they were good team players, making valuable contributions to the teams they were on. As they were promoted to more senior positions, they demonstrated the ability to bring together winning teams of talented people and organize them to accomplish important goals and results for their companies.

The Most Important Leadership Quality
The second, and most important, quality that top leaders had in common was the ability to function well in a crisis. Top people in every field had demonstrated throughout their careers that they were able to deal effectively with the inevitable crisis when it came along. The ability to deal with a crisis could be learned and demonstrated only in a real crisis, an unpredictable and unexpected reversal or setback that had the potential to cause major damage of some kind. During such a crisis, the true leader would emerge to save the situation and resolve the problem.

How Leaders Perform in Crisis
Over the years, I have worked with the presidents and chief executive officers of many large companies. I have coached, counseled, and consulted with millionaires, multimillionaires, and even billionaires. I have been able to watch them up close and personal. One quality that they all seemed to demonstrate was their ability to remain calm and cool when faced with a major reversal or setback. When they were confronted with a problem or crisis, they seemed to be able to turn on a switch in their minds that enabled them to become calm and completely in control.

How Leaders Perform in Crisis
Harold Geneen, the past president of IT&T, a 150 company conglomerate, once said that the most important step in dealing with any business problem was to get the facts. He said, "Get the real facts. Not the assumed facts, the apparent facts, the obvious facts, or the hoped for facts. Keep digging until you get the real facts. Facts don't lie." The more information (the greater number of facts) he gathered about any problem or crisis, the more obvious the correct solution or course of action. The solution would seem to emerge as the result of delving deeper and deeper into the problem.

Action Exercise
The most valuable skill you bring to your life and your work is your ability to think calmly and clearly. This requires that you deliberately practice a form of detachment when you are dealing with unexpected reversal. Next time you need to solve a problem, imagine that you are a consultant who has been brought in to analyze this problem or crisis and make recommendations.

Brian Tracy has been empowering business professionals by sharing his knowledge all over the world. His techniques will allow you to reach your goals and achieve the unthinkable.

2010, Brian Tracy International. All Rights Reserved.

Last Minute News

This is Michael Burges, our soon to be son-in-law, trying his hand at snowboarding in Jasper just after New Years.
I have to admit he is a very brave and skilled young man. More so, since until a week or so back he had never been in the snow, seen real mountains or even been out of Western Australia.
He is fully enjoying his time here in Canada and taking each day with excitment and adventure.
Welcome to the family Michael... you're doing better on the snow than I am.

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January 2011

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One of the best gifts I got this year for Christmas was this smile from my wife, Irene. 
Her daughter Amanda and fiancee, Michael are up from Australia for a visit and were with us for Christmas eve. They are a real gift to our spirits.

CAPS Edmonton has moved their business development workshops back to the 2nd Saturday of the month. Bob is taking care of the programing for 2011 and will Emcee the January 8th kick off.

Lots to be done in 2011.
New websites to launch, website revamps, at least one new Pocket Wisdom book, a series of ebooks, and of course continuing to travel the world sharing my ideas of hope and encouragement.

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