Wishing you and your family the very best for 2010.

Point to Ponder

Irene and I were doing some Christmas shopping and running errands in Edmonton a while back. We stopped into Vo's to get her nails filled and decorated for Christmas. I wandered around window shopping and then came back to sit and wait for her to finish.
While I was sitting there I observed an interesting conversation between a 20 something young woman and a 80 something senior who were sitting side by side having their nails done.
What caught my attention was the older lady chattering away gayly and the amazing animation in her face as she did so. I also noticed the younger woman was actually listening and commenting back. They were having a conversation, not just being polite. This went on for a good fifteen minutes or more with the younger woman good humouredly sharing back with her. From snippets I overheard, it seemed the older lady was on her own with no real family around. That can be tough at this time of year.  
As the older lady left, she did so with a genuine smile on her face, an energy much younger than her years and a, "I hope I see you again" to the younger one, who replied, "I'm in here from time to time and I hope to see you too." 
What a gift!  A gift of giving your attention and time to someone else.
The Christmas season has become a rush of frenzied activity in shopping and gift wrapping and finally delivering those gifts. Then we collapse, hoping we have chosen something that the recipient will like or at least use.
We often forget the reason for the season and the best gift is our love, our friendship, and our companionship. When we listen and allow those around us to talk, to be heard, be they young people or older people, we affirm their worth and acknowledge them as people. This is the way we like to be treated and how, I hope, we treat our family and clients.
When we invest time in connecting, listening, and talking with other people we give the best gift of all - ourselves.
Thanks again for the gift of sharing, of allowing me to come into your email boxes every month. It is a privilege I don't take lightly.                                     

This year, focus on building better, richer relationships and I'll bet you also end up building better careers, businesses, sales results and, of course, friendships and more vibrant relationships with the ones you love.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

My friend Mac Anderson from Simple Truth sent this movie just before Christmas. I'd like to share it with you with my best wishes for a great 2010.

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As you move into your New Year, one in which you would naturally desire more success, satisfaction, and one in which your career or life improves; a suggestion might be to refine your thoughts as well as your goals. Read what my friend, John Boe has to say about your thinking as a tool for your long-term success.

The Strangest Secret

By John Boe
In 1957, Earl Nightingale, speaker, author and co founder of the Nightingale-Conant Corporation, recorded his classic motivational record "The Strangest Secret". "The Strangest Secret" sold over one million copies and made history in the recording industry by being honored as the first Gold Record for the spoken word. Nightingale, known as the "dean of personal development," concluded that life's "strangest secret" is that we become what we think about all day long.
Your belief system, like your computer, doesn't judge or even question what you input; it merely accepts your thoughts as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Think thoughts of defeat or failure and you're bound to feel discouraged. Continuous thoughts of worry, anxiety and fear are unhealthy and often manifest in the body as stress, panic attacks and depression.
At the core of Earl's message, he reveals the incredible power of positive self-talk, belief and expectation. What you vividly imagine and hold in your subconscious mind begins to out picture as your reality. Your belief system not only defines your reality, but it also shapes your character and determines your potential.
The Placebo Effect
The ability of the mind to cure a disease even when the medicine is known to be worthless is known as the "placebo effect". This occurs in medical trials where doctors give patients sugar pills, but tell them they will cure their illness. Often it does, even though the pills contain nothing of medical benefit. The only thing of value in these medical trials is the patient's own belief that the sugar pills will cure them. It's the power of the patient's belief and expectation alone that produces the improvement in his or her health. I recently read a remarkable story about a group of cancer patients who thought they were being treated with chemotherapy, but were actually given a placebo. Before their treatment began, the patients were informed about the complications associated with undergoing chemotherapy treatment, such as fatigue and loss of hair. Amazingly, based on nothing more than their belief and expectation, nearly one third of the patients who were given the placebo reported feeling fatigued and actually experienced hair loss!
The Power of Affirmation and Positive Self-talk
If you had access to a powerful tool that would enhance your self-esteem and allow you to reach your full potential would you use it?
A good way to create positive self-talk is through affirmations. An affirmation is a positive statement that represents your desired condition or outcome. Interesting enough, your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between a real experience and a vividly imagined "mental" experience.
When he was a struggling young comedian, late at night Jim Carey would drive into the hills overlooking Hollywood and yell at the top of his lungs "I will earn ten million dollars a year by 1995." When 1995 finally arrived, Jim was the star of the movie Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, for which he was paid twenty million dollars!
World-class athletes understand the value of affirmation and recognize the impact of their mental preparation on their physical performance. They use the power of positive affirmation to reduce anxiety and increase their expectation of achievement. To be of maximum benefit an affirmation must be simple, encouraging and stated in the present tense.
By repeating an affirmation over and over again it becomes embedded in the subconscious mind.
To be effective your affirmation must be stated aloud:
1. In a positive manner with the focus on what you want. When you catch yourself saying or thinking something negative about yourself, counteract the negative self-talk with a positive affirmation. Start your affirmation with words like "I am..." or "I already have..." Example: "I close sales with little or no resistance." "I take good care of my customers and they show their appreciation by referring their friends to me."
2. In the present tense. Your subconscious mind works in the present tense, so avoid words such as can, will, should or could. Example: "I love doing my work and I am richly rewarded creatively and financially."
3. With strong emotion and conviction.
4. Repeatedly. I suggest you read your affirmations each morning upon awakening and again each night just before falling asleep. Close your eyes and picture the end result. Feel the emotions associated with the affirmation.
Here are some of my favorite affirmations:
  • "Every day in every way I'm getting better and better!"
  • "Everything comes to me easily and effortlessly!"
  • "I love and appreciate myself just as I am!"
  • "I love doing my work and I am richly rewarded creatively and financially!"
  • "I now have enough time, energy, wisdom and money to accomplish all my desires!"
  • "Infinite riches are now freely flowing into my life!"
  • "I am relaxed and centered!"
  • "I feel happy and blissful!"
Do affirmations really work and can they be used to propel a person to achieve greatness?
As a young boy growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, 12-year-old Cassius Marcellus Clay dreamed of someday becoming the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. When working out in the gym, Clay would continuously affirm to all within earshot that he was indeed the greatest boxer of all time! While many felt he was brash and boastful, few people actually took this 89-pound youngster seriously. Mohammad Ali used his affirmation to become the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world and arguably one of the most popular and recognized sports figures of all times!
"Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Choose your words, for they become actions. Understand your actions, for they become habits. Study your habits, for they will become your character. Develop your character, for it becomes your destiny." - Anonymous
You show me a salesperson (business owner or leader) with high self-esteem, a positive attitude, and a healthy work ethic and I'll be able to predict his or her success in advance... I guarantee it.

John Boe presents a wide variety of motivational and sales-oriented keynotes and seminar programs for sales meetings and conventions. John is a nationally recognized sales trainer and business motivational speaker with an impeccable track record in the meeting industry. To have John speak at your next event, visit www.johnboe.com or call 877 725-3750. Free Newsletter available on website.

Copyright 2009, John Boe International
Last Minute News

Technology is a wonderful connection... pictured here are Irene and her mom, Lil, talking via Skype to our daughter Amanda in Australia.
Irene's mom was blown away, almost to tears, to be able to see and talk to her granddaughter... and she did so for well over a half an hour. They are very close and this helped both of them keep the connection alive.
A day later she was still talking about her first internet experience. Wow! And we take it for granted.
December was a flurry of activity: Presenting at our CAPS National Convention in Calgary and hanging out with our speaker friends. Irene attended and met some of those people behind the faces on the speaker promotional websites and the various ebooks we've done in the past few years.  It was fun to have her there to share in this time and to meet more of my extended speaker family. Also lots of work on our websites: Speaker sites, new sites based on ideas (I keep getting them) and writing for various publications. Working to get everything done so I could head south with a clear mind. Also a time to spend with friends and family like our neighbors Kelly and Christine who are really family.
January will be a month of travel and adventure for Irene and myself. We're heading to Australia on the 8th to visit our daughter who is teaching in Geraldton (about 4 hours north of Perth) who is on summer break. We'll be spending half of our time with Amanda who has our tour all mapped out. Then fly to Brisbane on the 19th for a few days R&R in the beach areas and then back to Sydney for a few days before we fly home.
This is a first: I won't be taking my notebook or any work with me. I will be checking emails from time to time and responding to clients, as needed, but generally I will be in my beach boy (ok older guy) mode and reading a book or two while sitting under something shady in the plus 30C weather.
I am sure an idea or two that can put into action when I get back will drop into my mind while close to the ocean. Some of my best ideas come from beach or ocean time. I decided to go into speaking during my sailing trip to Japan.  I decided to move into speaking and training full time on a beach in the Cooks Islands, and that has been a great decision.
2010 will be an exciting year as we work to help our clients, some of whom are really struggling. Some travel coming up: Amsterdam to present at the 3rd annual PSA Holland convention (PDF) in mid March and a speaking tour to Russia in June (11-14th for a conference) and additional presentations being arranged to follow with, hopefully a visit to Moscow on the way home. 

Here is a picture you won't often see in public: in our offices yes, in our living rooms, yes; but not in public. Bob and Irene caught online checking their emails... some from each other... connections even a few feet apart are wonderful.
Thanks for reading

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January 2010
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Bob and Irene caught at the annual CAPS presidential ball in Calgary, AB

Irene and I will be heading south, way south, to visit our daughter, Amanda, who is teaching in Australia.

Check out a new Not YET! website inspired by a presentation given by my friend Terry Brock from Florida at our recent CAPS national convention in Calgary.
Pocket Wisdom for Speakers was launched last month. This is the 4th in our Pocket Wisdom series and you'll be able to order it and the first three on-line right now.
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We'll be taking lots of pictures in Australia for next month's e-zine.

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