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July 3, 2007

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Point to Ponder

One of the books on my reading list is Marshall Goldsmith's "What Got You Here Won't Get You There" with Mark Reiter.

Marshall explores why successful high achievers have challenges and blind spots that can sabotage otherwise golden careers. Very interesting read and one I am going to dig into as my goal is to continue growing and getting better at what I do and how I perform it. How about you? Are you similarly inclined? Have you encountered challenges in your career?

What caught my attention was one small piece involving research with over 200 high achievers and potential leaders. These are the caliber of people who could easily jump to another company with even higher compensation.

In the survey, each was asked a simple question: "If you stay in this company (present employer), why are you going to stay?"

The top three answers surprised me:

1."I am finding meaning and happiness now. The work is exciting and I love what I am doing."

2. "I like the people. they are my friends. This (experience) feels like a team, like a family."

3. "I can follow my dreams. This organization is giving me a chance to do what I really want to do in life."

As you can see the research revealed their answers were never about money. They were always about happiness, relationships, following dreams and meaning.

Woudn't you love to be able to say that about your current place of employment or role? I would. Wait a minute... I already do.

I love what I do! It can be a challenge at times and tiring too; but I love every minute of it. I remember telling a Calgary audience at the SOHO business expo recently that my intention is to live a leveraged difference. Each time I help educate, empower, encourage, or otherwise impact a life, organization, or career I extend that leverage. I am privileged to do so.

I heard something very similar to this at a recent dinner with NSA colleague Brian Tracy. The dinner was hosted by an amazing friend (who is also a client) and some of his leadership team. One of the team members, let's call him Dale, told Brian why he liked working there and how much he appreciated the chance to grow, to accomplish, and to make a difference. I think Dale (a great guy and a definite asset on the leadership team) would enthusiastically echo the words of our survey members above. I love working with this team of stimulating characters...Smile! They challenge and inspire me to stretch and grow and I do my best to return the favor. No wonder they lead their industry in Canada. Hmmmm. They certainly make me better.

Brian mentioned he has been teaching some of his ideas for over 25 years... and from first hand experience that evening they 'still' excite him. No wonder he is one of our long time NSA Masters.  Brian is also very generous with his wisdom and offered to let us use whatever we wanted of his in our Secret Selling Tips and other Secret Tips programs. This addition will increase their value and add a resource to help those who read them. Brian's wisdom spurs me on to grow further in my own career and business. Brian and I hope to connect in San Diego to follow up on some of our ideas.

Get Marshall's book, ("What Got You Here Won't Get You There") apply this wisdom, and be able to look back at an amazing track record of achievment and success that kept growing and impacted other lives for the better.

©2007 Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey


Celebrating OUR Nationhood

  • July 1st was Canada Day and millions of Canadians celebrated our birthday.
  • July 4th is Independence Day and millions of Americans will celebrate for the same reason.

We share some common ground and rich history. I invite you to look for the shared values and visions and build special relationships around them.

Our special wishes go out to all of our North American readers. May your careers and lives be enhanced to give you something extraordinary to celebrate next year.


Keys to Motivating

Keys to Motivating People to Follow Your Extraordinary Leadership

by Chris Widener

One thing I know to be true but many people do not believe is that people do want to be motivated. Sometimes people will say, "But they just won’t follow." Not true. You just haven’t motivated them to follow you! Get certain things right and they will follow! With that in mind, here are some keys to getting people to follow your leadership.

  1. Inspire and Challenge Them. People want to be inspired. They want to be encouraged to think bigger and better things. They want to look for and climb big mountains. They want to have someone help them dream their biggest dreams. That’s inspiration! They also want someone to set the high bar for them. They want someone to tell them that they can and should aim higher and go for more. That’s challenge! Show them the lofty heights, because not many others are. And the one who does is the one who will lead them.
  2. Teach Them. One of the greatest leadership development programs in the world is at General Electric. Jack Welch has personally devoted himself to its growth. And he has spent thousands and thousands of hours there himself, teaching in a classroom setting. He knows that information must be communicated. Take the time and be patient. Teach those who follow you how to go. Don’t be condescending because in the process, you will probably learn something yourself!
  3. Empathize With Them. OK, it’s almost cliché by now, but the saying, "I feel your pain" worked! Why? Because people want their leaders to feel their pain. They want them to know what it feels like when it is hard or when it is work. This doesn’t mean every board meeting has to be a touchy-feely sob-fest, but we ought to do more than tell our followers to "Suck it up soldier!" This day and age, that doesn’t fly. They want to know that you understand what they are going through and that you care. Sit down with them. Ask questions about the situation. And follow up with them.
  4. Strategize With Them. Some, but very few people want to be told what to do and then left alone. Most would like some direction and help in the area of strategy. Take the time to plot out the plan of action. Even if you know it, it is best to not just hand it over and say, "Now do it." Take them step-by-step so they learn how to do it themselves. Remember, we aren’t just trying to get the job done; we are trying to get the job done and create new leaders under us. This is an investment!
  5. Dream With Them. Take an interest in what it is that they want to accomplish in their life. Give them opportunity to dream about what your organization or business can become. Let them, encourage them, to dream big dreams, and then do all you can to share that dream, foster that dream, and make that dream a reality! Let them know that you are committed to them achieving their dreams and they will follow you to the ends of the earth!
  6. Encourage Them to Shoot for the Stars. This is closely aligned with having them dream, but this has more to do with the size of their dream! Most people will underestimate what they can do or what they want to accomplish. Most people have much more potential than they realize, let alone live up to. Help them by encouraging them to stretch their dreams so they are even bigger and greater than their first plan.
  7. Communicate Honestly and Clearly With Them. People who follow want their leaders to be honest with them. They act of following is based on believing that you are being told the truth about where you are going! Be open about the positives and the negatives. People can take it and if you make them integral to the solutions, then even tough problems become a chance for teamwork! Communicate in many ways: written, verbal etc. Just do it regularly so they know what the plan is, where you are going, what time departure is and the estimated time of arrival at destination SUCCESS!

Chris Widener is a popular speaker and writer as well as the President of Made for Success and Extraordinary Leaders, two companies helping individuals and organizations turn their potential into performance, succeed in every area of their lives and achieve their dreams. Visit his websites at and ©2007 Made for Success. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

Editor's Note: I'm looking forward to finally meeting Chris person while in San Diego at the NSA Covention. Sadly though, I won't be able to sit in on his session as I will be enroute to Chicago - Waukesha and back from San Diego. But it will be good to meet Chris in person... he has been generous with his time and his wisdom with me over the past few years.


Success Library

Each month I have the privilege to recommend a book or two for your success library. Add these to your collection.

The Art of Closing the Sale by Brian Tracy

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Michael Goldsmith with Mark Reiter


It's a bird. It's a plane. Nope, it's me.

A long drop off a tall building could provide a big boost for children and adults with disabilities.

Anyone who raises a minimum pledge of $1500 for the Alberta Easter Seals Drops Zone before Sept. 10th will get the chance to rappel down the side of the 26-story Sutton Place Hotel (10235 101 St in Edmonton). Since 2005, more than 600 superheros joined this exclusive Superhero Club for Easter Seals.

Last year (Edmonton's first) 39 people rappeled down and this year they have a goal of doubling that number. This program is being used by Easter Seals all across Canada. Perhaps in a city near you?

I've pledged to raise at least $2500 and would love your support to reach and surpass this lofty goal. Check out this flash movie to see what I have to look forward to (gulp!) and follow the link below to go to my personal donation page.

As many of you know I am not comfortable with heights; but believe to get to the winner's zone I need to move outside my comfort zone. With your help I will on Sept. 10th, 2007 and we'll see if we can get some pictures to share of this adventure.

Check out my donation personal page and support this great cause.

I've uploaded a pledge form to use if you'd like to download and get your friends and coworkers to sponsor as well. Use it or direct them to the personal donation page.

So, if you've ever been tempted to tell 'me' to take a hike, or a long walk off a tall building... here is a chance to put your money where your mouth is... lol.


Last minute notes and thoughts

Breaking news: Toastmasters District 42 becomes Distinguished...

Following a 2 1/2 year strategic plan and working like crazy, the Toastmasters in District 42 (Alberta and Sask.) have reached Distinguished status. Way to go team. I've had the privilege of being the D42 Executive leadership coach over the past 4 or so years and have seen our leaders focus and follow through to serve their members. This accomplishment will be recognized at the Toastmasters International convention in August being held this year in Phoenix, AZ. Congrats to everyone who helped make this a reality.

June was Jumping for sure...

  • Started June with a jump speaking at an Edmonton Chamber Opportunities Unlimited meeting (June 1st at 7:15AM);
  • Invested my 5th weekend training (June 1-3rd) and challenging the upcoming D42 Toastmasters' leadership at Red Deer College;
  • Shared a few ideas for a Brick University Retail Merchandizing graduation (June 5th) for an energetic group of people who worked with President & CEO, Kim Yost on their business plans;
  • Spent a delightful evening with delightful friends enjoying their new wine experience (calling it 'just' a wine cellar would be an understatement and a disservice to the design and detail Donna invested in creating it) with real brick, inlaid wood barrel ceilings, individual lighting, a seating area for 8... So many glasses I lost count... who knew that you had to have a new glass for each new wine... what an amazing night with amazing people I've grown to love;
  • Attended the annual Theresea Comrie Luncheon for The Support Network (June 7th) and was the lucky bidder for a 'few' select packages... oh well, it is for charity (gulp) :) I was able to spoil my friend Irene, who has been really working diligently to help with some of the new internet based projects;
  • Launched 3 new US clients for Secret Selling Tips and redesigned the email delivery system; 2 more US clients are coming on board and we will launch them in July;
  • Designed a series of 26 collectable posters for Secret Selling Tips;
  • Lots of website upgrades including work on our Alberta Speakers one;
  • Keynoted at the Calgary SOHO SME event (June 19th) on behalf of Grand & Toy;
  • Dinner and delightful conversation and lessons with Brian Tracy (June 19th);  
  • Co-hosted a special 'fireside' chat as part of a joint CAPS EDM and CAPS Calgary meetings in Red Deer (June 22-23); WE created the illusion of a campfire with lights and sounds to create an interactive experience that we had to cut off at 10PM. Some great ideas are shared around a campfire. Thanks Natashia and Patricia for inviting me to play;
  • Also played auction man the next afternoon and helped raise $5000 plus for Laura's Hope and the two Chapters. Amazingly enough, 3 people paid $625 each for the privilege of spending 4 hours with me including a lunch or breakfast. I am humbled and grateful at the same time to be able to help out;
  • Spending time with friends along the way;Always a blessing;
  • Adding some of Brian Tracy's wealth of wisdom to our various collections;  
  • Dog sat for my sister when her husband had a death in the family and they had to travel to the coast;
  • Also some major work on back yard... creating new flower beds, etc; and so on... next summer redesign (two level with a gazebo) front deck, extend and rebuild the back deck...hmmm

July is going to be amazing too...

July 8-13th: San Diego for the National Speakers Association annual convention with my NSA and CAPS families. We have over 80 Canadians coming for this amazing gathering of wisdom and friends. I'm coming for the hugs from my friends... I always learn something that helps me grow my business.

July 10-11th: Side trip to Waukesha, WI (via Chicago) to speak for Steinhafel's Furniture who are having a vendor fair. Will speak to half their sales team in the morning, their sales managers at lunch, and the remainder of their sales team in the afternoon; and then fly back to San Diego. Steinhafel's signed up their entire sales team for our Secret Selling Tips following my presentation in Chicago at the end of May. They decided to reinforce and help launch by inviting me to share a few secrets.

July 13th: Free day to explore San Diego. Hopefully go sailing for the morning. I love this city and its access to the ocean so will take a well deserved mini-break for the day before I fly up to Seattle, Washington that evening.

July 14th: Shackleton First Cousin's reunion in Woodinville, WA. My cousin Doretta is hosting this second annual gathering of those of us who are still Our folks are all gone (my mom was a Shackleton from Olds, AB) and we are getting more seasoned...being boomers and all. It was great fun last year at my cousin Ann's in Langley and the idea continues. Will be great to see family members who you don't see too often.

Hoping to collect a few video clips and brief stories about Mom and Dad (their younger years) from those 'older' cousins in attendance. My friend and web diva, Irene did an online website for her family last year and is planning on adding video and other stories and collections as they are available. What a great idea. I am following her lead to further honor my mom and dad who passed away in 1999. (To my cousins, who read this every month to figure out where I am, bring along your stories and any pictures of mom and dad. And pass this request along to anyone you know is coming. See you at Tiny's.)

July 15-19: Free time and a bit of a break. Perhaps a bit of writing along the way as there is certainly lots of projects on the go.

Otherwise: working on pre-launch and design of Secret Leadership Tips and its support site, adding speaker/workshop/product sections to Secret Selling Tips site, updating various sites, new articles for clients and other publications, second of three pocket wisdom books, new marketing for Secret Tips as well as speaking. Revisit strategic plan to tweak and focus our efforts for the fall season. Creating time for the 3 CAPS members who bought my coaching and consulting.

It will be nice to take a few days to relax and read some nonbusiness books. Summer is a great time to work 'ON' the business, not just 'IN' the business. Need to practice what I preach and take some time to relax and reflect as well.


Thanks for reading

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Ask about a customized conference, coaching or training package to suit your specific career, company, or organizational needs.

PS: Pic is a retreat shot last year. Hope to repeat a break this month.  


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