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June 6, 2006

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Point to Ponder
June Musings
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Last minute thoughts and notes
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Point to Ponder

"We have adopted a settler's way of life, rather than a thriver's way of life. We settle for good when we desire and deserve great." Cy Wakeman

If I asked you to do some honest reflection on what you've accomplished in your life, your career or your company, what would your answer tell me about where you have 'settled'? Being a 'settler' used to have a much different connotation, one of being a pioneer and carving out a livelihood in the harsh, unforgiving wilderness. Not so now! Where have you moved away from being a thriver or pioneer in your efforts, to settling for good when great is well within your grasp?  Where have you settled for less than your potential when some 'well meaning' expert told you you couldn't do it?

I am in a wonderful business that allows me to connect with friends, some of whom I've even met, and to grow by that connection. On a recent speaking trip to Iowa I had the opportunity to connect and enjoy the afternoon with Cy Wakeman and her family in Sioux City. I simply went on the NSA site and searched to see if there were any professional speakers in the area and wrote the two I found. One of them, the delightful Jenny Herrick was already registered for the D19 conference. Jenny and I had fun getting to know each other.

I do that quite frequently, if I know I have any time to spend. If I am going to be in your neighborhood, I'd be happy to have a coffee enroute. I'll often go on the NSA or CAPS or Toastmasters sites and email people in advance. Works around the world and has helped launch friendships in at least 7 countries, so far. Plus, I hate settling for sitting around hotels and airports when I have the choice to connect with people.

What a great opportunity to share ideas with a productive fellow speaker who moved from being seriously overweight to running and finishing the Chicago marathon in just 18 weeks. WOW! What a great opportunity to sit and chat about life and our amazing business while enjoying the sun and the sound of 11 kids joyously playing in the yard (Cy had some friends who brought their own along). What a great afternoon and an opportunity to develop a new friendship instead of just settling for sitting in my hotel, again.

During that same weekend I had the opportunity to share a few ideas with three grade eight classes at two different Middle Schools. Some of these talented kids were part of the evening events doing speeches and tackling impromptu table topics. One of these amazing kids was Fawn who had the topic "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game." Like so many people when given an impromptu question, she proceeded and then stopped, stumped for a minute. What she did to catch our attention was not sitting down. She did not settle for just trying. Instead she took not one but two additional shots at answering this question. I was so impressed at this courageous 13 year old who taught me the meaning of thriving and pushing past the fear. What was even more fun was her mentioning being glad her father was in the audience and pointing at me. Well, actually she was pointing at the proud father sitting just behind me, as I was sitting beside her. I cleared up that point during my keynote by saying I would be proud to have a daughter like Fawn.

This speaking and training business does have some unique challenges, in that the travel can sometimes be tedious, and things happen over which you have no control. If you are in sales or travel for your job, you know what I mean. For example, on my way home I had the opportunity to go through Sioux City airport security and board the same twin engine plane four times due to severe thunder storms in Minneapolis. Starting with about 20 of us, each time we boarded we had less people who were willing to go. Many settled for rebooking and going in the morning.

When we left, it was the just the flight crew and myself. As I continually told the Sioux City counter staff, "I'm willing to take the chance, leave my bags on the plane."  I knew when I got to Minneapolis I had several options. One of them (which I successfully pursued) was persauding the airline to accomodate me with a hotel, transportation and a breakfast voucher. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt! That knowledge pushed me past settling for the inconvenience due to weather. I used my time in the airport the next morning to do some editing on a book I'm writing, while I waited for the airline to find me a seat. (PS: I did get home later the next afternoon and Northwest did actually give me a T-shirt, too.)

Later that night, I had the rare privilege of attending a banquet where my friend Alvin Law, CSP was the featured speaker. He was one of the reasons I wanted to get home so badly. Even us motivational speakers need a motivational boost at times. Alvin was born without arms and has developed his feet and toes as his hands. Sure he has challenges, but he did not settle for the limitations set by others in where he went to school, the instruments he learned to play (trombone, piano and drums) or stepping up to share his story and challenges with audiences across North America. Alvin has spoken to over 1.5 million students and at least 500,000 adults and just finished his first book (alvin's laws of life). I drove home that night, tired, but motivated to move ahead with the challenges in my life. My little inconvenience enroute brought back to a realistic perception.

We can each settle for what life deals us, but we can also take personal leadership and responsibility over our lives. I am fortunate to have people like Cy and Alvin in my life along with Kim, Bridgette, Irene and hundred's of others who will not let me settle for being less than my best and pushing past my comfort zone into the winner's zone.

What are you settling for? Take a few minutes to think about what you want to accomplish, where you want to go, and who you want to become in your life, your career, and your company. Make a concerted commitment to change your direction to one of thriving or pioneering enroute to your greatest potential. Hey, if I can do it, so can you!

© Copyright 2006 Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey


June Musings

"Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil."  James Allen

What do you dream about? What thoughts flow through your mind when you find yourself drawn away from the normalcy of life or the routine in your role or career? How does that dream line up with who you are becoming now? How does it line up with who and what you want to present to the world as your testiment or life statement?

I remember sitting in a small fish and chips place in Adelaide, NSW with my friend Peter J. Daniels about 15 or so years ago. I had just told him of my dream of being a professional speaker and what that meant to me. He smiled kindly and challenged me to explode my dreams to "dream big dreams". He went on to explain that small dreams had very little power to push me through the tough times of challenge that would surely come as the rain in the spring.  He was right.

So, I pass on that challenge to each of my readers. What is your dream? Is it big enough to power you through the times of challenge? We are entering the half way point in our year, how are you doing? Have you found, as I have, that some areas have far surpassed even your greatest dreams or perhaps a few areas have fallen way short? Push on my friend, dig into the power of your dreams and refocus your energy to make the second half of this year your greatest yet. The best song has yet to be written, the greatest sale is yet to be signed, the best team is yet to be formed, your best family times are yet to be shared, and your greatest achievement is still within you, waiting to emerge.

As my friend, Kim Duke (Sales Divas) reminds me... work at least 3 to 6 months out to make sure I am as productive and busy as I desire. I hear you Kim. Have a wonderful June and send this ezine along to someone who you feel will benefit from reading it.

Bob "Idea Man' Hooey


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Add these to your success library

Each month I share a few suggestions for your success library. This is actually a bit harder than it looks as I regularly go through 8 to 10 great books in a month. Keeps me current and keeps me moving. I hope you enjoy my suggestions. Drop me a note with your observations on one you particularly like. We can share it again with our fellow readers.

The 360 degree Leader by John C. Maxwell

Making Change Happen by Ken Matejka and Al Murphy

The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer



by Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Remember growing up and being dared to do something? Remember how often you actually accomplished it, in spite of your own self doubts and fears? Well, I want to share a big DARE. But first, let me tell you the quick story of a young man named Bill, who responded to a personal DARE and changed his world and perhaps ours as well.

Bill was not a healthy boy; in fact you might even have called him 'sickly'. His family moved from the country to the city where he encountered a teacher who was serious about health. As he wrote later, 'It was like he had singled me out." His teacher, George Krall challenged him one day. He looked straight at Bill and said, "I dare you to be the healthiest boy in class!"

Young Bill responded and soon built a body that equaled and outlasted the strongest boys in his class. In fact, he never lost a day at work because of illness and lived a healthy and productive life. He served honorably during the 1st World War and returned to lead his fledgling company to greater success and profit during the great depression. He passed away in 1955, at 85, when the average life expectancy was a good 20 years lower, in part because he responded to that dare.

Bill launched a company which grew to be one of North America's largest corporations, providing employment for thousands of people; people who were challenged or dared by their president and later Chairman of the Board to push themselves to be strong, to be creative, to take risks, to build character, and to share with others. For nearly 40 years, Bill wrote a weekly inspirational "Monday Morning Message" for his employees, colleagues, and associates.

In a 1955 Monday Morning Message, when he was 84, he pointed out the personal significance of some of these unchanging fundamentals. "Some folks are continually making changes," he said. "I flatter myself that I like new ventures and new experiences. But when it comes to fundamentals, I believe in finding the right foundations and building on them. I'm a poor changer. For instance, here are some of the fundamentals I have never changed: I have been a church member for over 60 years; married to one wife for over 60 years; a lodge member for over 60 years; and a Purina man for over 60 years."

Young Bill in this story is, of course, William H. Danforth, founder of the Ralston Purina Company, founder of the American Youth Foundation Camps, and author of 14 books including, "I Dare You!" The copy I bought in 1976 was in its 26th printing. Bill Danforth's life and his writings have challenged hundreds of thousands (including me) to live life as an adventure and to stretch and grow in our careers and in our service to others.

I want to leave you with the following personal challenge:

I Dare You:

· To believe in yourself, your experience, and your skills

To push yourself to learn and hone your skills for greater success

To take at least one course every quarter to enhance your skills

To take increased responsibility and personal leadership in your role

To tap into your creativity and allow innovation to flow

To support and encourage your fellow team members to grow

To never allow anyone or anything to stop you from succeeding in your role and in life.

And I dare you to be the example for others in living life as an adventure and pushing past your comfort zone into the winner's zone.

© 2006 Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey All rights reserved. Visit: www.eBusinessSuccess.biz for additional articles like these from some of North America's top experts.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey is a frequent contributor to North American consumer, corporate, association, on-line and trade publications. He is in demand as a motivational speaker, corporate trainer and business success coach. Visit his website for more information on his services and innovative programs . www.ideaman.net


Last minute thoughts and notes

May Memories

Wow, what a busy month this has been. Dropped off the draft for the book I'm writing for a client on May 2nd; one day ahead of deadline. Whew! Revisions and discussions on format changes followed mid-month.

Flew to Sioux City for the May 4th weekend. Boy was that fun visiting the grade 8 classes, experimenting with a new keynote opening and sharing some stories with my Toastmaster family and experiencing a new story on the way home.

Did some advance work on the CAPS National Chapter Speaker Showcase for our upcoming conference in Vancouver in December. I helped found the CAPS Vancouver Chapter back in 1997 and served as President in 1999 as well as 2000. I have been asked to host this part of the program where we showcase 11 of the best up and coming speakers from our Chapters across Canada. What fun! Great to be included on the CAPS Vancouver team once again.

More editing and revisions. The book is now in the capable hands of my client's creative department to layout it out and adjust the copy to fit.

Flew down to Lethbridge to work with the Faculty of Management at the UofL May 25-27 and prepared for two early June events. Reports from Deans office indicate they are pleased with the direction and results of our day together.

One of the bonuses of the UofL trip was getting to know their Dean and seeing some of the students who had been there when I spoke at their conference in March. Hi to President Amanda, Mike, Andrea, Jamie, Christine, and Stephanie... what a great group of people.

June Journal

June looks to be a very productive month as well. Started off, June 1st,  as one of the guest speakers for the 16th annual Employee Development Conference hosted by the City of Edmonton and co-chaired by Sharon Davies and Monica Frank. Their team did an amazing job for the 918 plus who attended. Very well organized and all of us, speakers and participants alike, were well taken care of, too.

EDC was almost a mini-CAPS retreat with so many fellow CAPS speakers on the program. The amazing Wayne Lee kicked off the conference on Wed. evening. Wayne just keeps getting better. Calgary's Toben Anderson started Thursday off and fellow CAPS members, Alvin Law, Dan Jelinski, John Simmons, and Jeff Mowatt  presented programs. I did too, smile. Met two new speaker friends from Ontario who added to my enjoyment, Bob Koehler and Jackey Backman.

(Monday June 5th...) Am just reading some of the evaluations from last Thursday. Once again I am amazed by comments from audience members. I am so blessed. "An excellent speaker for a creative boost and motivation for new ideas to be heard for your organization,"writes one participant. "Bob covered a great deal of very useful material in a short period of time."  and "If you are overstressed and out of time this is the man to talk to..." write two others. What an amazing opportunity to share ideas with audiences across the world.

June 3 and 4th was my 4th year in helping facilitate a D42 leadership retreat at the Red Deer College. This is a great opportunity to give back and to share some of my own experiences and expertise with incoming leaders.  The Saturday afternoon adventure event is always fun, challenging and informative. This year I was able to get to the top of the pole. Next year I hope to be able to actually stand on the very top. I was able to use examples of the group interaction and leadership in my leadership and conflict programs on Sunday.

Jim Wilson, who facilitated our afternoon, is very adept at helping us deal with the mental and physical challenges of the ropes course and to extracting learning points from our experience. He can be reached at 1-800-239-0475 if you'd like to have your group create a growth experience. (PS: Getting up the ladder was the easy part.)

Will do some last minute reviews of the client 'book' layouts later this month before it goes to press, as well as work on coordinating the filming of the launch video and working with HR/Training department to develop manager's training guides for the book release in July.

For those hockey fans reading thisGo Oiler's Go! I haven't been much of a hockey fan, guess growing up in California with oceans vs. ice rinks might have something to do with it... until lately with the Oiler's amazing run to the Stanley Cup. Last night's unfortunate accident and loss will focus our attention on the ability of the team to pull together and overcome this challenge too.

Personal goal: Give it my best to get the Quantum Success - Laura's Hope fund raiser e-Book finally pulled together later this month. Unfortunately, it has been on the back burner due to other deadlines and commitments. I have so many great guest authors from across North America who have given of themselves for this project. Time to get it done and out there to our respective audiences. Working ahead on a few of our e-zines in preparation for a productive fall season. And perhaps get some exercise this summer too! Perhaps pull down my mountain bike and give it a ride... or two. 

Assisting a corporate client with a presentation he is making on leadership to a special breakfast meeting with 30 top Canadian CEOs and 30 VPs from top Canadian companies in Calgary on June 30th. The Advantage Board invites the world's leading corporations to participate and my client is their first guest speaker in the launch of their Calgary Chapter. Should be lots of fun to be there and see him shine. He is an amazing leader and has a great story to share. It is my privilege to help with the background, staging and a little coaching to ensure he is able to present it to his best advantage.

Will be driving down to Calgary to visit the CAPS chapter as Mark Leblanc is coming up from California to speak. Mark has been kind enough to share some very practical and valuable ideas to help me build my business over the years. One of the benefits of being a professional member of the International Federation for Professional Speaking is being able to learn first hand, face to face from our industry's top performers.

Going to take a few days off this month for me (practice what I preach) as well as get some of the things done out here in the country while the weather is nice. Trimming trees, painting decks, etc. Am also converting my spare bedroom into a writing office, separate from my regular one with the hot tub downstairs (my innovative think tank). Found when I am in a writing mode, I tend to spread research and resources around. (Okay, it gets a bit messy as I tend to spread research and files around so I can pull from them... smile)

July Jottings

A wedding of two great friends and some fun times. Work on a couple of additional writing projects and a few more ezines and marketing and product pieces. Looking forward to the 'book' launch and seeing the reaction as it comes out to close to 7000 employees across Canada. Can hardly wait to see how the final project turns out.

Work on updating websites and marketing materials and efforts. Have to keep getting the word out so I can keep myself productively busy in the fall. Perhaps some time off... some fun travel, camping, etc.



Thanks for reading this issue...

"If a book comes from the heart it will contrive to reach other hearts. All art and author craft are of small account to that." Thomas Carlyle

Each of us is writing a book. Perhaps, not a physical one on paper, but instead on the minds and experiences of those we meet and with whom we connect. Write on my friends, write on. Write richly expressive words that inflame the passions of those who read you. Write rich descriptive, evocative words that inspire those who know you to seek their own passions and write their own success stories.


Thank you for reading this issue of 'Ideas@Work! - Strategies for Success'. We know your time is valuable and our commitment is to make sure each issue has some solid value for you and your team. We are committed to helping you and your team profitably move to the next level.

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