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March 6, 2007

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Dottie Walters Dec. 31, 1924 - Feb. 14th, 2007
Last minute notes and thoughts
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Point to Ponder

You might be aware of the buzz around "The Secret!" which is a full length video launched last April (2006). Even Oprah shared it on two of her recent shows. My copy came as a Christmas present from a close friend. I watched it with both enjoyment and an eye to learning to apply it to my life. Even saw a few names of speakers/authors whose work I respect.

I found it interesting. It focuses on encouraging you to visualize what you want, to set specific goals, and to be 'grateful' for what you are creating. Great advice along the concept of "The Law of Attraction", or "As you sow, so shall you reap.", or "As a man thinketh in his heart so he will become." I have been doing that for some time now and it does, indeed, work. It works very well. What I've said on ocassion is, "What you think about... you bring about!"

"I am very grateful for the wealth of friends, innovative and profitable business ideas, success, readers and audiences in my life."

One of the links from their site was to a related site called Powerful Intentions. This I found even more interesting. I have been doing something similar as part of my 'un-birthday' celebration of "My Personal 'NEW' Year." (check out this new site)

These folks are committed to living life by "Deliberate Creation." As the Canadian Ideaman and author of Create The Future, I'd say that idea resonated.

My personal 2007, "Powerful Intentions" sits beside me as I write. I carry a copy in my daytimer, so I can read it at least once a day while on the road. This keeps them top of mind and helps maintain my 'purposeful' focus. It also reminds me of personal, higher purpose and goals when temporarily experiencing a bump or detour along the path.

Visit Powerful Intentions and create one for yourself. Share it with those you trust and "Create the Future" you envision. Then tweak it as you gain a clearer focus of what you want to create in your life, your work, and your relationships. If you would like to share it with me, I would be honored.

I have not been sharing mine, other than on a one-to-one basis with members of my informal support and advisory group. That changes today!

One of the secrets learned in mastermind or success team experience is the power of accountability, support, and focus. I am enlisting each of you, my readers, in my quest to continue enhancing 'my' world through my work. I believe leadership is best demonstrated by personal example and share these intentions as samples and encouragement to create your own. Creating one and living it will help you grow and succeed.  

My powerful intentions: Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey - 2007

I actually have nine points written. Let me share 3 as an example:You'll notice they are written in the past tense as though I am looking back on them as accomplishments, as having achieved them already.

  • To have lived my life in creating a 'leveraged' difference in the world!
  • To have been the friend, coach, cheerleader, and champion for my close friends and colleagues.
  • To have been a proactive agent and dynamic catalyst for creative change and success in my world; as well as in all those I touched or influenced via  media outreach.

Here is a link to all nine, should you would like to read them.


Make March a marvelous month...

PS: If you'd like to be reminded of your powerful intentions or anything else, check out HassleMe. A UK based site which sends you regular reminders. I've got two set up, one comes every three days and the second comes into my email box every week.

© 2007 Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

PS: pic is a faded photo copy sent to me by a Toastmasters friend. The Edmonton Sun did a feature on Toastmasters last year and included a photo of me speaking in Saskatoon at a Regional Conference a couple of years back. Loved the headline. My intention in speaking was and is to become a master and to leverage that mastery to help others. Nice to be reminded and encouraged too.


Home spun leadership

10 things about leadership your Momma never told you

"Momma was wise and she brung you up good – but she was not thinking about you as leader when she told you (and told you again) some things…"

TIME (show you are prepared to put in at least as many hours as anyone else)

1. Hard work never hurt anybody – but one person doing all the hard work will hurt the team.

2. Sometimes you won’t have time to eat your lunch.

3. You need to be seen and heard.

FEELINGindividual (show you care about each and every team member)

4. Looking after your little sister is not enough- you’ve gotta care about everybody.

5. It’s good to have a mouthful of dessert between the potatoes and the beans.

FEELINGorganization (show you care about the organization and it’s mission)

6. Keep your face (and your values) the same when the wind changes – just be prepared to change the direction you run.

7. Don’t do what you’re told – do what you believe is right.

8. Always talk listen to strangers, for new perspectives, for networking, for good manners.

FOCUS (all activities are directed towards a clear and well shared goal)

9. It’s very rare to do it once and do it right – For decisions, work on making the best decision for now rather than the perfect decision. Harvard research showed 80% of decisions prove to be not ideal – even though they were the best decisions at the time. For actions – you will need to repeat some actions such as explaining goals many times before everyone "gets" it.

10. You are a leader. Knowing the way home will not keep you safe – you need to have a picture of the future and the skills to empower your team to find the way to it.

But on some things she was 100% right…

Tidy your room. Eat your vegetables. Clean your teeth. and my favourite…

Go outside and play- it’s a wonderful world and teamwork is about learning to share it and enjoy it.

Thanks Mom!

Time, Feeling and Focus are the 3 characteristics of charismatic leaders. (From research by Bernard Bass)

Note that none of them are inherited traits. Mom was also right when she said you can be anything you want to be. That includes being a charismatic leader. Now it’s up to you!

©2006 Mike Robinson

Mike is a fellow Toastmaster, a great guy, and we share the experience of being District Governor's for BC's District 21. Thanks Mike.

PS: Photo is my sister and I with our mom on the way to California in the mid 1950's. Our first family plane ride, the first of several hundreds for me. Doesn't my sister look cute? I can't believe I was taking 'home' work along.


Success Library

Each month I have the privilege of suggesting additions to your success library.

This month one of the suggestions is The Secret. The other is from my friend Tim in Calgary. Both are great reads and will add to your success.


Dottie Walters Dec. 31, 1924 - Feb. 14th, 2007

Dottie Walters is best known for her book, "Speak and Grow Rich."  She is best loved for the support and encouragement she gave so many of us who desired to get into, grow, and succeed in the speaking business. Dottie inspired thousands of fledgling speakers to spread their wings and fly. She was a marketing genius, a world class speaker, best selling author, mom, grandmother, wife, business woman and an icon in the speaking industry. She was also a friend, mentor, and encourager to many.

Dottie helped launch the careers of thousands of successful speakers. She was instrumental in mine and I will miss her friendship, our ocassional conversations, and her warm encouragement.

The first time I met Dottie was in California where I was preparing for my 'first' program in pursuit of Toastmasters' professional level Accredited Speaker designation. I was so excited about attending, as I saw Dottie was booked to speak. I was looking forward to meeting her and hearing her in person. I was very disappointed when I got the detailed conference program and realized we were both speaking at the same time in different sessions.  I called Dottie and she graciously called me back. We spoke for nearly two hours. She answered all and more of the questions I would have asked in person. I did sneak in just before she spoke to introduce myself. She responded warmly and gave me a big hug... the first of many over the years as we crossed paths in various cities, venues, and NSA events.

She will be sorely missed by thousands who, like me, were impacted by her life, her wisdom, and her courage. "Dottie, thanks for the leveraged difference you made in my life and in the lives of thousands who sit in my audiences or read my words."

© 2007 A grateful, Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

If you would like to read more about Dottie's story visit this website.


Last minute notes and thoughts

February was fabulous

February was not, at first glance a busy month or at least it was not planned to be.

I was actually looking forward to some 'home and office' time to get after some writing projects and other challenges lurking in my in box.

Visited CAPS Calgary in January and had an idea for a joint ad-venture to promote Alberta Speakers on the drive home. That initial idea grew to creating a joint ad-venture web-based campaign (Alberta Speakers) with 19 fellow CAPS speakers from the Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer, and Calgary areas.

Secret Selling Tips grew from an idea discussed with a client and his wife over lunch, while discussing another project he wanted input... hmmm! He graciously went on to be my first customer enrolling his 1500 sales staff across Canada. We are very optimistic about this simple, strategic, systematic approach to equipping and motivating selling teams to grow and succeed. He wants his fellow companies in two US based buying groups to sign on as well. Wow! From idea to implementation in less than 4 weeks... how cool! This has some real growth potential.

Wow... and several more ideas and writing projects underway, including embedding flash video in some of our websites. Visit the site to see what my friend and webmaster Irene has done. We've also used it on Secret Selling Tips, My Personal New Year so far. Now that we are learning how to embed it we will be able to record short video clips for various pages. We will also be able to take some of the live performance clips for inclusion, so potential clients can see me speak.

March will be magnificant

March 3rd: National launch of our Secret Selling Tips program for 1500 selling professionals across Canada. Other than computer glitches in a few stores, it rolled out well and initial responses have been good... making a few tweaks in the format for easier viewing and second issue goes live March 14th for viewing on March 15th. Working with some amazing people to create and deliver this service to their sales teams. Thanks team!

March 10th: Nice to be home so I can attend my home chapter of CAPS Edmonton. I am blessed with some amazing friends and colleagues and enjoy seeing them.

March 15th: Presenting a "Brown Bag" session on "Speaking for Success" for Edmonton's Business Link which will be webcast to 19 centers in Alberta and Sask. If you live in Alberta, click on this link to see where you can visit to view this presentation. An interesting challenge of working with a live audience, yet including audiences across the province too.

March 16th: Speaking at the annual meeting of Alberta Alfalfa growers. The Idea Farmer will be sharing "Big Dreams... small steps. Bountiful harvests begin with small seeds."

March 17th: Planning to visit CAPS Calgary when CAPS National President, Sid Ridgley speaks. Will also give me a chance to work further on the Alberta Speakers project with our CAPS Calgary members. David Saxby is designing the advertising for us.

Continuing to work on expanding Secret Selling Tips and writing a full year of issues. Working on Secret Leadership Tips and Secret Success Tips to follow later this year.

Waiting to hear from a potential client about doing 2 1/2 days of 'Motivational Leadership" training for a food and beverage company in Saudi. Now, this would be a fun experience. "Can you imagine me on a camel?" Smile!

Working on my first Secret Selling Tips, pocket sized, mini-motivational book to reinforce and support our client's investment. Perhaps the first of many products to support our selling focused subscibers across North America. Who knows, we'll most likely have mugs and all sorts of cool tools.

March 21st: Launch of our ad-venture with our 1st advertisement in the Spring Issue of Speaking for Impact published by the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. We will also be advertising in Canadian Manager published by the Canadian Institute of Management and doing some other promotional campaigns. We will be doing at least 7 ads this year, as the power of one becomes the 'leveraged' power of team.

 March 28th: Target date for launch of French language version of Secret Selling Tips {Les Trucs de Vente Secrets} to service about 500 Quebec-based sales staff to start. 

PS: Photo is taken from our CAPS National conference in Vancouver last Dec. I had the privilege of hosting 9 of our best emerging speakers from Chapters across Canada. Some amazing speakers graced our stage over the two mornings. Our program started at 7AM each morning. On the Friday (7 AM), I had decided to have fun and walked on stage in my pj's and bathrobe. This picture is taken with my friend Mary Taylor from TO who was the last speaker that morning. What fun! And certainly a morning to be remembered.


Thanks for reading

My friend and fellow Quantum Success author, Joe Bonura shared this Robert Wickman quote with me.

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out , and loudly proclaiming: ‘Wow! What a ride’"


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