Point to Ponder - lessons from the bathroom
I recently returned from a trip to Ottawa, Ontario where I was the closing keynote for a national food and beverage conference. Thanks to CSCM for bringing me in to share a few ideas on productivity and having more fun time.
This is one of the Vimy memorial sculptures (above) on display at the War Museum in Ottawa where we went for cocktails on the Monday evening. Great to see our tax dollars at work where they actually support something of value.
The conference was held at the Delta City Centre hotel. Nice facility and great staff. Great audience as well.
I found some delightful soaps and shampoo bottles in my bathroom. I actually brought them home as a keepsake. Let me explain why.
Each of them had something of value to spark my thinking and get me going for the day. I loved their shared philosophy and that a hotel would invest in them 'just' for me.
I share 4 of them with you with my thoughts:  
Celebrate life (shampoo)
Philosophy: Every day is a gift waiting to be opened
Interestingly enough, I was speaking with them (CSCM) about liberating time to allow them to lead and to enjoy their lives more fully. When we treat each day as a gift and an adventure to be lived, we get more from it as we move through it. 
Celebrate dreams (shower gel)
Philosophy: when you need to feel like your heart has wings, dream big
I remember meeting with Peter J. Daniels in Adelaide, Australia when I first started down this professional speaking path. He challenged me to dream bigger so that I would have the necessary motivation to work through the challenges and detours I would encounter. He was so right! What drives you is what will help you on your path to a more successful, fulfilling life.
Be somebody (body lotion)
Philosophy: the headlines you make in life will be based on the difference you make in the lives of others 
Each of us is somebody who can make a difference where we choose. When you invest in the lives of others, you expand both your service and your influence. This is where you make the biggest difference. Give it forward!  
Celebrate love (conditioner)
Philosophy: celebrate those who fill your cup and love you unconditionally
Too often we forget to thank and to celebrate those who are important in our lives. When we do that, we rob them and ourselves of the joy of knowing the difference they make in our lives, A small gesture or token of affection can make a major difference. I try to remind Irene how special she is and how much she means to me on a regular basis. Remember and celebrate them today. 
How amazing is this; to invest in your guests by encouraging them to celebrate life, to dream, to be someone, and to love.  
Until next month
Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

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One of my goals and projects for March is to complete the rewrite of my 'A Legacy of Leadership' enroute to updating it in a print format. Last year many of my presentations were leadership oriented and/or to leadership audiences. My thought was to have a print version (originally done as an e-publication in 2006) available for purchase when I speak.

I am speaking in Burlington, Ontario on April 19, 20, 21st of this year, again with a leadership focus. Hence the deadline to have it ready for publication by the end of this month. Should be fun. Part of the challenge is going through and updating or adding to it after 6 more years of leadership adventures.
We are also working on two more Speaking for Success Boot Camps.
Pictured right: Our amazing campers from Grande Prairie.
I am doing one in Halifax, NS on Sat. May 25th and one here in Edmonton on Sat. June 1st. Both will allow me to generate funds for a project idea I have in support of the CAPS Foundation where I serve as a trustee.
The one in Edmonton will also be raising funds for Kiva, a great micro-finance lending program that my friend Diana Bowes champions. I love that I can use my skills and talents to support other projects and people.  I'm glad to help.

Last Minute News
Following our return from Florida and our vacation and cruise, we jumped right back into a busy schedule. Productive month in Feb. with presentations in Grande Prairie for an Executive Woman's group, our 2nd Speaking for Success Boot Camp, and a visit to a special Toastmasters club.
Our CAPS National President, Nabil Doss spoke at our Chapter on Feb 9th.
My friend Hugh Culver spoke at a CAPS Campfire on feb 20th. Then this past week my trip to Ottawa to present for CSCM.
Pictured here: Irene and I in Grand Turk
One of the things I love about my role as a travelling speaker is the chance to hang out with my friends and fellow speakers where possible. My friend Michael Hughes picked me up at the airport and took me to dinner at an amazing steak house in Ottawa. Michael and I serve together on the CAPS Foundation. My CAPS friend Janet Stewart organized a late lunch on Tues following my presentation. What a treat!
I have to share about my visit to a special Toastmasters club in Grande Prairie. One of the ladies who attended my Boot Camp is a club coach for a club where many of the members are disabled or have challenges. I told her I had planned on staying over and would be pleased to come and share a few ideas with them. Ended up doing an hour long program with them. It was a highlight of my time in Grande Prairie. Often we pre-judge other people and I find I do once in a while, too. I was sitting in the coffee shop outside the art gallery where the meeting was to be held. I watched as some of the members we coming in, I wondered to myself,  "How will I speak to them? Wonder if it will make sense?"
I put those thoughts away and proceeded to share my program as enthusiastically as I could. Out of the blue, one of the young ladies blurted out, "I love you!" with the sweetest smile, and then hid behind her hands. I simply said, "thank you!" One of the other ladies was in the midst of asking me a question. I stopped her, and said, "Let me savor this moment. It's not o ften I have a woman tell me she loves me." I smiled, paused, and then asked her what her question was. I still smile when I think about my evening with my fellow Toastmasters in Grande Prairie. I am so glad I said yes to sharing. Just think what I would have missed. 
This is a busy month for Irene as well. She is off to Kananaskas for a labour school. So, I will work on the edits while she is away. She is still waiting to go back into her building on a trial basis to see if she can return to work. Perhaps later this month when they have finished the air balancing and renovations. She has been working from home since June.

Thanks for reading

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 March 2013

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Working on a print updated version of 'A Legacy of Leadership' for publication later this month
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