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May 1, 2007

In this issue...
Point to Ponder
Carpe Momento - Seize the moment!
Success Library
Last minute thoughts and ideas
Mark Sanborn New Hope Hawaii event
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Point to Ponder

I've been asked on several occasions what motivates me? Even us 'motivational' people need a jumpstart once in a while.

One thing that inspires me to keep going, when I am feeling less than motivated, are stories of people who have overcome their own challenges and gone on to succeed.

One of them is the dramatic story of a young Oregon woman named Rachael Scdoris. I read about her adventures just prior to the 2005 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Rachael did not finish that year, pulling out after passing the 700 mile mark in consideration for her dogs' health. But that did not dampen her enthusiasm to pursue her dream of completing this race that tests both the will and the strength of its dog teams and their mushers. (Oh, by the way... Rachael is legally blind.)

"On March 18th, 2006 at 1:42AM Alaska Standard time, following 12 days, 10 hours and 42 minutes on the trail, 21 year old, legally blind Rachael Scdoris and her visual interpreter, Tim Osmar, passed beneath the wooden structure, known as the Burled Arch, that marks the finish line for the grueling Iditarod. They finished in 56th and 57th place."

Rachael endured the worst that 1,100 miles of the Alaskan wilderness had to throw at her (temperatures as low as -52 degrees Fahrenheit and wind speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour) and kept on mushing to place 7th out of the 20 rookies who started the race. Rachael fought for two years to earn the right to compete in the 2005 race and went on to successfully complete it in 2006. Visit to read more about this amazing young woman.

Her dad, Jerry Scdoris and I have traded emails over the past year or so. Jerry is, as one would imagine, very proud of his daughter. As he told me, "For as long as I remember Rachael has talked about running the Iditarod. I didn't take her seriously until she was 15 and she finished a 500 mile race. Now I believe her when she tells me her next goal is to WIN the Iditarod. So I need to keep working!" 

Rachael's determination caught the attention of people around the world, including myself. In 2005, Nike honored her with the Casey Martin award, established in 2001 to recognize the efforts of an athlete who, like Martin, has overcome physical, mental, societal or cultural challenges to excel in their sport, or who advocates for other athletes who face similar challenges. The award includes a $25,000 Nike grant to the beneficiary of the award recipient's choice.  

Last November in New York, Rachael was named one of Glamour magazine’s 10 Women of the Year.  Her fellow winners included actress Sandra Bullock, singer Queen Latifah, supermodel Iman, tennis legend Billie Jean King and American servicewomen.

So the next time you are having a bad day, your business has a challenge, your sales are a tad slow, or you are just feeling stressed about the challenges in your life, remember this young champion. Dig in, geer up, and mush on. I do! Thanks Rachael...

PS: Rachael is already setting a goal of being a top ten finisher for the 2008 race and eventually wants to be the first to cross the finish line. Go Rachael, go!

© Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey,


Carpe Momento - Seize the moment!

by Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey

How many of us are so busy planning, dreaming about the future, or rehashing the past that we still miss the moment? If you are like me, you’ve probably been there. Did you ever wake up one day and wonder what you actually did the day before? You were busy, that you remember; but you can’t remember what you were busy doing. Sound familiar?

Some have heard the phrase, ‘Carpe Diem’ – Seize the Day! I would venture that we need to go even further than that and Seize the Moment!– ‘Carpe Momento.’ (Ok, I made that phrase up, but it makes sense to me.) It is what we do during the moments of each day that contribute to the end results of the day.

  • Was it a good one?
  • Was it one in which you made a leveraged difference, left a positive legacy or impacted your world for the better? Or...
  • Was it one which left you unsettled, unsatisfied, and unproductive?

The choice is yours, moment by moment.

In 1913, Sir William Osler was asked to address the students at Yale University. Sir William had earned acclaim by organizing the John Hopkins School of Medicine and being appointed Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford and being Knighted by the King of England. It would appear he had earned the right to share a few ideas with that student body.

He attributed his success to reading something from Thomas Carlyle 40 some years earlier, which had helped him keep focused and to live in ‘day-tight’ compartments.

"Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand."       Thomas Carlyle

He shared how he had crossed the Atlantic on an ocean liner and had observed how it was compartmentalized in case of emergency. How he noticed each compartment could be shut off quickly. He challenged them to live their lives in what he called ‘day-tight’ compartments. He challenged them to ‘Shut off the past." And went on to say, "Shut off the future as tightly as the past… the future is today."

I learned first hand about the concept of ‘day-tight’ compartments in the 1980’s, when I went through a painful divorce. I had married later in life, intending to make it a forever commitment – unfortunately 'my' forever would last only 7 years. I found myself struggling to create a sense of purpose, a sense of hope, and a sense of understanding. Each day was a chore, a burden, and often a disappointment. A dark period of reflection and later motivation for success, although I did not realize it at the time.

I had left the family sales and distribution agency, as well as our seminar and publishing businesses, when the marriage ended. I was at a (temporary) loss for what to do in my life. I saw an ad for a little run down coffeeshop in New Westminster, BC. I drove over, took a peek and negotiated to take possession. (In a previous life, I had been a restaurant manager and owner and it seemed to be a safe place to lick my wounds.) It had been closed for 6 months and needed extensive work before I could reopen it. I spent 5 to 6 weeks working on cleaning it up, scraping, deep cleaning, re-wiring, revamping, remodelling and making sure I had the tools and the menu to reopen in the fall.

Each day was a struggle both in focus and finances. In addition, I had to battle with my fluctuating sense of self-worth and my idea to recreate something that would provide value. It was heartbreaking work, back breaking too. When the "Cubbyhole" Café opened that fall (1986), it became a fun place where people who worked in the area and tourists could stop in for a break, good food and good conversation. Even a hug from the cook if you needed one.

I struggled to maintain a positive attitude, to be a gracious host and to warmly welcome my guests each day. There were days I was so tired, so down, that I would pray, "Lord, just help me make it through to lunch", or "Lord, help me make it to closing time." The days blended into each other. One day I noticed that I had gotten through the day without crying out. I was gaining confidence and clarity. I had found that each day was taking care of itself, as I took care to be 'in-the-moment' and live it fully.

I sold the ‘Cubbyhole’ a couple of years later (Jan. 1989) and began a business consulting practice prior to resuming my design career and eventually moving into speaking and training which captivates and creates my passion for life on a daily basis. The experiences and lessons I learned at the Cubbyhole, including the "made for TV movie, 'After The Promise' with Mark Harmon", will live with me forever. When I focused on being in the moment, in seizing each moment, and wringing out all the life it had, the days took care of themselves.

I grew to further appreciate and understand this concept as life unfolded... Here are two examples that stand out in my mind:

On Feb 11th, 1999 my Dad passed away (at 82) peacefully in his sleep. One moment he was alive and the next he was with the Lord. That moment impacted me even deeper than the loss of my marriage. My Dad had been my anchor and my cheerleader. I struggled to deal with his loss and, with my sister Patti, to assist our Mom in re-organizing and continuing her life. A bit over six months later, on August 20th, 1999 I held my Mom in my arms and watched as she, too, slipped away. One moment alive and struggling to breathe, and the next moment at peace and on her way to meet our dad. I value each moment I spent with Mom and Dad, over the years. I hold precious each minute Mom and I spent those last 6 months Patti and I took to care for her after Dad left us. I would not trade 'any' of them for all the honors or income in the world.

Another example: September 11th, our world was changed in a moment when terrorists crashed two large jets into the World Trade Center in New York. Our sense of values was changed, our sense of safety was impacted, and the way we do business was changed – in a moment! We were hard hit in the speaking and training industry as 1000’s of meetings and conferences were instantly cancelled. 8 years later, there is still a bit of uncertainty for our industry. We (many of my fellow CAPS and NSA members) are confident that our skills, our words and our experience will still find value in the lives of our potential clients, readers and audiences. Our voices are still needed! Life needs to go on, business growth needs to continue, and people’s needs can be cared for! And, we are just the people to do so.

I spoke in New Jersey, across the river from NYC, that following December (2001). I took a morning to travel over and walk around ‘Ground Zero.’ It was a walk of quiet reflection, of being in the moment, and fully allowing the sense of tragedy and loss to impact me. To stop and read the cards, the "Have you seen this man?" "Have you seen my daughter?" notes, look at the pictures of people lost in a moment when the two jets impacted. A chance to take a moment and read the patriotic notes, the declarations of optimism and hope that people from around the world had left on the walls, and fences surrounding the area. To take a moment of reflection and leave my own thoughts on the wall, and a personal, written, dedication that "I would continue to speak out, to encourage people to fully live their lives, to give, and to gain the riches each moment would bring."

These are simply two of the life events that reinforce my intention to fully embrace and live my life and its unique challenges and learning curve. Dante wrote, "Think, this day will never dawn again." Each moment, when passed is gone forever, lost in the sands of time. Each moment is like a grain of sand which when it has passed through the narrow neck of the hourglass of our life, cannot be returned or reused. It is the decisions and the dedication in which we ‘invest’ our moments in time, that  determine the richness of our legacy.

Decide today to live in the moment, make each moment count in your life, career, or business, and in the lives of those you value. Decide today to let yesterday take care of itself and to plan for the future. Be fully engaged and to live for today. Decide to value yourself and your time highly, and to invest and expend yourself in a worthy cause.

© 2007 Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey,

PS: Photo was taken with Ground Zero site in the background... normally you would have seen the twin towers in this shot.


Success Library

Each month I have the privilege to introduce suggestions for your success library. This month I'm including a selection from fellow Quantum Success author Guy Kawasaki and fellow speaker Jeffrey Gitomer for your enjoyment. I've also included another one which supports those of us whose work areas are not always well organized, more so when we are in the midst of multiple projects.

The Art of The Start by Guy Kawasaki

Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer

A Perfect Mess by Eric Abrahamson and David Freedman


Last minute thoughts and ideas

April showers us with blessings...

April was an amazing month. In addition to having a wonderful, reflective (in the breaks) personal new year. it was a month of productivity in several areas of my life and career. My gratitude journal grew... and so did I.

Spent two days, close to home, working on some visioning and goal setting for our County leaders and their senior staff.

Had the unexpected pleasure of sharing a few ideas with my friends in the CAPS Calgary Chapter when our feature speaker was not able to attend due to a medical emergency. Had another interesting thing happen. My friend Linda Maul came up to me and told me she loved my article in Canadian Manager. It was in the Spring Issue and as with the Winter one, members got it first... smile. I've included a link in case you would like to read it.

Recorded a Secret Selling Tips segment for my friend Bob Gloweski. Each month he shares sales ideas and new product promotions with his Brick sales teams across Canada and wanted to remind them of these simple, strategic and strategic tips created and delivered every two weeks. I am pleased to be a part of their growth and ongoing success in the selling profession and in better serving their customers.

Speaking for Impact finally arrived with our first Alberta Speakers advertisment. Nice to see our leveraged promotional program in action. Have also arranged for advertising in Canadian Manager starting in the summer issue and investigating several other media. Interesting how other speakers are working together to leverage their reach.

Had an amazing time in Saskatoon and Regina over the weekend... was able to connect with several of my fellow members of CAPS Sask., as well as some amazing Toastmasters. Observed 8 speakers who spoke their hearts out on Sat... wow.

May means business...

May 2nd: Grand & Toy in store Small Business Success Seminar here in Edmonton featuring 'Secret Selling Tips' (new presentation gleaned from the Secret Selling Tips web-based process.)

May 5th: Emcee for a special 'combination' Client Appreciation/fundrasier/personal new year event for ReMax Accord's Michele Weselake. She is raising money for Habitat for Humanity as a part of this special evening event. My friend and fellow Alberta Speaker, Robert Manolson will be helping our guests play. My fee is being donated to Laura's Hope.

May 7th & 8th: Attending a two day planning for retirement workshop. I've been semi-retired for a number of years now, but it never hurts to re-think or visualize my future. After all, that is where I am going to live, some day, when I get old... smile. (Although... my hero, Norman Vincent Peale was still speaking at 88 and wrote his last best selling book at 92, so may have to adjust my retirement dates... smile.)

May 11th: Maximum Impact Simulcast 2007 (Atlanta), with an amazing array of top leadership speakers such as John Maxwell and fellow Quantum Success author and internationally acclaimed speaker Mark Sanborn. This is a don't miss event. Visit their website to find out a location near you. I can hardly wait. Most locations are being provided by churches so there may very well be one in your neighborhood.

May 12th: Presenting at our CAPS Edmonton Chapter. I've been invited to share a few ideas around the professional awareness compentency. Guess they figure I've been around awhile and can share from that journey. Objective will be to help both newer speakers and more seasoned pro's tap into the amazing people, systems, and products available to enhance their ability to better present and serve their clients.

May 25-26th: Presenting a short Secret Selling Tips  program as part of an international 'best practices' meeting in Chicago to 13 top North American furniture retailers at the request of a friend and client. We will be working on the presentation as well as the collateral marketing materials to help them see the value of signing up all of their sales teams for this amazing, yet cost effective program. We will be team presenting... which is great, as he is an amazingly enthusiastic and persuasive speaker and one of the best salesman I've encountered.

May 30th: Second Small Business Success Seminar event for Grand & Toy in Calgary, Alberta. This one is on Creating Time to Sell, Lead or Manage.

...and of course continued work on launching Secret Leadership Tips and Million Dollar Selling Tips web-sites, designing and launching a merchant site, as well as ongoing writing, marketing and promotional adventures.

Jump on June

June 2 & 3rd: Leadership training being held at Red Deer College. Been invited for the 5th year to share a few ideas on leadership and dealing with conflict.


Mark Sanborn New Hope Hawaii event

As some of you may remember, I had the fun privilege of taking a side trip to Hawaii before Christmas on my way home from Vancouver.  I love what I do... I visited my friend Rauna May who is a pastor at the New Hope Christian Fellowship with Wayne Cordeiro. She happened to have Mark's new leadership book on her desk. That sparked a conversation and my sending a quick note to Mark to see if he might be willing to come to Hawaii this year. The two of them connected (amen) and he is flying over for a special event on May 24th. 

I will be presenting in Chicago that day and unable to attend... but perhaps you know someone who lives in or is visiting Hawaii that might be interested. If so, download the pdf and send it along to them today. It's a great speaker for a great cause... in a beautiful place. Aloha.


Thanks for reading

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PS: Sail plane shot taken in Hawaii a few years back. Remember to use the winds and opposition in your life to give you a lift. They can lift you higher if you learn to leverage them.


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