Point to Ponder
"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." Seneca
"It is always a great time to begin again.
It is never too late to start over.
It is always good policy to renew and move on.
It is always a good thing to renew your faith in you.
It is good to consider who believes in you and your growth.
It is seldom a bad thing to stop and reflect on the lessons you've learned.
It is a great day to make new plans, new friends, and to renew old ones.
It is always a great time to begin again."
Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey
Life has its challenges and I've enjoyed a few along the path. No doubt, I will enjoy more as I continue working in and walking on this journey of mine.
In life and in business we often need to begin again. Sometimes that means leaving something behind; something that no longer fits or suits us; something that is no longer in tune with the world around us.
What do you need to let go of? What is holding you back from your new beginning, your new journey, or your new challenge? It takes courage to begin again and to let go of those things, activities, beliefs and sometimes people who are holding you back. Are you a person of courage? What will you begin?
Hard to believe all the years that have passed.... 72 issues with 72 thought provoking points to ponder... wow that is motivational in itself! Actually went back and re-read some of them and I was amazed at how relevant many of them are for me now. 
We are committed to serving you, to challenging you, and to engaging you to seek your best results; to move from your comfort zone into the winner's zone; and to believing (sometimes in spite of the challenges before you) that you can grow, learn, and be successful.
"It is always a great time to begin again!"
Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey
Older, and perhaps a bit wiser, than my last beginning.
As I told someone recently who asked how I was doing, "My wife loves me and everything else is a bonus." Puts it in perspective for me. That was a new beginning that has brought joy, love, and a sense of togetherness to my life. And, she keeps me focused and working strategically.
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May has been a good month of new beginnings or of new beginnings beginning to take hold.
  • I began my journey into the realm of public speaking in April of 1991 when I attended my first Toastmasters meeting and had my membership start the next month - in May. Big Dreams - small steps.
  • We hosted our initial formation meeting on April 16th, 1997 of the CAPS Vancouver chapter and help form what would become CAPS National and the Global Speakers Federation.
  • We began work (April 2004) on what now moves us into our 7th year of serving you with our monthly Ideas @ Work ezine. We officaly launched in May of 2004.
  • Each year I use my birthday (April 18th) as my personal new year and move into May with renewed efforts to make the coming year better, more productive, and add move value for my audience's and readers; and more fun in mine.
How will you make this May a marvelous month of new beginnings for you?
The 7 Reasons You Can't Remember Names

By Bill Clennan

Did you ever wonder why you can remember faces and you can't seem to remember names? Can you even remember faces? Some people have no ability to remember faces have a condition called prosopagnosia. But more than 98% of respondents to our Memory Survey have said they always remember faces and never remember names. Almost everyone has a horror story of not being able to remember names.
This can be so debilitating that people will miss events just because they know there will be people in attendance whose names they will not remember. A friend of mine whose family owns several companies with hundreds of employees stopped going to the Christmas Parties because everyone knew him and he could not remember them.
Certainly this is forgivable because he only sees them once a year, but for him it was too much, year after year going to these events and having everyone come up and greet him by name and not being able to respond, or introduce his wife let alone try to remember the name of their spouse.

1. The most immediate reason you don't remember names is, you don't think you can. "If you think you can, or if you think you cannot, you are probably right." It is almost impossible to do that which you think you can't do. And when you think you can't remember names you don't even pay attention let alone put forth the effort. This is a self limiting misconception, and can only be corrected by proving to yourself that you can REMEMBER NAMES.

2. Often you don't even hear the person's name. It could be that they are not speaking clearly, it could even be they have one of those powerful hand grips, and crush the fingers of everyone they meet. What is comical about that is, they use the strong pressure just so you will remember them. The problem is once you do not hear their name your brain takes the position "We already forgot that name." Now you have to work extra hard just to defeat the position your brain has already taken.

3. More often than not you are thinking of something else, like what you can do for them, how you can help them, what they can do for you. But do you say "I wasn't listening", no cause that would sound like you don't care, so instead you say/think "I can't remember names". Do this a couple of hundred times and that is what is playing in your mind at the moment you are meeting people.
4. Since you do not already know the person you are meeting they just are not important to you yet. So you do not do anything to make sure you re-member. You must value them before you hear their name to enhance your chances of remembering. "The probability of creating a memory is enhanced by the activity of value systems." (P 98 A Universe of Consciousness G. Edelman & G. Tononi)

5. Sometimes you are just overwhelmed, you are meeting so many people that you think, you cannot remember them all, so in democratic fashion you forget them all, just to keep everyone equal.

6. You aren't using the brain the way it developed. For the vast majority of the history of our species we did not have written words. We remembered everything by rhythm, and chants, and dance. Now almost everything we learn is through the written word. We allow our keen ability to learn by listening to atrophy, social conditioning plays a role "Never believe anything you hear".

7. Probably the worst reason of all is, you think you can fool people so you don't have to remember their name. On one internet blog the statement goes something like this, "When you don't remember someone's name just ask "How do you spell your name again? And if you forget it again just use the same technique and they will never notice." This is like adding insult to injury. What can be a rather small injury, unless of course this is one of your best customers, friends, or worse, is turned into an insult. Read (You are not smart enough to know or notice that in fact I forgot your name AGAIN).

The good news is, your brain is totally plastic, it is not hardware, it is squishy ware, and your neurological resources are not rigid, they are capable of substantial improvement. Through practice you can remember almost everyone you meet.

2008 Bill Clennan, Used with permission of the late author.

This article was written by the late Bill Clennan, who had been helping people improve their memory performance by speaking at more than 10,000 meetings since 1969.
I may not always remember names, but I will remember my friend and fellow CAPS colleague who played a major part in my life and growth. I still miss you Billy; you were a true friend.

Last Minute News

April kept us busy... and May will keep us moving.  Continuing our work on rewrites and conversions to reader formats.  Working to launch our new Speaking for Success on-line video coaching program in a format similar to our Secret Selling Tips. Working on several other print and e-publications including TALK, So People Will Listen, a new mini book.
Off to Calgary on the 10th as I will be keynoting the Canadian Society of Safety Engineer's NOASH convention on the 11th.
Working on outside projects at our place in Egremont now that spring is really here. Still helping out with Irene's mom who is now in rehab...and hopefully will be able to come home in the next month or so.
My sister and her husband sold their house and will be moving in June. Not sure as yet where they are going to move to, but they are both retired. 

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