Point to Ponder
Winter arrived in style over night this past Friday.
As we slept warm in our bed last Friday this strange white flaky stuff fell from the sky, blanketing the cars, the roads, the flower beds, the decks, and even the pond at which I ponder.
We awoke Saturday to about 2 inches of wet snow at our place in the country. A novel experience - the 1st time it happens each year. Not one I enjoy as it is a glimpse of snowfalls and shoveling to come. Ok, this year I am almost ready as I shoveled at least 10 tonnes of gravel for the parking pad - which is now covered in white. But I am still not looking forward to moving it around until it starts melting next spring. Just being honest. I am, however looking forward a couple of years to our retirement when we will be able to slip away to a warmer climate for at least a couple of the winter months.
Now before you think I have gone negative, I do have a point to this ponder.
We had a marvelous day at CAPS Edmonton with one of our best attended programs this year, a very talented MC (Michelle Devlin) and a very smart presenter (Jane Atkinson). I left encouraged and inspired to tackle a few of my own challenges to changing what I do in the evolving industry.
When we drove home to our place in Mundare, guess what? It had snowed there too! I was not looking forward to cleaning the driveway and pulled up on the side of it so I could shovel. This is where this takes a positive turn, just in case you were wondering.
As we got out of the car, a young girl about 8 or at the most 10 was walking across the street. Her first words were, "Do you live here? Would you like your driveway shoveled?" Her rosey cheeks radiated her willingness, with just a hint of hesitation.  I asked, "How much?"  Her reply, "5 bucks." My immediate reply, "Go for it!"
She proceeded to shovel. We proceeded to clean out the car. We asked her if she wanted to use our shovel as it was a bit bigger. She said no. Interestingly, her shovel was taller than she was. She worked at it and got most of the snow off in a short while.
I asked her how many jobs she had done that day. Her reply, "You're the first. The rest were either not home or didn't want it done." Sad that her entrepreneurial offer was not recognized or accepted. Their loss!
This is not the actual girl, but the sizing is about correct. She was an eager beaver.
When she finished her cheeks were even rosier. I paid her and slipped her a tip, just because. And she headed off in search of another client. Usually when I finish shoveling the driveway and the parking pads I am a tad tired and warm, perhaps cold too. Interestingly enough, I had a distinct warm feeling when she finished. I was encouraged and inspired at the same time.
She reminded me of what it was like to set out to do something, to deal with rejection, and to continue searching. She reminded me what it was like to have youthful confidence and enthusiasm in approaching a challenge or a job. She reminded me of the importance of continuing to ask and to ask again. Often, we quit when the next ask might be the one that gets us to 'YES'.
So the next time you find yourself up against a challenge; perhaps hearing 'NO' a few more times than you'd like, remember this young teacher of mine.
If she can do it, so can I - so can you!
Keep working, keep shoveling, and keep asking.
I will attempt to keep her in mind the next time I am cleaning off the driveways.  I live in hope that she will remember us and come back. Please come back little girl, it is still snowing. And it will continue. She could learn the next lesson of repeat business... smile!
Until Dec.
PS: I'm off to Phoenix on Thursday.  Trust it will have some warmer climes, but I did hear it snowed there last week.  It will be fun, none-the-less. I'm hoping to reconnect with some of my fellow members of the NSA-AZ chapter. I have been a member for the last 3 or so years, but seldom get to a meeting.

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Last Minute News
Busy month...
  • Getting ready for our CAPS Foundation auction evening in Toronto hosted by CAPS Edmonton's amazing Wayne Lee.
  • Working on pulling together samples for a presentation I will be doing in Singapore next May so I can hand off to a speaker from Singapore this weekend. She will take them back so I won't have to lug them around Australia for 5 weeks next year.
  • Working on my presentations for Phoenix, AZ next weekend. Main one is Sunday morning, but have a few smaller roles Friday and Sat. It will be great to see our new crop of incoming Chapter Presidents from across North America and the globe. 
  • Going to see if I can find a linen jacket in PHX to take with us to Australia and Singapore. None available here now and most likely none in March when we leave. But, I bet they sell them all year in Phoenix.
  • Working on the Wild Rose Toastmasters evening with co-program director Neil Wilkinson for Nov. 24th.  Will also be doing a sales success program for the Business Link earlier that day, so making sure that is ready as well.
  • Working on yet another book, this time a perfect bound paperback for 2012 publication. Going to work with a Print On Demand company to see how that works. Great idea to be able to create a small run on a specific print project before committing to having thousands printed.
  • Working with our 2012 CAPS Edmonton leadership team with plans and budgets for next year. Some great people who want to make a difference. It will be a great year and a learning curve for me to lead a team again. Been awhile since I have done that other than on a time focused project.
  • Working ahead on Ideas @ Work Ezines and Mid Monthly Musings for 2012. Going to be a hectic season, so figure I can get some of the work done while it is a bit slower in Dec.

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November 2011

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Bob is off to Phoenix on the 17th. Back on the 20th.
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