"Whatever you can do, or dream you can... begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." Goethe

Point to Ponder                                 

When things are a bit rough or the going gets tough, it can difficult to believe in your dreams, to resist the urge to pull back and not pull your head down. I understand that from first hand experience.
However, when things are going tough, it may just be a blessing in disguise.  Now, some of you may think I'm loosing it when I say that, but I do believe we get gifts given to us in disguise. Often they come in work clothes and the gift is only discovered after they have been put to use.
When things are tough we get challenged to re-evaluate our lives, our careers, and our involvements.  We get to choose what is really really important to us and where we will invest our limited time and resources. This can help us clear out less important or distracting activities or commitments that hold us back from our long term passion and success.
We get the chance to re-evaluate our business and career choices and perhaps make changes that we would not make if still in our comfort zones. 
We get the opportunity to discover the true friends and supporters in our lives and to be there for those we care about. The greatest gifts or assets in our lives are the people with whom we connect and build relationships. It is our connection with people that helps to open doors, sharpen our skills, and lead us to greater accomplishments. I am truly blessed with the amazing people I have in my life and my various roles.  I am especially blessed with my wife Irene who walks beside me and is a source of encouragement.  
Each month I have the privilege of sharing a few thoughts and ideas with you. That too is a blessing in my life.
"Don't put limits on yourself. So many dreams are waiting to be realized. Decisions are too important to leave to chance. Reach for your peak, your goal, your prize.
Realize that it is never too late. Do ordinary things in an extra-ordinary way.  Have health and hope and happiness. Take time to wish upon a star."
Colin McCarty.


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I dare you! 

Remember growing up and being dared to do something? Remember how often you actually accomplished it, in spite of your own self doubts and fears? Well, I want to share a big DARE with you. But first, let me tell you the quick story of a young man named Bill, who responded to a personal DARE and changed his world and perhaps ours as well.              

Bill was not a healthy boy; in fact you might even have called him 'sickly'. His family moved from the country to the city where he encountered a teacher who was serious about health. As he wrote later, 'It was like he had singled me out." His teacher, George Krall challenged him one day. He looked straight at Bill and said, "I dare you to be the healthiest boy in class!"

Young Bill responded and soon built a body that equaled and outlasted the strongest boys in his class. In fact, he never lost a day at work because of illness and lived a healthy and productive life. He served honorably during the 1st World War and returned to lead his fledgling company to greater success and profit during the great depression. He passed away in 1955, at 85, when the average life expectancy was a good 20 years lower, in part because he responded to that dare.

Bill launched a company which grew to be one of North America's largest corporations, providing employment for thousands of people. People who were challenged or dared by their president and later Chairman of the Board to push themselves to be strong, to be creative, to take risks, to build character,and to share with others.  For nearly 40 years, Bill wrote a weekly inspirational "Monday Morning Message" for his employees, colleagues, and associates.  

In a 1955 Monday Morning Message, when he was 84, he pointed out the personal significance of some of these unchanging fundamentals. "Some folks are continually making changes," he said. "I flatter myself that I like new ventures and new experiences. But when it comes to fundamentals, I believe in finding the right foundations and building on them. I'm a poor changer. For instance, here are some of the fundamentals I have never changed: I have been a church member for over 60 years; married to one wife for over 60 years; a lodge member for over 60 years; and a Purina man for over 60 years."

Young Bill in this story is, of course, William H. Danforth, founder of the Ralston Purina Company, founder of the American Youth Foundation Camps, and author of 14 books including, "I Dare You!"
The copy I bought in 1976 was in its 26thprinting. Bill Danforth's life and his writings have challenged hundreds of thousands (including me) to live life as an adventure and to stretch and grow in our careers and in our service to others.

I want to leave you with the following personal challenge:

I Dare You:

To believe in yourself, your experience, and your skills.

To push yourself to learn and hone your skills for greater success.

To take at least one course or field of study every quarter to enhance your skills.

To take increased responsibility and personal leadership in your role.

To tap into your creativity and allow innovation to flow.

To support and encourage your fellow team members to grow.

To never allow anyone or anything to stop you from succeeding in your role and in life.

I dare you to be the example for others in living life as an adventure and pushing past your comfort zone into the winner's zone.
I can offer this guarantee... if you do these things you will be ready, stronger and better positioned to succeed when 'this' recession is over.You will emerge a leader who has proven their worth.
Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey is a frequent contributor to North American consumer, corporate, association, on-line and trade publications. He is in demand as a motivational speaker, corporate trainer and business success coach.He shares his innovative ideas with audiences around the globe.

Last Minute News
September was a good start to fall with our trip to the BC coast and interior. It was great to visit with family, friends and colleagues along the way.
Sept. 8th: Shared some ideas with the International Association of Administrative Professionals. A delightful group.
Sept. 10th: Spent the evening with my NSA friend Patricia Fripp while she challenged and delighted our CAPS Edmonton Chapter and invited guests.
Sept.15th: Attended a course in Calgary on doing business in the US and taxation.
Sept. 19th: What an amazing morning. I keynoted the Zone 24 Rotary leadership Institute with leaders in attendance from across North America and Russia. I actually asked the Russian Rotarians to raise their hands. When they did, I told them "We have to talk because I want to come speak in your country." We talked.
Sept 28th: Held my first Global TeleClass on selling in a tough economy. We had 400 plus who registered and the responses were favorable.  We created a special resource site for them with a limited one time trial offer for our Secret Selling Tips subscriptions. Visit www.SecretSellingTips.com/GTC.htm and see for yourself.

Two CAPS Board calls this month: CAPS Editiorial Board and our CAPS Foundation Board. 
Had the chance to sit down with two of my CAPS/TMs friends and catch up. Met with Michelle Devlin one morning and later that day had lunch with Dave Rodwell. Two great people!
Bob pictured here speaking at Rotary
Met with Michael Drew and attended a coaching circle with other writers and would be authors.  Michael has been instrumental in getting quite a few authors to the top of the NY Times Best Sellers list.  Very challenging and provided a different view point on how to do it.  Taking the time to digest what he shared and to revisit what I have done in the past with my writing and how I can refocus or revamp for greater success.
Agreed to conduct one of the Meet The Experts sessions at our upcoming CAPS National convention in Calgary in December.
Had another article published in the Canadian Manager Magazine. Copies should be in the mail for my files.
October will be a month of opportunities
October 1st: Started work with an executive client for a series of coaching sessions. This will be an exciting adventure of exploring possibilities and helping him to hone his leadership skills. 
October 4th: Our 1st wedding anniversary. How cool is that?
October 5th: Keynoted at the Business Analyst World Edmonton conference held at the University of Alberta.
October 5th: Irene and I flew to Las Vegas for a 'second honeymoon'.  We got married there last year on October 4th (2008) and had to fly home that night. So this time we will be able to go see a couple of shows.
October 9th: Fly back to Edmonton in time for Thanksgiving that weekend.
October 14th: Host/MC for Growth Alberta's launch of the new BizPal service.
October 21st: Speaking to interior design students at Lakeland College. Lakeland is an official NKBA accredited institution.  I am a former teaching faculty for the NKBA and a Certified Kitchen Designer - emeritus. Got my start speaking for NKBA chapters across North America.
Created a speakers bureau friendly site for my upcoming presentation in Holland next March at the PSA Holland Convention 2010
They were kind enough to offer to promote myself and some of the other visiting speakers to their sponsors and the bureaus in their country. 
Bob pictured here with several of the Foundational Success Co-authors: Terry Pithers, Joanne Blake and Kelley Robertson.
Hope to get back into the film studio later this month.  Also, lots of work on new projects,updating websites, blogs and other promotionals.

Thanks for reading

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October 2009

                 What's New!

Moving into year two together and still having fun! This picture was taken right after we were married Oct. 4th, 2008 in Las Vegas. We are heading down to spend some time for a '2nd' honeymoon.We'll post some new ones next month.
Our Foundational Success launch went well.  We encourage you to visit the site and purchase one in support of the CAPS Foundation.

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Bob is the co-founder and a past president of CAPS Vancouver, an honorary founding member of CAPS Sask., an honorary member of CAPS Halifax, as well as being an active member of CAPS Edmonton. He served as CAPS National Director (2000-2002).
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