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December 4, 2007

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Last minute thoughts and ideas
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Point to Ponder

The Greatest Gift!

December is a month of hectic activity. For North American retailers, it is traditionally a month that can make a major difference in their fiscal year. For the rest of us in business it can be very busy as well.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but most of us at least pause to reflect on 'gifts' during this tremendously commercial part of the year.

I'd like to challenge each of you to consider the greatest gift of all.

Danny Thomas once said, "Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's about what you do for others." Wise words from a very successful entertainer, investor and community supporter.

Wise words for those of us in business as well. Isn't 'giving' the essence of what makes the successful business or career grow?

What is the greatest gift you may be thinking? Well, I believe the greatest gift we can give is our appreciation and recognition that we do actually care.

  • Have you told your family that you appreciate their contributions and support over the past year? Their gifts of love and support.
  • Have you told your friends and colleagues the same thing?
  • How about your staff who have worked with you this year to build or work through the challenges together? Their gifts of diligence, support and value-added contributions.
  • How about your suppliers who helped you and were consistent in making sure you had what you needed to serve your clients? Their gifts of service and support for your efforts.
  • How about the most important people in your career or business life - your customers? Have you let them know how much you appreciate the gift of their trust in doing business with you lately?

My challenge for each of you this month is to take a moment and reflect on the people who have given you the gift of their friendship, love and support; and then find some tangible way to let them know.

All the best for this Christmas season. See you in January, 2008

Why not send this ezine along to a friend or colleague? We hope it will be a gift of knowledge, encouragement, and enjoyment to all who receive it.

It is our continuing gift to your growing success.


PS: Santa and I have changed a bit, but the spirit of Christmas remains the same. Give someone a reason to smile, to hope, and to dream. Perhaps yourself?

PS2: My friend Bev Baker-Hoffman just shared a few ideas for gifts for that special person. One size fits all.

The gift of wisdom, the gift of encouragement, the gift of inspiration, the gift of hope, the gift of time, the gift of a listening ear, the gift of compassion, the gift of kindness, the gift of appreciation, the gift of optimism, the gift of humour, the gift of loyalty, the gift of strength, the gift of courage, the gift of connection, the gift of faith, the gift of respect, the gift of honesty, the gift of forgiveness, and the gift of patience. I would add one more to this list,the gift of friendship.

I have been blessed with many fine supportive friends...and wanted to remind you that the gift of friendship is one that keeps giving all year long.  


I'm curious, aren't you?

Curiousity and courage are the basis of innovation, creativity, and idea generation.

Curiousity about how things work. Courage to challenge the status quo and then making changes to improve it.

This is where those who lead their respective industries truly excel. They are not afraid to go outside the confines of their narrow field and to borrow, beg, and sometimes 'steal' ideas from other fields and industries.

It is a good management practice to occasionally look at your norms and ask yourself the contrary or flip side of the equation questions. This is where innovation and the real creative spark exist and glow the brightest.

That doesn't mean you always throw away what you are currently using. At times it is still very effective and may be the most productive use of your time, resources and energy. But, what if there is a better way, a more productive way, a more cost effective way... and your competitor finds it first? Hmmmmmm?

The secret to thriving and succeeding in our competitive, and by now everyone should understand, globally competitive market, is in being constantly on the 'improve.' Sometimes that means 'improv' to find the answers to the questions your existing and potential clients are asking.

Recently, I attended the Applied Improv Network annual conference at the Banff Centre to satisfy my curiosity. I sought to learn new techniques I could apply in my own speaking and training. I learned some that will be beneficial in helping me think and draw creatively on both sides of my brain in expanding my business and the value-added services I provide to my audiences and clients.

So keep questioning and keep on the quest to personal and professional success.

©2007 Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey


Seasons Greetings

At this holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have enriched our lives, and made our progress possible.
It is in this spirit, we say…

Thank you!

Merry Christmas and a very prosperous 2008

Click for a special 'guest' Christmas message video

Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey


Last minute thoughts and ideas

November was a novel month.

Actually had a couple of weeks when I was home before heading to Halifax. Whew! And, to be honest, I needed it, so I could catch up on some overdue writing and promotional projects... and catch my breath.

My initial foray into the world of Applied Improv at the Banff Centre was enlightening. Learned quite a bit I can use to make my training sessions, workshops, and facilitation more interactive and fun for my audiences. Perhaps, even blend a bit into my motivational keynotes. Thanks to the AIN team who created this event.

Enjoyed a great evening with the Alberta Entrepreneurs Association. Also received a surprise invite to The Brick's Christmas Gala with their leadership and enjoyed my friend Wayne Lee's amazing performance. Thanks Kim!

Launched and with new speakers joining us on a regular basis. Have sent notes to other speakers about creating similar sites for their geographical areas. is just starting. Will chat with some of them in Halifax and create additional sites next month. Kind of fun creating these joint promotional outreaches.

Working on concepts, changes, formats and features for year two of Secret Selling Tips. Will continue this work next month and into January.

December will be delightful.

Sending this issue enroute to Halifax where I am attending the annual CAPS National Conference. I will be attending a pre-convention session with Sam Horn, author of POP; and presenting a Meet the Experts session on Thursday evening. I then get to fully enjoy my time with CAPS, Federation, and NSA colleagues and friends. As I tell folks, "I'm there for the hugs". I know I will learn a few new things I can use to make what I do more productive as well as profitable and fun.

I will continue working on expanding our network of Speakers websites, getting ready for year two of Secret Selling Tips series and Alberta Speakers ad-venture project. Doing some additional writing and article placement. (eg. Canadian Manager just featured 3 of my articles in their Fall 2007 Issue. They also included two from my friend and colleague, George Torok.)

This will be a productive month, as well as time well spent with family, friends, and colleagues. Might head out to the coast after Christmas.

PS: Dec 8th is my (younger) sister's birthday. Missing it again, as I am in Halifax. Happy birthday, Patti... smile... luv ya!


Thanks for reading

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PS: Pic is from last year's CAPS convention in Vancovuer, BC. I had fun walking on stage on the Friday morning in my pj's and bathrobe. They were still talking about it in San Diego this summer. What a hoot and a chance to live outside the box.


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What's New!

Two new 'destination' specific websites uploaded:

Article published in Software Sales Journal - October issue.

Several articles published in Canadian Manager, Fall 2007 issue.

These three joint venture, promotional sites are up and running and others are in the works. Speakers are being added almost daily.


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