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September 6, 2006

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Point to Ponder
Want a Clever Slogan for Your Company, Cause, or Campaign?
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Point to Ponder

Sailing Along

"The wind will keep your sails aloft;

The sun will warm your day;

The rain will help your dreams to bloom,

And bring success your way."

Recently, a close friend gave me a lovely little crystal sailboat trimmed in gold. It sits on my desk, under my monitor, as I write this point to ponder. It came with the above poem which is very simple, yet straight to the point. I will cherish it as I cherish our friendship.

Some of you may know I am an Albertan, landlocked sailor. There are model sailboats and other sailing collectables all over my house. In fact,  you'll see a model sailboat to my right on the desk, and on the wall, a glass case with nautical knots . Some of you may also know one of the turning points in my life was my sailing adventure (with the 'baby' typhoon enroute) from Hawaii to Japan in August 1988. (I share that story in my keynote, Against the Wind!)

Although I have not been able to do much sailing since moving to Alberta, the salt does run in my veins and anytime I am near the ocean or see a boat under sail my heart still beats faster. You should have seen me as I walked around the Victoria harbour early in August. Do you have something that gets your heart beating faster? What is it? What have you done to embrace and enhance it?

This four line poem has all the elements to help us sail along in our quest to succeed and live a life of significance. Give it some thought as you sail forth to tackle each day.

I wish for each of you the thoughts and best wishes encapsulated in this poem. Make this month a success. Set sail, trim and adjust them to work the winds and set a course for the harbour of your choosing. I leave you with these words from Tennyson's poem, Locksley Hall:

"For I dip into the future, far as the human eye could see. Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that could be: Saw the heaven fill with commerce, argosies of magic sails, Pilots of the purple twilight -"  

Sail on to greater personal and professional success!

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

PS: the picture is myself and 2 of 3 fellow sailors (Cpt. John and Dave) crossing the International Date line enroute to Japan in August of 1988... prior to sailing into the typhoon.


Want a Clever Slogan for Your Company, Cause, or Campaign?

By Sam Horn, author of POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd (Perigee, Sept. '06)

I was looking through the movie listings and the ad for the bank robbery film The Inside Man starring Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster caught my eye.

What was the clever slogan that captured my attention? "You can't judge a crime by its cover."

Kudos. They used a clever twist on a cliche to produce an intriguing sound-bite slogan.

Wherever we go, whether it's a business luncheon, the bark park, a bar or the gym, we're asked, "What do you do?" It's important to develop an intriguing elevator intro (let's agree not to call them elevator speeches - who wants to listen to a speech?) so we can quickly and compellingly explain our work so people are motivated to try it and buy it.

Want to know an easy way to create a "Jerry Maguire Elevator Intro" that has people at hello?

Write down 10 words you use to describe your company, cause or campaign. For example, if you own a dog-obedience business, you might write down dog, canine, puppy, heel, sit, leash, train, obey, etc.

Then, enter the word "cliche'" into your favorite search engine. Up will come several online cliche dictionaries. Select one (my favorite is and then type in your key words, one at a time. You'll find a variety of cliches containing your Core Words, (what I call these in my book POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd, out from Perigee in Sept. '06)

Let the word play begin. You don't want to repeat cliche's (boring), you want to re-arrange them so you have a fresh phrase that delights people because of its novelty. For example, your slogan could be, "You CAN teach new dogs old tricks."

Want more examples? Humorist Loretta LaRoche titled her new book, Squeeze the Day: 365 Ways to Squeeze More Joy and Juice out of Every Day. Michael Hoffman out of Dallas, TX presents a program for salesmen called You Lost Me at Hello. A financial advisor calls her business, Grow Me the Money. See how this works?

Want to create a "stop-'em-in-their-tracks" slogan for your business? Visit for information on Sam Horn's 3 hour CD series on POP! Create Purposeful, Original, Pithy Names, Brands, and Slogans that Help Your Business, Product, and Service Stand Out.

2006 Copyright by Sam Horn. Used with Permission of the author.


Success Library

Each month I share suggestions for strategic reading that I feel will help you enhance your career, leadership or business.

This month I have two special recommendations: Sam and Pat are good friends and better writers. Additionally, they are two of the 80 plus experts who have contributed to the Quantum Success project.

POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd by my NSA friend Sam Horn. Sam has been very helpful to many of us in the speaking and writing fields. This a chance to repay, in part, her generosity. This book became available (September 5th) and like you (I hope), I will be ordering a couple today, perhaps add a few for your success libary or as gifts for clients and fellow speakers and writers.

Let's help make it a best seller! Let's lean how to apply her process to build and expand our own branding and exposure.

Sam's book will be released by Perigee (Penguin-Putnam) officially on Sept. 5th. If you buy your copy within this 5-day period Sept 5-10th, it will increase the likelihood of it catching the attention of other booksellers and book buyers. You might even want to buy multiple copies (5 - 50) and gift them to staff members, favorite clients, and fellow professionals. Get your holiday gift shopping done early and easily!

Editor's Note: Follow the link to a special bonus to read Chapter One of "POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd" by Sam Horn. Then order it and leverage what you learn for continued growth and success. Buy it for your whole team and leverage your company success! Drop me a line and share the best idea you learned and applied.

A special note from my amazing CAPS friend Pat, who has a new book available. Pat Katz just sent me a note about her 5th book. Between its covers you will find 64 compelling work-life balance concepts, along with accompanying quotes, illustrations, and real-life experiences contributed by some 75 Pause e-zine readers including myself. I can hardly wait to get one so I can take a pause...

  • 'Press Pause...Press On: Bringing Balance & Perspective to Work & Life' by Patricia Katz is now available. View the cover, Introduction, table of contents, four excerpts and ordering details. Check it out by following the above link. Add this one to your September success reading and give a copy to the important people in your life. Remind them to pause and then press on.


Last minute notes and ideas

August was awesome

Wow! Who said summers were slow and uneventful? August was an amazing month, including the day spent with my friend Doug Stevenson, participating and being stretched in his Story Theater Workshop in Vancouver. Met Deborah, VP of Everything (otherwise known as his better half...) What a delightful woman. I can see why Doug speaks so highly of her. Had a wonderful trip to the coast visiting family and friends. Even took some time to relax and play and read nonbusiness novels. Hope to keep in touch with some of my fellow ST students when I come to Vancouver next month and in December.

I picked up my first copy of "The Brick Way - It's about all of us" enroute home, in Vernon. Amazing feeling seeing it in print and knowing I had a distinct leadership role in creating this publication and sharing this valuable message. 10,000 copies in English and 2,000 in French will certainly reinforce the message of each employee's importance in the continued growth and success of this great company and encourage them to take increased personal leadership and responsibility for their respective roles. There are so many creative Brick people who stepped up to make this idea become a reality. I am humbled to have worked with them. They are a very important part of why "Nobody Beats The Brick!" Have already been hearing some good feedback from leaders and staff across the country.

August 25th, I had the distinct privilege of stepping in at the last minute to present the opening keynote for The Advantage Board in Calgary. My friend and client was to have presented it, but his wife was in a serious accident the afternoon we were to fly down. I told the audience to imagine their speaker was tall, in shape, dynamic and sharing from a long and successful track record in innovative leadership. (Smile!) Following the break, I led a 2 hour interactive session on Leading for Maximum Success with the senior executives and their future leaders. Great opportunity to share some ideas and perhaps engage a few new clients.

Evidently my picture was included in a special educational supplement in The Edmonton Sun earlier this month. The article was about the value of Toastmasters, and someone included a picture from my presentation at the Regional Convention in Saskatoon. I can certainly attest to the value of what being an active Toastmaster can do for your career and your communication skills. I got my start and built a solid foundation with the help of my many Toastmaster friends around the world. Visit the Toastmasters International website to find out about a club near you. Hone your presentation skills to enhance your career and ability to communicate and sell.

Congratulations to District Governor, John Rich, DTM and the District 60 team for being President's Distinquished, #1 ranked District in North America and the 2nd highest ranked district in the world. I had the privilege of meeting many of these people last fall in London at their conference.

September looks to be a busy and successful month

I was invited to participate with a number of top NSA speakers in a special month long promotion to meeting planners and clients this month. Each of us has a box on this Speaker's Gift Box page with a complimentary gift available to meeting planners or clients who have hired us. Each of us will send the same teaser email inviting current and past clients and meeting planners we know. Leveraged teamwork can be a powerful tool!

We will invite them to visit this page and take advantage of these gifts from all of the contributing speakers. If you are in a position to recommend or hire speakers or know someone who is, send me an email and I will send you, or them, the invitation. Perhaps you could do this type of promotion with some folks in your industry? Leverage can be a powerful force in promotion.

Quantum Success will be completed later this month. We now have 80 plus amazing experts and authors who have contributed their wisdom to this collection. Take a peek at the amazing list of co-authors. I am humbled and overwhelmed by their generosity. My intention is to have this roughed out and then we will launch in October. I would love to see this downloaded on the computer screens of over 10,000 people in October alone.

I'll be asking for your help in promoting it and getting it into the hands of as many people as possible in October. Look for yours in our October e-zine. We will be giving it away to everyone we can, as we want to raise both awareness for the fight to cure Huntington's and funds to help additional research. We will be asking those who download it and get some benefit to visit the Laura's Hope site and making a donation to help find a cure for this terrible disease. You can avoid the rush to donate and log on now! Smile!

Doing some advance work this month on the CAPS National Chapter Showcase for our Dec. conference in Vancouver. I'm hosting and organizing this year's showcase. This role  will see me up early (7AM stage time) on the Friday and Saturday introducing the best emerging speakers from across the country. My privilege to serve as their host.


Thanks for reading our Sept. 06 issue

This was written by American poet, Robert Hovey, who passed away in 1900.

The Sea Gypsy

"I am fevered with the sunset, I am fretful with the bay, For the wander-thirst is one me, And my soul is in Cathay.

There's a schooner in the offing, With her topsails shot with fire, And my heart has gone aboard her, For the Islands of Desire.

I must go forth again to-morrow! With the sunset I must be, Hull down on the trail of rapture, In the wonder of the sea."

Thought I would share it with you... Have a great month!


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