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"Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars."  Henry van Dyke    
As I write this month's Point to Ponder I look out my office window to a dreary, wet day, again. Three times yesterday I was interupted by rain showers and even hail as I attempted to start another project on the lower mojito deck. Interesting how something like rain can dampen your spirits, if you let it. And, at other times, like a hot day, a gentle rain can be so welcome.
Rain is a natural part of life and is necessary on so many levels. The new trees, shrubs, and plants we just put in need it to establish themselves, to drive their roots deep into the soil, and to live. They need rain so they can grow and bring forth flowers and fruit for all to enjoy.
We've been doing lots of work on the outside of our place in the country with new decks, pergolas, built in seating, and new flower and garden beds. Although it has been a labor of love it has been physically demanding for a Bob who is slightly more mature than 20 years ago, or even 5 years ago. My body tells me daily that I have used it to the max and at times perhaps a bit more. Follow this link for more pictures.
I've been making observations about gardening and building that very much relate to how we conduct our lives and build our businesses. Irene and I have been working as a team on many of these projects to make this retirement place one we will both enjoy for years to follow. I'll share more about that in upcoming issues and I'll bet some of these lessons from nature will show up as stories in future presentations around the world.
I do know that how we do one thing is often how we do everything.
I also know we can learn and profit from our lessons. I remember saying (quite often) "Failure can become fuel for growth (fertilizer) when we don't rush to move on and take the time to sift through the lesson for the gems and growth stones we need to make a new path".
Speaking of stones, I found out I have a rock garden; no, really a rock garden. I bet I've dug up nearly 2000 pounds (maybe more) of rocks from the one garden plot we are making so there would be room for the blueberries, strawberries, saskatoons, high bush cranberries and even room for a vegetable garden. One rock was well above 300 pounds and we had a neighbor come over with his tractor and front end loader to move it. But despite the rocks in the path, I can hardly wait until next year when we get a taste of the fruits of our labor.
In life, and in business there are times when you have to dig up the rocks that prevent you from planting and growing. At times you have to repeatedly work the soil before you can plant your latest ideas. And then, you need to water it, fertilize it and make sure the weeds don't choke it out.  Gardening can be hard work. So is building a successful career or business. What you put into it is often returned multiplied.
A few years ago I transplanted a few raspberry canes and waited to see if they would catch. They did and each year they have expanded (by themselves) and each year we are able to pick larger amounts to enjoy. Our lives and our businesses take a similar growth path.
Work your plot, plant good ideas, water and nurture them until you get to reap the rewards. Enjoy. May this fall be a time of harvest and success!
Bob Hooey, Idea Farmer
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My friend and co-author Chris Widener and I share more than just a birthday with Patricia Fripp (April 18th)... we share a view on playing to win and to pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone into the winner's zone. Enjoy your play time! 

  "It isn't whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game."
From the guy who came in second.

by Chris Widener

Any "game" worth playing is a game worth pursuing a win in. If I get into a game, I play to win. What nobility is there is playing like a slacker? What virtue is purposeful mediocrity? None!
I live my life to be a winner - Spiritually, financially, physically, emotionally, and relationally - every area of my life! If it is worth doing, it is worth playing for the win! It is good to win.
We live in an age now where people have reacted to sore winners by saying that we shouldn't strive for winning. Many of our schools have abandoned the idea of competition, and our educational scores show that. Kudos to all of the teachers out there who still tell their kids that they can be winners!
  • It is good and noble to win! It is something to strive for.
  • It is good to push ourselves, to stretch and reach for victory.
  • It is a grand thing to want to win!
  • It is winners who change society for the good!
Action Point: Play to win at life today. Give it your all. Go for it!
Chris Widener is a successful businessman, author, speaker and television host. He has authored over 450 articles and ten books, including a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-seller, the Angel Inside. He has produced over 85 CDs and DVDs on leadership, motivation and success. Chris is the past host of the national interview show - Made For Success and previously co-hosted True Performance with Zig Ziglar. Chris is a featured columnist for SUCCESS magazine. With subscribers in over 100 countries, the Chris Widener newsletter is one of the most widely distributed newsletters on personal and professional development. Personal Development legends such as Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, and Denis Waitley have lauded Chris' work and many consider him the leader of a new generation of personal development experts. For more information, please visit us at www.ChrisWidener.com  
Pictured above: Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey participating in the 2008 Alberta Easter Seals Drop Zone event where we raised over $93,000 for disabled adults and kids. Starting down the outside of a 29 story hotel in Edmonton, Alberta.

Last Minute News
Had a very stimulating morning with Shawne Duperon from the Detroit area when she flew up to facilitate a special CAPS Edmonton fund raising event.
She inspired us to think about media from their perspective and to reach out to them on a regular basis. Great advice and tips that will assist us in building better media relationships.Thanks Shawne.
Got my creative office in Egremont back together. We took everything out and Irene repainted. Then we installed laminate flooring. It looks great. Finally created a special place for the beautiful hand-woven silk Persian rug we received as a wedding present when I spoke in Iran.
Going to move in my grandfather's antique bookcase/desk and install shelves on two walls above the u-shaped desk (brackets are in). This will allow us to create space in the living room for a wall mounted flat screen and create storage in the office for some of the resources from downstairs. This will help create room to put in an office work station for Irene when she retires.
Irene and I took a bit of a break at the end of August. Drove out to Vernon, BC and stopped for a couple of days to read and just relax. Then drove down to spend the afternoon with our friends Wayne and Brenda Cotton outside of Kelowna before heading to Langley to visit Irene's amazingly fun aunt Eva. Headed home on the 2nd.
While in the lower mainland, we're arranging to meet with a joint client we are working with...Irene is redesigning and expanding her website and I am coaching her on moving her speaking and training business to a higher level. 
Waiting to hear how the new addition to Kelly and Christine's family works out. Christine is due on the 20th but might be delivering earlier. And Kelly's brother Steven and Sara are getting married on the 18th. Busy personal month, too.
Waiting for confirmation on a gig in Miami later this month via a new bureau from Chicago. 
Two writing projects to finish. Working to set up portable video studios in both places so we can start cranking out visual promotions and products. 
Working with some of the videos from Amsterdam and Russia... to pull clips for the websites. 
Irene shown enjoying one of the new shaded seating areas in the garden.

Thanks for reading

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September 2010

                 What's New!

Bob has been recruited to serve on the NSA Chapter Leadership Counsel and will guide the Florida Speakers and Las Vegas Chapters for the next year. He will also be active in NSA's CAMP NSA held in Tempe, AZ. when all the President-elects from NSA's 39 chapters and some of the PE from CAPS chapters come to get some amazing instruction on how to lead and grow their respective chapters.
This will be a great weekend for Bob to be there on the other side of the training table. In 1999, he was the 1st Canadian to ever attend CAMP NSA when he was President of CAPS Vancouver.
In addition to our company name: Ideas At Work! - Strategies to Success we've decided to add the following tag line:
Innovative ideas to create the success you've only dreamed about... Innovative ideas to create the success you've only dreamed about...
After all, through our various activities, and delivery systems that is what we are dedicated to doing - helping people be more successful in life, in their careers and with their organizations.
September has a couple of dates of interest. (courtesy my friend Nelson Scott)
Wednesday, September 8 - International Literacy Day (United Nations) - A good day to acknowledge librarians, teachers and others who promote literacy and reading. If you can read this - thank a teacher.

Monday, September 13 - International Chocolate Day: A reminder to express sweet thoughts of appreciation. Great day to spoil your wife or your female staff who might like a treat. 

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Bob is a professional speaker, author, leadership, sales, and business success expert

Bob is a long-time leader and charter professional  member of Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, a member of NSA-Arizona, as well as the Global Speakers Federation.
He is proud to be an active professional member of these amazing groups of people dedicated to polishing their craft and to better serving their clients and audiences.
Bob is the co-founder and a past president of CAPS Vancouver, an honorary founding member of CAPS Sask., an honorary member of CAPS Halifax, as well as being an active member of CAPS Edmonton. He served as CAPS National Director (2000-2002).
His innovative ideas have allowed him to visit 34 countries on 4 continents, so far. He would be delighted to come to your part of the world and see his Ideas At Work with your group or team.
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