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More audience feedback...

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey recently conducted a 4-city tour for a major Insurance Company in BC training their adjusters and staff in basic presentation skills.

1) Summary of comments provided by client in response to the question - "Tell us what worked well for you?"

  • Course was very well presented, good useful material
  • With involvement and preparation, you can overcome your fears
  • Enjoyed everything very much - very well set up and presented
  • Best class this week! The speaker - enthusiastic, humorous, great!
  • Very good speaker - a lot of things were said that will help me
  • Bob was a very clear speaker with a sense of humor and got his audience involved; made it fun and interesting.
  • Examples and stories (his life experiences) able to compare with my own experience. He applied techniques to our situation; Sharing instead of lecturing.
  • His warmth, relaxing session (good thing), his knowledge
  • Instructor comments - Good choice - speaker did not speak down to staff and was not an evangelist. Good instructor with the knowledge and experience, great personality keeping everyone's attention. Found Bob Hooey extremely interesting. He presented everything in a concise and clear manner. A great course. Bob is obviously skilled at speaking and imparting the skills to others. Enjoyable speaker. It was fun because of his humor. Bob has an easy manner of delivery. Good speaker. He was very interesting. Bob's a great speaker; keeps the audience involved.
  • Made a scary subject interesting and fun!
  • Great handout; Reference material/booklet to refer to and tips for all aspects of speaking/presenting; Glad to be able to take something away to review later.
  • Tips: For successful presentations and relaxation techniques to apply pre-presentation. How to organize thoughts before doing a presentation.
  • Reminded me to use what I have, know myself and believe in myself.
  • The overall session was interesting, to the point and has some good points I can use to help me with my job.
From audience evaluation slips...
  • It was an excellent presentation with an excellent blend of humor and fact. Angi Percrelli
  • I think it was great. I am really glad I participated in this course. What a wonderful presenter! Linda Van de Kamp
  • It was great! Knowledgeable, very outgoing, funny, used interviews and role-play which made it interesting and fun. Karen Furtado
  • Excellent!! Funny, interesting. Cheryl Haaf
  • Very good presentation. Enjoyed it very much. Paul McWilliams
  • Well paced. Enjoyed the humor. Ray Caderette
  • Keep smiling - it's contagious! Awesome presentation. Elaine Hopkins
  • First Rate, Class should be a full day. Ross Bonner
  • Great - should be at least a full day course. Lorraine Wieczereb

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