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The Ideas At Work! – Group of companies are dedicated to creatively helping you enhance your career and profitably grow your company and its leaders to the next level. What people say about Canadian motivational keynote conference speaker Bob ‘ Idea Man’ Hooey – international award winning, inspirational, motivational, Toastmasters International accredited speaker, motivational business and association keynote conference speaker, corporate trainer, inspirational author, leader, motivational, engaging facilitator and innovative, motivational business and leadership success coach.
Canadian Ideaman Bob Hooey helps equip and motivate your employees and leaddership to succeed

Ideas At Work! – Canadian motivational, inspirational, leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey. Innovation business leadership keynote speaker, motivational corporate leadership trainer, motivational success coach and inspirational author.

5 specific, innovative areas of service from Canadian, motivational, leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and leadership success coach, Idea Man Bob Hooey you can build into your strategic career or company success plan.
Bob's motivational keynotes will touch your heart, challenge the will, tickle your funny bone and engage your mind.  His Ideas At Work! inspire, challenge and engage his audiences to take action.
Motivational, inspirational leadership, business and association conference keynotes to engage, challenge, touch, nourish and enrich your audience. Innovative skills enhancing, results based motivational training programs from motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Canadian Idea Man, Bob Hooey.
Free value-added, career and business enhancement success articles from North America’s top business and career experts and inspirational authors. Business and career success articles from motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Canadian Idea Man Bob Hooey
Business enhancement success tools and career and business building publications from the creative mind of Canadian motivational, leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Idea Man Bob Hooey
Easily used, proven resources for successful conferences, meetings and training events. Innovative resource guides and free downloadable checklists for meeting planners from Successful Meetings. Compiled by Canadian motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey
Building on success! The amazing things people say about motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Canadian Idea Man Bob Hooey and the practical, motivational results they’ve experienced from seeing his Ideas At Work!
Expect more when you engage the professional services of motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Canadian Idea Man Bob Hooey. Bob’s professional standards of conduct and commitment to your success are outlined in detail.
Canadian Idea Man Bob Hooey, motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach -  is an award winning motivational keynote speaker, inspirational author, designer and inspirational leader who works with motivated, top level performers to enhance their personal and team productivity.
Call or email now for more information on motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Canadian Idea Man Bob Hooey and his innovative Ideas At Work! Find out now how you can successfully enhance your career or corporate success quickly and effectively.
Call or email now for more information on motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Canadian Idea Man Bob Hooey and his innovative Ideas At Work! Find out now how you can successfully enhance your career or corporate success quickly and effectively.



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Breaking news: Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey was just named the 2011 Spirit of CAPS recipient.

Are you avoiding the most common mistakes made by over-worked or 'inexperienced' event/meeting planners.

Even as an experienced planner, you might be making at least one of them right now.

One of them would be not taking advantage of these event/meeting success resources, techniques and tips from the innovative mind of Canada's Ideaman, Bob Hooey

Contact us, Email or call Bob directly at: (780) 736-0009

Here is a brief video clip from my opening remarks during a keynote in Mumbai, India, where I was being honored with an Excellence in Innovation award at a national ceremony that followed that evening.

Canadian Ideaman, Bob Hooey is a charter member of CAPS National and a past national director. He currently sits on the CAPS Foundation board as a Trustee.

He is a co-founder and Past President of CAPS Vancouver, a Past President of CAPS Edmonton, an honorary founding member of CAPS Sask., and an honorary member of CAPS Atlantic (Halifax), as well as a member of NSA-Arizona.

Dear Event and Meeting Planner;

I've had the privilege of being an active participant (motivational keynote and general session speaker, concurrent or breakout sessions, workshop leader, MC and host, meeting planner, meeting coach and consultant, program chair, educational chair, conference team member, speaking coach, staging and crew supervision and delegate) in a variety of different kinds of events and meetings across North America, India, Iran, Australia and Europe over the past decade.

Each has had its unique flavor and experience. In every case, I have walked away, having learned something I can apply either personally or professionally.

I've been involved in diverse meeting formats: working at and attending large international conventions, professional retreats and seminars, monthly association meetings, Annual General Meetings, executive leadership retreats, sales retreats and rallies, Lunch ‘and Learns, web-casts and video conferences, leadership breakfast briefings, and smaller in-house training sessions.

Canadian Ideaman, Bob Hooey offers free downloadable meeting planning success tips and checklists to help you and your team make your next event a super success.

350 plus so far in nine countries on 4 continents, in the last 7 plus years. Whew! No wonder I'm tired!

Update Jan. 2010: Trips planned to Australia, Holland and Russia so far.

I look forward to helping you with a meeting in the future and to visiting your part of the world to bring a fresh Canadian perspective.

"As the International President of the Global Speakers Federation I have seen many speakers present in the last 12 months around the world. Bob "Idea man" Hooey is one of the most outstanding speakers I have seen and worked with. He truly walks his talk and is a fountain of ideas and innovation in his presentation on stage and in his dealings off stage. I recommend Bob to anyone who is seeking a dynamic speaker who will bring something interesting, thought provoking, and fun every time he gets up to speak."
Lindsay Adams CSP
President, Global Speakers Federation 2009-2010

I've seen some that were well run and returned a good investment on the time and money invested in the meeting and in the people who attended the meeting.

Unfortunately, I've also seen many that could be described as dismal failures; or at best delivered a mediocre result and a minimal return for all the well-meaning hard work of the meeting planner and their teams. Failures, that, with careful planning, could have been simply avoided.

I often found myself in a coaching role for new event/meeting planners who called to book me as a keynote speaker or to lead a breakout session, seminar or workshop. I found myself teaching the same tips and techniques as I sought to help them create a successful event and lead their respective teams.

I also found myself in formal coaching and consulting roles to assist in the planning process. "Perhaps, if I created a process or resource that would help?"

That question led to the creation of this meetings resource website and several support publications including,
"Hosting a Successful Meeting, Training Session or Conference".

I've compared notes with my counterparts in the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the National Speakers Association and compiled and developed a few ideas that have helped our clients ensure their time and investment was well spent. I share them with you here for your use in making your next event more successful.

While serving as President of our CAPS-Vancouver (BC) Chapter for two years (1999 & 2000), I worked closely with our team to ensure our meetings were informative, profitable, fun, and well run. This commitment to our membership's interest and business growth allowed us to more than triple our membership during our term. CAPS National recognized our success by awarding us Chapter of the Year in 2000. I know high quality meetings were a strong foundation for our success. They still are! I brought some of that focus to my terms on the CAPS National Board and my involvement in CAPS and NSA workshops and convention teams.

While serving as Lt. Governor Education and Training (1996-97) and later as District 21 Governor (1997-98) for Toastmasters International, (D21 had 195 clubs and over 3500 Toastmasters in BC), our leadership training meetings and our fun-filled, creative, educational, motivational, value-added conferences were the focal point of our growth, success and service to our Toastmasters members across the province. I've had the privilege of speaking for and assisting Toastmaster conference teams across North America for over a decade now and find this to be true in the meetings of merit.

My primary focus in this special resource site is to offer creative, practical, easily-used ideas that work and techniques that will help you and your event planning team succeed.

I’m available on a 'limited' basis as an event/ meeting planner’s coach or creative consultant in creating, planning and delivering a successful event. Ideas At Work! Call me at: 1-888-848-8407 (Client Toll Free – North America).

Obviously, if I fit your needs as a motivational keynote conference speaker, inspirational corporate leadership, sales, management trainer, emcee or facilitator, I’d hope you'd consider including one of my creative, innovative programs or motivational keynotes for your next meeting or event.

In fact, if you decide to engage me for one of your meetings - mention Meetings Success and I will give you a 10% professional (rebate) consideration from our fee. 1-888-848-8407 (Toll Free North America)


Bookmark this page: I will add to this section from time to time, as I continue learning from successful meeting planners and fellow speakers alike. Perhaps, you have overcome a challenge or have a success secret to share with your meeting fellow planners? I'd be happy to include it here, and give you credit of course. Drop me a note at: Successful Meetings

I wish you the best in all your efforts to train, inform, inspire and assist those in your care, to be more productive and fulfilled on and off the job as a result of your efforts. I recognize the great amount of work necessary to put together a successful meeting, training session or conference, regardless of the size and scope.

Bob's new book - In the Company of Leaders with 40 top leadership experts and best selling authors is now available.

We'd like you to be able to get one for your own personal leadership growth and success. Here is how you can do that:

Purchase your personal, 'printable' copy of our new e-publication, In the Company of Leaders- special price of only $20 (Cdn) plus GST (e-book's introductory price is $32.95). Follow link (above) to gain access this amazing new leadership publication.

My heartfelt thanks to the many professional speakers, event and meeting planners who've shared ideas, challenges, successes and suggestions with me over the years.

Please register, using the form below to gain access to free meeting checklists, additional resources, as well as a complimentary copy of "Hosting a Successful Meeting, Training Session or Conference". Both are my gift to you and your team in planning and delivering a successful event for your participants.

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Iíve included some downloadable articles, and checklists to assist you in planning your meeting.

Permission is given for a ONE-TIME (single event) USE, with duplication rights for team copies, provided copyright and attribution information remains intact.

Checklists and Questions (RTF format only)

  • General or meeting profiles
  • Site inspection
  • Hotel profile
  • Working with speakers and presenters
  • AV and staging requirements
  • A/V Checklist (RTF format only)
  • Budget Planning Guide (RTF format only)
  • Convention Packet (RTF format only)
  • Event Staff Checklist (RTF format only)
  • Job Descriptions (RTF format only)
  • Pre-Program Questionnaire (RTF format only)
  • Programs & Themes (RTF format only)
  • Promoting your meeting (RTF format only)
  • Registration Team (RTF format only)
  • Session Host Checklist (RTF format only)

Additional resources are added regularly, so check back!

On-line resources and magazines: Sample issues. I'd suggest subscribing.

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Bob is the inspirational author of over 30 business, career, and leadership success books, a mini-book series, four success systems and a series of new e-books. He is a motivational columnist and frequent contributor on sales, teamwork, employee motivational and inspirational leadership, innovation, and success to North American consumer, association, on-line, corporate and trade publications.

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