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Each Life A Legacy

By Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, A/S

Our life is a portrait of who we are - autograph your life with style! Whether we realize it or not, our life leaves a legacy. That legacy can have positive or negative ripples - the choice is ours. People we know, work or live with will have a lasting impression based on their experience with us. Why is it, that we wait until they are gone to acknowledge the important people in our lives? Life is a choice.

  • Why not leave a lasting legacy that has contributed in a positive way?

Once we understand that we leave a legacy behind, we can make a conscious choice to make sure it is a positive one.  We can choose to invest our time, resources, and energy in helping those organizations that create lasting value and in the lives of those we love and respect. 

My parents left us in 1999. They left a big hole in the life of both my sister and myself. But, more importantly, they left a legacy of love and commitment to family and community that has been ingrained and lives on in us. In fact, I work to ensure their legacy is enhanced by what I have chosen to do with my life and vocation.

  • Acknowledging the accomplishments and contributions of those around us!

Over the years I've learned that people all too often die unacknowledged and unappreciated. This is one of the biggest losses in our rich culture and legacy as a nation. We have people who have made an impact in our lives; who have made a difference to, and they don't know - because we never told them!  Resolve to tell people now and tell them often how important they are in your life and where they have made a difference. It can be the most valuable gift you can give.

  • Investing in the lives of others can be our best legacy!

I've often heard, "You can't take it with you!" Interesting thought. In one sense it is true. When we pass away we leave everything we once held important behind. I've yet to see a hearse pulling a u-haul trailer. If we take true leadership with our time and resources, we can invest them in the people we want to help now, and in those who might be joining us one day. Think of all the people who have invested in your life and your success. Some may have passed away. However, their investment in you is still paying dividends as you continue to grow and pass on what they taught.

  • Realize the impact you have and 'choose' to make it a dynamic one!

We make an impact on the lives of others each day and in each encounter we have.  We have an impact on strangers and on people who we may not even know.  Like the ripples on a lake that bounce off each other, we have an impact and we change the patterns of those we connect with, as they have an impact on us.

One of the most decisive and productive decisions I made was to undertake to make a difference in my life; to leave a positive legacy behind me. A legacy of empowered and encouraged people, audiences, readers, family and friends who knew I loved and cared enough to give them my very best. People who know I believed in them and prayed for their success and success in life.  To making sure my words, written and verbal were based in truth, delivered in love, and focused on the positive opportunities in life.

Lord willing, I have quite a few more productive years ahead of me. I still have book ideas to birth, countries I want to visit (www.havemouthwilltravel.com), and friends around the world I have not met, as yet. But, regardless of the time allowed, I pray that when I go, I leave a legacy as rich as those of my parents Ron and Marge Hooey.  I would be blessed indeed if I was able to leave that kind of legacy behind.

Copyright 2010 Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey All rights reserved.  Bob is a Business Enhancement Success Thinker, Success Mentor, Motivational Speaker and Trainer who loves to make sure people are acknowledged and encouraged enroute to their successful goals. He is the author of 10 business, sales, leadership, and career success publications and his articles and programs have entertained and challenged ten's of thousands of business professionals across North America. Visit www.ideaman.net for more information on how to connect with Bob and have him become part of your legacy.                          

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George Torok is a CAPS colleague, co-author and friend. His article is right on the money and will help you enhance your career or grow your business. Enjoy! 

Build Relationships

by George Torok

Personal marketing makes it easier to sell, by building relationships nurtured on awareness, value and trust. Make your relationships more fruitful by making them personal. Use these powerful yet simple tips from the book, "Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You". It is the first guide to personal marketing for non-marketers. When deciding to buy we first buy you, then your company, and then your product. Understand the importance of that sequence. We would rather buy from someone we know and like.

How can you build the relationships with your clients and prospects? Follow these examples. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Say Thank You
Everyone wants to hear 'thank you'. The easiest way to say thank you is verbally - but the most powerful and memorable is with a hand written note. We receive so few hand written notes that we read them first and value them because we know you took the time to write it personally. Say thank you to your clients for the opportunity to work with them. Say thank you for considering you - even if they did not hire you. Look for opportunities to say thank you; thanks for the lead, information, invitation, advice, idea, introduction, publishing your article...

Say Congratulations
The cousin to 'thank you' is 'congratulations'. Say, 'Congratulations on becoming president of the association', 'getting the new job', 'appearing in the paper', 'completing a successful project', 'volunteering for a charity', 'winning the award', 'being nominated', 'expanding the business', 'opening a new office',.. This is a great way to make first contact with a prospect or key influencer. Always say it in a hand written note.

Send Postcards
Open your mail. What do you find? - bills, junk, flyers, post card. What do you read first? I read the post card to see who it is from and from where? When you travel, (on business or vacation), send post cards to your important clients and prospects. Keep your message simple and sign your full name clearly. Even when you don't travel use post cards to stay in touch, say thank you or congratulations. You could use postcards of a local attraction or print your own customized cards.

Send Books
Most receive and throw away a lot of business cards. But when we receive a book we keep it and put in on a shelf. We might read it or at least glance at it. Give a book that supports your message or one that you know your client will love. Always sign it with a personal note. Check with the authors - they might give you a deal if you buy a bunch.

Volunteer in your Associations and Community
Don't volunteer because you think it is good marketing. It is, but you never know when it will pay back. Get involved in causes in which you believe. Others see you doing good things and they begin to know you and like you. And we would rather do business with those we know and like. The Body Shop has used this strategy to effectively market itself. Notice how many big consulting firms get involved with The United Way. It is a good cause and they get to meet prospects in a friendly environment.

Maintain Your Database
Build a list of names and information about your clients and prospects. Include what and when they buy. Look for patterns. Treat your best clients better. The airlines and hotels do this well. Stay in touch with your clients through your database and record all contacts. Record any personal information you learn such as birthdays, spouse's name, favorite pastime and awards they won. Remember how it feels when you walk into your favorite restaurant and the maitre'd calls you by name and asks if you want your regular table?

Celebrate What's in Common
We like those who are like us. Don't change your ways. Instead associate with those who share your interests and make sure they know about your business. Every one of your interests and pastimes brings you closer to others. Are you a golfer, runner, gardener, sailor, square dancer, parent, soccer fan, ..?

Build relationships with your clients and prospects. It is the best way to sustain your business.

© George Torok is co-author of "Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You". To arrange your keynote speech or training program call 905-335-1997 To receive a free copy of 50 Power Marketing Ideas® visit http://www.powermarketing.ca/

Last Minute News

Irene and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Monday October 4th. Interesting how quickly time flies when you are having fun... and in love.
"I don't need a fancy place to go
or special things to do.
To make every moment wonderful
whenever I'm with you."
I am so blessed to have Irene in my life... she has enriched it on so many levels and has been an amazing partner in life and in helping me with the business.

Late breaking news
October is starting to get busy... a few highlights
October 4th: Our second anniversary.
October 15-16th: Our 3rd annual CAPS meet in the middle event with attendance from both CAPS chapters in Edmonton and Calgary. I will be conducting the live auction on the 16th following my quick drive back to Red Deer and lunch.
October 16th: Doing an early morning keynote for the Canadian Sales team of a 108 year old multinational company. Company is headquartered in Sweden and has 45,000 employees worldwide with a presence in over 120 countries and 100 manufacturing locations around the world. They are opening a new facility in Edmonton and combining a national sales meeting.
I am working to have my new Sales Success Mentorship program ready to share with them. With that many branches around the world, I am confident that we might see some good spin off work.
Conducting a Post card (web supported) post card marketing program with Canadian associations and some of Canada's best employers.
Investigating an option to work with a Phoenix based educational learning company in providing some of their programs in Canada and Australia.
The outside work is done at our place in the country.  We accomplished quite a lot this summer. I just need to re-organize the garage so we can fit a car in there again for the winter.  Going to keep working on the inside, especially my creative office. Working to reorganize and move a big part of my reference library upstairs so we can create a work area and office for Irene's Vitrak Creative Services, web design business downstairs. A challenging winter project, for sure.

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October 2010

                 What's New!

Alexa, the newest, Bigoray joined our extended family this past month. She made her mom and dad (Christine and Kelly) and the rest of the family very happy. She will be totally loved and spoiled.
And she even threw a pizza party the night she came home from the hospital to introduce herself to all of us. I am the self 'adopted' Guido... and she made me smile, a lot.
Little things sure can make a BIG difference!
Happy thanksgiving to our Canadian subscribers. Our USA subscribers will have to wait until next month to sit down with family and friends and enjoy or over enjoy a turkey feast.
We wanted to remind you of our appreciation of each of you. Thanks for taking time each month to view our ideas an articles.

The Rotaract group in Russia just put our their newsletter. They invited me to share a few thoughts. Included an excerpt as I thought you might be interested to read them in Russian, with English subtitles.
Our new Sales Success Mentor program will have a soft launch during Bob's upcoming keynote this month. We'll tell you more about it next month.

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