Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey - Innovative Ideas to lead and create the success you've only dreamed of... leadership, sales and career success. Paul Allen also calls himself an ideaman. Bob is  very much Canada's Ideaman.

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”...he is always on! Bob has the ability to grab his audience’s attention and keep it! ...if Bob is involved - your motivational program, employee or corporate training seminar is guaranteed to succeed!"
Maurice Lavigne, London Drugs Coordinator for Training and Development

  • Protect your conference investment - leverage your training dollars.
  • Enhance your professional career and sell more products and services.
  • Equip and motivate your leaders and their teams to profitably grow and succeed, 'even' in tough times!

Visit: for more information on where Bob is traveling. Perhaps he will be in your area soon. If not, why not invite him? He'd love to come to your part of the world.

Bob 'Idea Man™' Hooey
2011 Spirit of CAPS Recipient

Ideas At Work! – Canadian motivational, inspirational, leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey. Innovation business leadership keynote speaker, motivational corporate leadership trainer, motivational success coach and inspirational author.

5 specific, innovative areas of service from Canadian, motivational, leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and leadership success coach, Idea Man Bob Hooey you can build into your strategic career or company success plan.
Bob's motivational keynotes will touch your heart, challenge the will, tickle your funny bone and engage your mind.  His Ideas At Work! inspire, challenge and engage his audiences to take action.
Motivational, inspirational leadership, business and association conference keynotes to engage, challenge, touch, nourish and enrich your audience. Innovative skills enhancing, results based motivational training programs from motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Canadian Idea Man, Bob Hooey.
Free value-added, career and business enhancement success articles from North America’s top business and career experts and inspirational authors. Business and career success articles from motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Canadian Idea Man Bob Hooey
Business enhancement success tools and career and business building publications from the creative mind of Canadian motivational, leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Idea Man Bob Hooey
Easily used, proven resources for successful conferences, meetings and training events. Innovative resource guides and free downloadable checklists for meeting planners from Successful Meetings. Compiled by Canadian motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey
Building on success! The amazing things people say about motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Canadian Idea Man Bob Hooey and the practical, motivational results they’ve experienced from seeing his Ideas At Work!
Canadian Idea Man Bob Hooey, motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach -  is an award winning motivational keynote speaker, inspirational author, designer and inspirational leader who works with motivated, top level performers to enhance their personal and team productivity.
Call or email now for more information on motivational leadership, business and association keynote conference speaker and business leadership success coach, Canadian Idea Man Bob Hooey and his innovative Ideas At Work! Find out now how you can successfully enhance your career or corporate success quickly and effectively.
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"I know, as do all of those that I work with at Chapters, just how indebted we are to you.

You have made it possible for me to provide a program that is of real benefit to the public - and you have made the task of organizing and implementing this program pure pleasure.”

Suzy Okun,
Event Coordinator 
Chapters/Indigo Bookstores

Canadian Ideaman™ Bob Hooey offers a number of training courses fully accredited by the Alberta Insurance Council.

Bob's Affiliations

Professional Member
Charter member '97
CAPS National Director 2000-2002

International Federation for Professional Speakers - Bob Hooey has been a member since its inception in 1997.
Professional Member
Charter member '97

NSA-Arizona Chapter - Bob Hooey is a member of this amazing group.

Member since 1991
Brand Ambassador

"I had the pleasure of hearing and watching Bob Hooey deliver a keynote speech several years ago when he gave a presentation at a Toastmasters International convention.

Bob impressed me greatly with his professionalism, energy, and ability to connect with his audience while giving them value.

I heartily recommend this talented speaker and "Idea Farmer" to all who want to move to the next level."

Dr. Dilip Abayasekara DTM, A/S,
Past International President, Toastmasters International

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"As the International President of the Global Speakers Federation I have seen many speakers present in the last 12 months around the world. Bob "Idea Man™" Hooey is one of the most outstanding speakers I have seen and worked with. He truly walks his talk and is a fountain of ideas and innovation in his presentation on stage and in his dealings off stage. I recommend Bob to anyone who is seeking a dynamic speaker who will bring something interesting, thought provoking, and fun every time he gets up to speak."

Lindsay Adams CSP President, Global Speakers Federation 2009-2010

Legacy of Leadership, Strive for significance - lead on purpose! is now available. Our Kindle version made the Amazon Best Seller Lists (Sept 26-28th) in leadership category. #1 Canada, #2 US, #4 UK

Bob spoke to 3200 students (grades 3-7) at a Rise Up against bullying rally.

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Motivate your sales team,
your employees, and
your leadership to profitably grow and succeed!

  • Profitably move your leaders, teams and organization to the next level!
  • Leverage your leadership!

Call today to engage Canadian Idea Man™, inspirational leadership keynote speaker, sales leaders' success coach, and employee motivational trainer, Bob 'Idea Man™' Hooey and his innovative, audience, results-focused, Ideas At Work!™ for your next company, convention, leadership, staff, sales, training, or association event. You'll be glad you did!

Bob 'Idea Man™' Hooey, 2011 Spirit of CAPS recipient

Motivational conference keynote speaker, inspirational leadership trainer, sales leaders' success coach, as well as employee, and business success coach.

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Visit: Alberta Speakers for a fresh Alberta perspective from Bob and his fellow Alberta Speakers.

Canadian business success expert and author,  speaker and trainer.  Paul Allen (one of Microsoft co-founders) uses Ideaman in his book title... Bob is definitely Canada's ideaman.

What you didn't know about Bob

"If you want your employees, sales team, or leadership motivated and equipped to succeed; you need to call Bob now, before your competition does!"

Bob ‘Idea Man™’ Hooey is an inspirational, confident, results-based leader, motivational keynote speaker, innovative sales success coach, corporate success trainer, strategic business coach, facilitator, and award winning author. He is an inspirational conference speaker on leadership, sales success, and employee motivation, creativity, business innovation and enhanced personal performance. Busy man! Productive man!

Creating captivating stories personally mined from 29 plus years rich experience, Bob is a creative, inspirational keynote, leadership, sales, and employee motivation speaker who challenges his audiences and readers to engage his Ideas At Work! He motives them to act on what they hear with clear, easily understood success building blocks, results-based, leadership, sales, and career development and success, motivational innovative ideas as well as inspirational, proven leadership development, sales success, and career success techniques.

As an inspirational speaker, sales success, and innovative corporate success trainer, Canada's ideaman™, Bob leads, motivates, and inspires his audiences to productively stretch and leverage their personal effectiveness and to hone specific leadership, sales, and career skills critical to succeed personally and professionally.

Bob’s conversational, humorous, inspirational, professional and sometimes provocative leadership and keynote style continues to motivate, inspire and challenge his audiences and readership across North America.

Information pack on Bob ‘Idea Man™’ Hooey (pdf)

Visit: Secret Selling Tips to equip and motivate your sales teams to grow and succeed. Watch for Secret Leadership Tips and two new Success Mentor programs - coming soon

"Dear Bob Hooey: It's a great pleasure and an honor for me to have hosted you in our conference in November 2008, in the beautiful Kish Island. Your shared insights and practical tips have enriched our understanding of the current tough business environment and life. I once again express our heart-felt gratitude and thanks to you, for having accepted our invitation to speak in our conference. May you prosper in every endeavor you undertake in your life in the future." Dr. Nosratollah Zargham, Head of Kish International Campus, University of Tehran.
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What do
innovative leaders, sales professionals, managers, industry professionals and successful, motivated, employees from SUBWAY, The Brick, Grand & Toy, Indigo/Chapters Bookstores, Acushet/Titleist, BCAA, Enterprise Rent A Car, Southex, NAPA, CN Rail, OK Tire, Home Depot, TD/Canada Trust, Chevron Canada, ICBC, Agrium, Saputo Foods (Dairyworld), Intuit Canada (Quick Books), London Drugs, UPS, Mail Boxes Etc, Canadian Blood Services, CSAE, CGA’s; as well as a host of independent professionals, community, non-profit, Chambers of Commerce, Canadian Consulates, professional, and government agencies, universities, colleges, Toastmasters International, and a variety of educational organizations around-the-world have in common? Whew!
A :

They've each had inspirational encounters with Canada’s motivational ideaman, Bob Hooey and successfully applied his innovative Ideas At Work™! to profitably enhance their individual, corporate, and team performance!

They’ve experienced Bob’s leading edge, innovation (Ideas At Work™!) first hand during a motivational conference, a sales, leadership, business keynote or seminar, a leadership or employee motivational training event or retreat, or from reading one of his many inspirational, idea rich career, leadership, and business building publications or motivational leadership, career, sales, or business success articles.

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Ideas At Work™! – Strategies for Success is a monthly e-newsletter that’s absolutely jam-packed with innovative ideas you can build on. Ideas to enhance your career, train and motivate your sales team, streamline your business process, recruit and hire the best staff, profitably nudge your leadership and company to the next level, retain and expand your client base and more! Creative articles and points to ponder from the innovative brain of Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey. Special guest articles from North America’s top business experts. Reviews of top selling business and career building publications. Bob brings his innovative ideas to create the success you've only dreamed of. We will not share or sell your name as your privacy is important.

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About Bob: Bob ‘Idea Man™’ Hooey,
Spirit of CAPS recipient, has earned international recognition as an inspirational author, motivational leader, facilitator, corporate trainer and motivational keynote speaker on sales, association, community or business innovation, inspirational leadership, enhanced team profitability, motivation, as well as personal performance and success.

Bob is the inspirational author of 35 innovative business, sales success, career, and leadership success books, a mini-book series, success systems, a series of Pocket Wisdom books, and a series of new best selling e-books; as well as educational DVD's and CD's. He is a motivational columnist and frequent contributor on sales, teamwork, employee motivational and inspirational leadership, innovation, and success to North American consumer, association, on-line, corporate and trade publications.

Canadian Motivational Leader, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Sales Success Mentor, and Inspirational Business, Leadership Success Coach and Mentor, Bob 'Idea Man™' Hooey

Creative Offices: (780) 736-0009 ( Client Toll Free: Canada & USA: 1-888-848-8407

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Canada's Ideaman™, Bob has been: featured in 4 Software Sales Journal issues, including May 08; and May '09 and he is still (4th year) rated as one of their most read writers ; Bob has articles in Canadian Manager, Winter 2008 and Fall 2009, Summer 2010 issues; Bob's article in July issue of Toastmasters Magazine; Bob has spoken in Tehran, Iran (2008); and spoke and received an Excellence in Innovation award in India (2009); January 2010 Bob toured Australia, March 2010 found him presenting in Amsterdam, April 2010 in Mexico, and in June 2010 he presented in Russia. April 2012 saw him presenting in Perth, Western Australia. 2015 saw him presenting in Cape Town, South Africa, Las Vegas, NV, and Paris, France.