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Idea-rich educational training programs

Bob’s Idea-rich, Innovative, Results-based, Educational, Training Program Ideas

Bob's inspirational, idea-rich training programs have been enjoyed and employed around the world. His travels have taken him to Mexico, Iran, India, Holland, Cuba, Korea, Russia, Hong Kong, and Australia. 2015 saw him present in Cape Town, South Africa, Las Vegas, NV and Paris, France. So far, 2016 had him going to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, the Middle East, and Australia! 2017 had him in New Zealand and Australia and booked into China for April.

Personal note from Bob:

Given my experiences in high school and college I am amazed that I ended up an educator, trainer, and internationally recognized motivational speaker. Even more so a best selling author who hated his boring high school English assignments, but that is a different story. Looking back I remember sitting in class after class where the teacher was 'boring' their way through the curriculum, trying to pay attention, and figure out what was important to learn and study for the inevitable tests. I quickly scoped out which teachers actually knew their 'stuff' and had some form of passion or cared about the subject and 'me' as their student.

Canada's Ideaman, Bob Hooey, partners with committed leaders and organizations to equip and motivate profitable growth and enhanced success. Bob believes life is an adventure to be embraced whose travels have taken him to 45 countries on 5 continents, so far. Visit
Bob speaking in Paris - August 2015

Those ones I listened to and responded to them when they challenged me to think for myself and to learn. I was life-long learner, even then. You'd probably have called me an egg-head or nerd as I often had a book or two under my nose. Some were just for the enjoyment of reading and some were on subjects I was actually interested in studying. I continued this later in life taking college level classes in subjects that interested me. I also read from the experts in various fields, and still do!

I bring this passion for learning and excitement for seeing people 'get 'it' and start thinking for themselves (finding the 'WHY') to my role as a trainer and keynoter. I love it when one of my audience members (students) moves forward and succeeds. I've brought this 'passion for success' into my leadership experiences and over the years, saw many of those I trained/mentored/supervised successfully move into leadership themselves. Some I even worked with later in life in their roles as leaders. I invest my time with people 'on-the-grow' who are often leaders themselves. This keeps me sharp and fresh and gives me solid idea rich insights into what makes people succeed and what inspires them to grow, to take risks, to step into leadership, and to make a difference.

I bring that success based focus into every training or speaking environment. That is who I am, and if you engage me, that is who you get. Someone who will partner with you to help equip you and your teams to productively growth and profitably succeed. If that makes sense, let's chat! 1-888-848-8407 (toll free North America) or 1-780-736-0009

Bob has been providing innovative, results-based, interactive, idea-rich training programs to support his clients in equipping and motivating their leaders, their sales forces, and their various teams to win.

"Protect your conference investment – successfully leverage your corporate (education) training dollars! Equip and motivate your leaders and teams to succeed!"

Call Bob today 1-888-848-8407 (Toll Free North America) or 1-780-736-0009

"Dear Bob Hooey: It's a great pleasure and an honor for me to have hosted you in our conference in November 2008, in the beautiful Kish Island. Your shared insights and practical tips have enriched our understanding of the current tough business environment and life. I once again express our heart-felt gratitude and thanks to you, for having accepted our invitation to speak in our conference. May you prosper in every endeavor you undertake in your life in the future." Dr. Nosratollah Zargham, Head of Kish International Campus, University of Tehran.

"Bob, just a short note to thank you again for your efforts on behalf of BCAA and our contractors. Your presentation at our Penticton conference was very entertaining and has sparked some very thoughtful reactions among our contractors. Exactly the type of response we were looking for. Thanks again." Paul Nash, Manager BCAA ERS Contract Services BC Automobile Association

Canada's Ideaman, Bob Hooey, partners with committed leaders and organizations to equip and motivate profitable growth and enhanced success. Bob is an award winning leader and speaker who travels the globe sharing his Ideas At Work! Visit
Bob pictured here, with the Persian Gulf in the background, during an 8 day speaking tour in Iran. He spent the last day with 250 Iranian university students, thirsty for knowledge, at the International Campus on the island of Kish.

Bob's most requested idea-rich training programs - explore which one best suits your needs. Each will be tailored to your specific audience and needs. Call us today, to discuss how we can customize it for you and your team. Call 1-888-848-8407 (Client Toll Free - Canada and USA) Ask about volume discounts on supportive publications for your leadership and team training events.

Legacy of Leadership - Idea-rich strategies for 'Serious' leaders
Strive for significance - lead with purpose!

Whether your field is industry, hospitality, sales or marketing, association management or agriculture, we all need to deal with the changes and challenges that rise up, such a business reversal, a drought, unexpected storm or the after-effects of 9-11. The Legacy we Lead is built on our effective engagement and strategic interaction with our teams. Being on the leading edge in any field or endeavor requires continuous and directed growth. This focused session, led by a respected and proven leader, will rekindle your fires of ambition and achievement and provide the ideas and fuel needed to achieve them. Outline specific techniques, ideas, and innovative tools to equip and prepare yourself to inspire and to lead your organization to thrive and change to successfully meet the unique challenges of the 21st century. Enhanced performance is built on a commitment to personal leadership.

You can successfully lead your teams to more productive growth and profitability. Legacy of Leadership provides proven guidance for your leadership journey.

Legacy of Leadership: Idea-rich strategies for ‘serious’ leaders by Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey

Engage Bob now for your leadership team

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Running TOO Fast? Idea-rich techniques for the overwhelmed
Creating time to lead and still have a life

Today's executives, entrepreneurs and business owners, employees, and families are over-committed and over-whelmed. If you are too busy to lead, you are too busy to succeed! Increase your personal and professional productivity and leverage your time more effectively. Explore practical ideas and innovative, use-immediately techniques that free up time for the important people and activities in your life. Recognize and minimize your time wasters. Recapture your idle time for productive use. Schedule your priorities to regain your balance. This engaging session will energize, educate and empower your employees, leaders and their teams to succeed!

Running TOO Fast Idea-rich strategies to being more productive in life by Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey

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Why Didn’t I ‘THINK’ of That?The creative power of Ideas at Work!

Your ability to remain competitive in today's global market draws from your ability to solve your client’s problems. Apply specific ideas, creative tips, techniques and innovative problem-solving models for business and personal success. Begin tapping into your creative genius. Discover new styles of applied idea generation. Explore new management and creativity tools and innovative ideas for your business or organization. View problems as opportunities to grow and change the way you live or do business. Set and apply 'workable' ideas and strategies for success for your career or organization. Observation combined with application provide an innovative foundation for growth in any field. Become the creative catalyst needed for change in your career and organization’s success. Inventing the future – Ideas At Work!

Why Didn’t I THINK of That? The power of Ideas at Work! By Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey

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Make ME Feel Special! Idea-rich customer service strategies

Business success and survival in the 21st century increasingly depends on your ability to define, anticipate and exceed changing customer needs - to make them feel special!A novel idea! Your ability to recruit, service and retain your customers will determine your sustainable and profitable success. Transform customer complaints into new business and long-term growth opportunities. Easily convert customers into loyal fans, evangelists, champions, and repeat buyers! Explore exciting new ideas to build customer loyalty and provide for continued profitable growth. Engage your team members to become evangelists for excellence in serving your clients. Apply field-proven, innovative ideas on customer service, product development, staff training and effective promotion to grow your career or company to the next level.

Make ME Feel Special! Idea-rich customer service strategies by Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey

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Speaking for Success!Idea-rich techniques to master your message and power up your presentations

Your ability to succeed in life or business is leveraged on your ability to effectively communicate your ideas orally or in writing. Your ability to climb the corporate ladder is directly dependent on these skills. This pro-active program, led by an award-winning, internationally accredited speaker, can give you solid skills and the understanding of what it takes to be an effective communicator. Enhance your communication abilities by applying proven ideas and success tools. Uncover innovative ideas and secrets from North America's finest communicators and speaking professionals. Overcome your fear of speaking and tap into your real power to connect and persuade an audience, team, or client to follow your lead. Discover how to accurately organize and powerfully convey your thoughts. Explore how to dramatically increase your chances of being promoted, increase sales, and successfully enhance your career. Successfully apply your enhanced communication skills as leadership, sales and negotiation tools. Bob also offers one-on-one or small group coaching presentation skills sessions. Ask him how he can help you and your team hone your skills and message.

Speaking for Success, Idea-rich techniques to master your message and power up your presentations by Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

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Think Beyond the FIRST Sale! - Idea-rich strategies to create repeat buyers for sales professionals

Imagine having all the clients you want, triple digit profit increases every year and clients who sing your praises on a consistent basis. This dream can become a reality! The secret to profitable sustainable sales growth is THINKING 'beyond' the first sale to the long-term mutually profitable relationship.

Success in a sales based environment has changed over the past decade. Those who succeed do so by looking and working toward the life-time-value of their clients. Setting specific goals to create momentum and growth. Leverage your time for increased face-to-face client interaction. Learn how to create reasons for people to buy from you and attract more clients through cross promotion. Engage the client in creating the solution they need and will buy. Apply proactive steps to avoid price objections. Generate increased sales by asking the right questions to the right (ideal) clients. Specific tips to enhance your sales and increase your profits. Getting great product reviews and repeat business by turning clients into raving fans and champions.

Thinking beyond the FIRST Sale by Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

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Bob's focus is on creating and delivering results-based, idea-rich programs which form a foundation for applied education (Ideas At Work!) rather than simply 'just' training. Education-based training programs help your team understand the 'why' and the 'process' rather than simply training them in the 'how' or 'what' of some skill, procedure, or policy. This applied education leads to greater personal leadership, responsibility, and ownership by your team; which leads to a more successful and profitable organization.

For example, a speaker friend mentioned a visit to a well known fast food chain where he asked for a "Chocolate Milk Shake and an Apple Pie". The counter person smiled and said, "Would you like some dessert with that?" She had been trained to say that to help up sell her customers. However, she had not been educated in truly listening to and serving them.

Bob wants your leaders and their teams to gain applied education from his innovative training programs designed and delivered to assist you in equipping and motivating them to grow and to succeed. He is a leader and former adult educator who has taught at Canadian Colleges, Technical Schools and Universities who now teaches and shares his ideas world-wide.

Bob's innovative Ideas At Work! have been successfully applied by ten's of thousands of professionals, leaders, sales teams, and students around the world and have been field-proven in the enhanced skills and productivity of their employees and co-workers.

A few words of wisdom from Ideaman, Bob Hooey

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This video gives you an overview on why good communication skills can aid you in your career success.

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Video explains the difference between these two words in your business

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Leadership is lifting a persons vision and performance to a greater height and skills to their maximum.

Check into Bob's Conference & Meeting Gift Program to reinforce and enhance your audience's experience.

For your information:

In addition to the above idea-rich, creative and innovative, education-based, training programs, Bob offers idea-rich sales and leadership coaching. He offers idea-rich additional programs (not listed above) as in-house or on-going training on a local or contract basis.

Meeting Planners, Business owners, and Managers to ensure your success and achieve the results you want, please ask about:

"Feedback from the store managers, and directly from customers… were entirely enthusiastic. Their remarks and words of appreciation have made it obvious that everyone who participated in your courses benefited enormously from your intelligence and insights. Your energy, creativity, and ability to communicate effectively - especially with such a diverse audience and under conditions that are so noticeably less than ideal - make your efforts all the more impressive and praiseworthy . I know, as do all of those that I work with at Chapters, just how indebted we are to you. ... you have made it possible for me to provide a program that is of real benefit to the public - and you have made the task of organizing and implementing this program pure pleasure.” Suzy Okun, Event Coordinator, Chapters/Indigo Bookstores

A few more tips from Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

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Video encourages us to apply creativity in how we treat our clients and build our business

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Great leaders know how to pick and equip their team, give them good direction, and give them space.

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Learning from the masters who speak for a living. Apply their lessons to present better.

"If your company needs new and creative ideas, I highly recommend Canada's Ideaman, Bob Hooey. He has sincere passion for helping others to succeed and guiding them to reach their highest potential." Debra Kasowski, Creator of The Millionaire Woman series

“Dear Bob; Just thought that you might want to include our review of your presentation in your bio. We here at the NKBA Northern NJ Chapter were delighted with your light-hearted way of making the information easily accepted. Challenging the attendees with an interactive question was also very engaging. We hope to see you again the near future in one of your other topics.” Nancy Stern, VP Programming, NKBA Northern NJ Chapter

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