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Bob's Inspirational Educational Programs

Speaking for Success!

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: (call to discuss your special needs as we tailor this program for you)

Speaking for Success
Presenting with power (Speak like a pro) based on Speaking for Success by Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Your ability to succeed in life or business is leveraged on your ability to effectively communicate your ideas orally or in writing. Your ability to climb the corporate ladder is directly dependent on these skills. This pro-active program, led by an award-winning, internationally accredited speaker, can give you solid skills and the understanding of what it takes to be an effective communicator. Enhance your communication abilities by applying proven ideas and success tools. Uncover innovative ideas and secrets gleaned from North America's finest communicators and speaking professionals. Overcome your fear of speaking and tap into your real power to connect and persuade an audience, team, or client to follow your lead.

Discover how to accurately organize and powerfully convey your thoughts. Explore how to dramatically increase your chances of being promoted and successfully enhance your career. Learn how to more successfully convey your message with passion and power. Successfully apply your enhanced communication skills as leadership and negotiation tools.

Based on “Speaking for Success!” by Accredited Speaker, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey, Distinguished Toastmaster and Professional CAPS Member – Order your personal copy today!

Speaking for Success!
Idea-rich techniques to master your message
and power up your presentations

"There may be no single thing more important in our efforts to achieve meaningful work and fulfilling relationships than to practice the art of communication." Max De Pree

Order your personal copy today!


Keynote or general platform session: 45-90 minutes
Breakout or concurrent sessions: up to 2 hours
Workshops or seminars: half day up to 3.25 hours, full day up to 6.5 hours
Series: Can be customized up to suit your organization's needs up to 35 hours (multiple days).


  • To change the way people view making presentations in public.
  • To help them learn how to recognize and overcome their nervousness and confidently share their thoughts.
  • To provide them with proven techniques to increase their ability to organize and articulate those thoughts and reach any audience.


Increased confidence and competence in presentation skills based on practical skills and proven ideas. Increased awareness of the importance of effective communication techniques as a way of enhancing your ability to work with other people.

WHAT AUDIENCES LEARN (some of the topics available - customized for each client and the time we have with your audience - Bold are foundational points covered in each session):

  • Evaluating your speaking style and competencies
  • Apply the different types of presentations and techniques for maximizing your success
  • Identify and reduce the stress factors in presentations
  • Select and use the most effective visual aids or tools
  • Set clear objectives
  • Learn to avoid the 6 major speaking faults
  • Increased confidence by increase competence - learn by doing
  • The seven be-attitudes of effective speaking
  • Building blocks for success
  • Your voice is a powerful tool!
  • Active listening skills - a forgotten communication tool.
  • Getting to know your audience - trends your should know.
  • 10 commandments of informative presentations
  • 10 rules of effective business presentations
  • A 12 step process for building a presentation
  • Entertaining and special occasion presentations
  • 10 ways to connect with your audience
  • 5 steps to persuasion
  • Using humor - a few tips
  • Gestures - a hands on approach
  • Professional speaking tips - secrets of the PROS
  • How to introduce a speaker
  • Mind mapping as a tool for speech development
  • How to pick, research, and develop your topic and theme
  • How to connect and win over the audience
  • How to deal with difficult people
  • How to effectively handle audience questions
  • Dress for Success - dressing to fit the presentation
  • Foundations for success - the answers to your questions

Learn from one of North America's acknowledged speaking professionals - one of only 67 Accredited Professional Speakers in Toastmasters International's 91 year history(as of 2016); Professional charter member Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the Global Speakers Federations.


Bob "Idea Man" Hooey is a charismatic, confident seminar leader and corporate trainer, teaching real life idea-rich principles personally mined from 29 years of rich experience. Bob's humorous, conversational, and sometimes-provocative style continues to inspire and challenge North American audiences.

Bob is a motivational leadership, business and association keynote speaker, author of numerous best-selling books and a frequent contributor to North American consumer, corporate, association, on-line and trade publications. He has earned international recognition for his professionalism in public speaking and became the 48th person in the world to earn Toastmasters’ coveted professional level Accredited Speaker Designation in Palm Desert, CA in 1998.


Conversational lecturettes, humor, entertaining personal stories and specific how-to examples, props and audiovisuals, interactive discussion, group and individual exercises. The mix depends on your goals and time allotted for the program. The amount of group involvement varies, but can expand with larger groups with specific exercises to reinforce the learning points.


  • Presenting with Power
  • Speak like a PRO
  • Secrets of the platform
  • Success secrets from the PRO's
  • Speak your way to the top!
  • Presentations made easy - ok... easier!
  • So, in conclusion...

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This video outlines the 3 essential elements of what you need to know to present well.

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Leadership is lifting a persons vision and performance to a greater height and skills to their maximum.

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Learning from the masters who speak for a living. Apply their lessons to present better.

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